PetCalm Testimonials

Natural anxiety remedy for cats and dogs to help calm nervousness in canines and felines.

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“My 9-year-old Wheaten Terrier is terrified of thunderstorms, and we live in the rural Midwest in tornado alley. I have been utilizing PetCalm since first finding it. It helps to calm him, reducing the tremors, drooling, and general anxiety associated with thunderstorms, hunting season, fireworks, etc. I highly recommend this product for anyone with anxious pets! It helps [the whole] family get a good night's sleep.” — Cynthia, IA, USA
“I am very impressed with your product. At first I was a bit leery of using it as it is made in South Africa and I was a little nervous about regulations in manufacturing but I absolutely love the product now that I've used it. I have a 145lb Great Dane who gets frantic during car trips and thunder storms. He gets four pinches of PetCalm and rides well and sleeps through thunder storms! I especially like how this doesn't make him drowsy or alter him except to let him relax. Thank you!” — Jasmine, ME, USA
Our little Maltese is a real baby whenever it comes to a visit to the vet! If we give her a dose of PetCalm just before leaving and one when we are there is such a big difference, which makes everyone much happier. Thanks for this lovely remedy which is easy to administer - as you say truly, without fuss or bother! —Greta
We give our dogs PetCalm just before we have guests over as they always become excited ...when there are new people in the house. It helps very much. —Bridgetta R
Our Siamese cat …jumps at the slightest sound. She hates the sound of vacuum cleaners and is very sensitive to noise of all kinds. Since we have been giving her PetCalm every day, we have seen a big improvement and she is more happy and relaxed. I can recommend this product to anyone with a highly-strung, sensitive cat or dog. —N. D.
I have a Jack Russell who pants and shakes terribly during a thunder storm. I give her a pinch of PetCalm and within seconds she is relaxed. Thanks for a great product. - Gail Ann, USA