Thyroid Soothe Testimonials

Natural treatment to balance thyroid hormone levels, such as TSH, T3 and T4 in cats & dogs.

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"With the green light from the vet we tried [Thyroid Soothe] . and could not believe the change . thanks for this great product." —Kevin M. UT, USA

"Our family cat of 10 years was losing weight even though she was eating like a trooper! I was concerned that she seemed to have no energy and used to try and cool off when it was hot (even though she was always fond of the sun). I was reluctant to put her on any harsh drugs. With our vets advice we looked around and found your site. I am glad to report that after using [Thyroid Soothe] she is like the old cat we knew!" —Sam, NY, NY

"…My two Tabby’s were losing their shine and I saw their coats were dull… They desperately needed a natural supplement . I am so glad I found this." —Allen M.

"…[Thyroid Soothe] is a great product . I work in a vet on weekends and see so many customers bringing in their pets for this condition. I am happy to report that I tried this on my own cat, and my boss could not believe the difference." —Kay, AL, USA

"Thyroid Soothe was my last hope for my 16 year old cat whose …thyroid medication was no longer working. I am happy to say that it is working! He has gained weight, his fur is fluffy again, and there is less vomiting. Thank you for your product and for giving my cat a chance at a longer and healthier life." —Wendy, NY, USA

"At almost 16 years of age Harley started losing weight and becoming very boney at her last vet visit. She was eating more food than my other two cats combined. I tried the Thyroid Soothe in order to help her regain some youth without an invasive procedure. After about 2 weeks, she was acting like her old self, and her appetite was under control. I hope she will be part of the family for years to come." —Melissa, PA, USA