KC-Defense Testimonials

Natural upper respiratory remedy to soothe common dry, hacking coughing in kenneled dogs and cats.

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“Excellent product! To my great distress, it's not always available; however, I would advise cat owners who are, like me, waiting for their back-order, to use a warm vaporizer with Vicks in the area where the cat is spending most of the day. Naturally, do follow instructions on care and cleaning of it!” — Irene H. A., WA, USA
“I cannot say enough about this product. I just adopted a dog that was quite sick. She had to be in the hospital for 16 days. She had [upper respiratory issues] that caused her to cough continuously. She was put on [medication] and even then she couldn't stop coughing. It appeared she would have to live with this cough UNTIL I tried KC-Defense. It worked immediately! I started out giving it to her three times a day for a week then slowly reduced the dosage to one time a day. She now does NOT cough at all. Thank you Native Remedies.” — P. M., FL, USA
“We had never experienced [this] before, but the next to the youngest of our five dogs suddenly came down with a terrible hacking …cough. Even though we took the …puppy to the vet and was given medicine for him, the hacking cough just would not go away. I ordered the KC-Defense, began giving it to the …puppy right away, and also to the other dogs as a preventative in hopes they would not get the [cough]. The puppy’s coughing subsided within just a day or two. We had one other dog that showed signs of contracting the [cough], but soon after we gave her the KC-Defense, her cough went away. All the dogs are now happy and healthy again!!! Thank you!!!” — Brenda, VA, USA
“My 4 month old English Bully caught… [a respiratory problem] from the dog park… I purchased the product and paid for overnight shipment. The night I gave KC-Defense, we both slept the entire night and the [issue] was drastically reduced within 24hrs. I… [now] solely rely on natural remedies. He takes the product without a problem. THANK YOU” — Rachel, CT, USA
I can recommend the KC-Defense as a very effective remedy. It has worked for our dog very quickly and I thank you! —WLG
After using KC-Defense on my Afghan, I will never send her to the kennels without it again! ...This product is great! Once again, I have been very impressed by your service and your products! —Brent
We adopted our baby Boxer from a pet store… and used your KC-Defense, in combination with the Immunity & Liver Support…Thank you PetAlive! —Sharon, MD, USA
We rescued a... 9 week old male Pom… We decided to just give KC-Defense a try… Now at 3 weeks, he is doing great. THANK YOU!! He is now a robust little guy that is so much fun. —Patricia, TX, USA
KC-Defense is incredible! ...We adopted a puppy from the pound… I will definitely recommend this to my friends. —Becky Moreno, CA, USA
I adopted 2 kittens (brother & sister) from the local SPCA... Within 3 days they were both burning up with fever, so we rushed them to the emergency vet at 3:30 am. They were sooo sick… In desperation, I looked on the internet and found your website. I purchased the KC-Defense and started giving him 2 pinches a day on his tongue - that was about a week ago. His runny nose and cough seem to have disappeared! Maybe I should wait longer to write this testimonial, but I am so excited (plus he is running around the house like a kitten again) that I just had to write. Thank you for a wonderful product. - Linda, CA, USA
Great product! Works! Works! Works! - Anonymous
… After only 3 doses there was a dramatic change [in my little Yorkie]. He was not distressed at all almost immediately. This really works! - Nora, USA
All I can say is THANK YOU! … Within 24 hrs of starting this remedy, he was breathing easier and able to finally sleep! FULL RECOVERY and 6 puppies had absolutely no symptoms while the other 3 that had symptoms--all were alleviated or 'cured' within 24 hrs, though I maintained giving it to them for 1 week! THANK YOU! - Cherie, SD, USA
I was skeptical but desperate when I came upon KC-Defense on the internet. I was looking up treatments for my Shih Tzu that I rescued from the pound and had a nasty case of wheezing and hacking fits. After a week of traditional treatment, he was not the slightest bit better … I decided to try this.... I was amazed, within 1 hour I walked my dog and he did not need to stop for one of his coughing fits!! Within 3 days, he was a new dog. I wish every vet knew about this one. Thanks so much!! - Tracy, Maricopa
Hi, I have a four-month year old Yo-Chan (Yorkie/Bichon mix) …When I read up on this natural miracle, I couldn't believe it. The best part of it was that it really did work, plus it was backed up with a one-year money back guarantee. How could I go wrong? So for $40 dollars, I got this little bottle in about two days (rush delivery I couldn't wait). One of the best parts is I just sprinkle some onto the little white cap and my pup just licks it away! Well, now the bottle is almost done and he sounds so much better! I can tell he's just almost back to 100%. Not to mention, even when on the KC-Defense, he still managed to play like normal and eat like a horse! He actually gained 2.5 pounds while taking the KC-Defense :)! I will definitely come back to this site if I need anything else for him! This stuff is great; it’s the cheapest on the entire net. Thanks so much, one satisfied customer! - Jessica, FL, USA
“My poor little guy had gas so bad that when he coughed or moved he would have gas and embarrass himself. It was always a rough night and even a rough day with him. After four treatments of this he doesn't have the gas and seems more rested and happy. Thank you so much. I had combined this with KC-Defense. He had been a rescue Yorkie and that breed constantly can cough. What miracle products you have. Last night was the first night we have slept all the way through the night without his hacking. He developed his cough several years after we rescued him and had been to the vet many times for several rounds of antibiotics and expensive tests. One day and night of use of these two products and he slept soundly. Thank you so much.” - Maryann, OK, USA
“One of my dogs had to go for … surgery and picked up kennel cough while she was hospitalized. She obviously carried it back home and within 4 days my other 5 dogs were all coughing, sneezing and snorting with intensity of symptoms ranging from mild to quite severe. I took 2 of them to the vet to have my diagnosis confirmed and the vet suggested [medication]… I refused as none of them had high temperatures, were eating well and did not seem to be feeling desperately ill. I thought it best not to compromise their immunity …and that’s when I decided to rather try the relevant PetAlive products KC.Defense and Respo-K. I also gave them a natural human cough syrup …Within 24 hours the symptoms were dramatically reduced, 3 days later only one (my oldest . 10 years of age) was still coughing occasionally and 3 days it was all cleared up completely. Thank you once again for a safe and effective alternative!” - Nesta
“I have been giving my cat KC-Defense for almost 18 hours; he came home from the shelter with a terrible cold, meantime he’s also been on [medication] but wow, what a difference KC-Defense has made! He’s so much better, sneezing less; his respiratory passages seem to have been unblocked! This stuff is great, thank you!!” - Eleni A., NY, USA
“"I … have found a new way to treat… [Respiratory issues] in my dog. I will and have done everything for my dog…for it to come back within weeks and spent ugly amounts of money. I used the Native Remedies and the results were seen within 2-3 days. I give the [remedy] once a day as a preventive measure but followed instructions to the "T" in the beginning. I have told all of my friends who have dogs about this wonderful product and they immediately ordered the product online. We can sleep now and I feel better that I have finally found a product that lives to its name. You have a customer for life. Thank you so much!!!!!” - Lisha D., FL, USA