Parvo-K Testimonials

Parvo-K™ will support a normal dog body temperature and healthy digestion in dogs naturally.

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I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for such an amazing product. I have six Dachshunds, a Jack Russell and two Labradors. I also have two cats and, for some odd reason, my dogs like to eat the cat poo. For this reason, I will not be without my Parvo-K..

.My eldest Labrador turned around at death's door. Her gums and tongue were completely white [and] she was not her normal active self. She did not even want a slice of biltong.... I gave her Parvo-K and fed her water, and within a half hour, she was back to her old self.

.It really is an amazing product and a godsend. Once again, thank you very much. —Suzanne V., South Africa

These are the kindest people you will ever order anything from!!! The shipping [for the Parvo-K I ordered] was like lightening as well. Thank you for being there! —Lisa, CA, USA
I did some research on my own and found Parvo-K. I showed it to my vet who is quite open-minded, and he said it was worth a try, so we gave it to Emma. Within 2 days she was looking wonderful, and my vet was very pleased. I think he has been convinced about natural remedies - I know I have! Thank you so much! —Hayley S.
I bought my daughter a puppy for her 14th birthday, as she has been begging for a pet for years …A friend who has used your remedies in the past ordered Parvo-K for us, and I am so pleased she did. This little puppy perked up soon after starting the remedy. From now on, the PetAlive site will be our first stop for this little puppy. —Sandra, Donna and puppy
My dog bounced back from near death -- non-stop vomiting (he was under IV support for 3 days already) to a very hungry, energetic dog just the next day after giving Parvo-K and Vi-Pro Plus. Thank you to a great product. - Anonymous
“I used Parvo-K on a stray pup that had been left at my house. I found Parvo-K after I had already lost a beloved pet to the deadly virus. I believed that there must be more out there than just what the vets were saying. I'm sorry that I found this product too late for my beloved pet, but it was just in time for this little stranger that someone had left at my doorstep. Today she is a happy, healthy addition to my family. Thank you for all your good work and for sharing with the rest of us.” - Terry, TX, USA