Parasite Dr. Testimonials

Parasite Dr.™ is a natural intestinal and digestive cleanser for cats and dogs.

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“In 2010, my dog [had problems].. I thought: .Surely there are natural [products] out there for animals.. So I found your site and read the info concerning Parasite Dr. I followed the recommended dosage.. I was so happy.. I also recommend [Parasite Dr.] to my friends. Thank you!” — Jan, OK, USA
“We adopted an amazing black Chow-mix dog recently. He had been roaming our neighborhood for at least a month. He was skinny, but he had an amazing personality. We were told that he [had issues]. We were devastated.. So, we did some research online and came across PetAlive. We used.Parasite Dr.. The product is wonderful. We highly recommend it. Thank you, PetAlive!” — Leah G., MS, USA
“…We decided to go the natural route for our rescue pup that came to us with [issues]. We treated him with Parasite Dr. per the directions on the bottle… He tested NEGATIVE today… Our vet was speechless (and impressed). I thought it was working because he went from sickly to energetic and healthy looking. We couldn't be happier!! Thank you Parasite Dr.!!” — Sarah C., USA
“I can't believe it!!!! I started my 2-yr. old German Shepherd on Parasite Dr. with Detox [Plus] (for 1st month) in May when we got her… Instead of the conventional treatment we decided to give this a try. I had her tested yesterday and she is negative!!! I believed it would work eventually but in 4 months?! I HIGHLY recommend Parasite Dr.” — Lela P., FL, USA
“I purchased Parasite Dr. about a week ago… I live in the country surrounded by woods, creeks, and ponds and my dogs are active and drink from the creeks and ponds and eat things, well, that aren't so edible… I needed something in between vet visits …All the other products I purchased failed. One of my dogs was losing weight and the other I thought was gaining weight but actually was just severely bloated… I have been giving them Parasite Dr. now for over a week and the bloating is gone and the other has gained her weight back and both are healthier looking than ever. It also seems to have soothed their upset stomach problems that they both had. What a wonderful product and I highly recommend this product to anyone… Thank you for making this available and I will continue to purchase this product for my pets and am looking forward to trying some of your other products. A very happy customer, KUDOS.” — Evelyn A., AL, US
Thanks for providing an effective alternative! —Cindy B.
My vet said that these things don't work but I have proved her wrong time and time again. Now she can see the proof in my pets. Parasite Dr. works very well and I know that it will not harm my animals-- of which I have three dogs and two cats! I love your website! —G. R.
My daughter has been using your [people] products for her family for some time and she has always recommended them for me. As I am very healthy, I have not had much need for any :-) (thank goodness!) Howeverit was great to discover that you have a pet website. The Parasite Dr. has lived up to its promise and I can certainly recommend it to other pet owners —Carole
I have a Min Pin, 8 years old. I gave him your Parasite Dr. for the past 2 weeks. I am thoroughly amazed. My dog is alive and barking as loud as he can. He looks and acts totally different. I am totally amazed at your product and recommend it HIGHLY to anyone. Thanks PetAlive. —Jan
I recently had a 4 year old female rough Collie given to me I found your site and ordered your Parasite Dr. After 4-6 weeks, the difference is amazing and I wanted to share this with you. I give the capsules to all my dogs. Thank you for an alternative remedy that is not only better for the animal, but, less expensive. Thank you again, and I am now a loyal customer. —Sheryl
“I'm happy to report that my kitty responded to the Parasite Dr. quite quickly. I continued to give it to her for the entire three week period and just stopped yesterday. She is completely better, and her usual healthy self. I am very grateful for this natural product. We live pretty remotely and to get to the vet is a six hour round trip and then with the snow this becomes dangerous. And aside from that, I've always wanted to find a natural remedy for worms since our kitty is a mouser. Thank you.” —Constance L.
“My Westie was diagnosed…and I didn't like the treatment the vet recommended. I began looking for another solution, and found Native Remedies. I read about the Parasite Dr. and am so happy that I ordered it. After one bottle he still tested positive …I gave him 2 more bottles, and he tested negative yesterday. I would happily recommend Parasite Dr. It saved my dog.” —Norma, FL, USA
“Finally! We've tried pills (which we will not subject our babies to ever again…and alas, Parasite Dr. is the last stop. We love this natural product and our cats even let us give them their half pill every morning and every night. They like it now, no squirming, scratching or anything. They actually open their mouths voluntarily and let us put the Parasite Dr. right in the back of their throats (we use a pill popper for ease and comfort). It's like they know it's good for them. Thank you!!…Happy to deal with this issue for the awesome and SAFE results for our babies.” —Erika, CA, USA
“I have to say, your Parasite Dr. … is the real thing. Used it per [the] directions, and it worked exactly like it is supposed to. Thank you for making such a good product, I would recommend your co. to anybody.” —Lawrence H. M.