UTI-Free Testimonials

Natural herbal UTI remedy for the treatment of bladder and urinary tract infections in cats and dogs.

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“My cat Chloe [issues] and constipation. Unfortunately, her former owner never realized she had [problems] for 10 years and it malformed her kidneys. Right after I got her she …stopped eating and drinking and nearly died. I ended up tube feeding her 3x a day for three months but it stressed her already weak kidneys. Her kidneys haven’t functioned well since then. She will only eat dry food and a little cooked chicken, so dehydration is always an issue. I have to give her … fluids every other day but she still has bouts of constipation that require daily fiber supplements to counteract. She has been primarily on a homeopathic regime for the past 4 years and, up till a couple of months ago, was doing well. Unfortunately, the… remedy I was giving her stopped working and I started searching for another natural alternative. When I found UTI-Free, I was intrigued and willing to give it try. Wow! What a change. Within three days of twice daily dosing, her [issue] improved significantly but it also helped her constipation, which the other remedy never did. I have continued the UTI-Free and I will for the near future. I hope this will be a permanent treatment for the problem and a life extending modality to help keep my girl with me for a long time to come. Thanks for everything.”

- Gretchen G.

“I am so happy to have found this miracle product. I have a 6 yr old toy poodle and for the past 3 years she has had urinary problems. She was on several different [medications] and special foods but nothing helped. The vet wanted to open her up and scrape the inside of her bladder. I was desperate and was looking for an alternative. I found this website and decided to give it a try. The change was immediate an now four months later she has had 2 completely clear urine tests. Thank you so much!!!!!”

- Beverly D., NY, USA

“I can not thank you enough. I have two Dalmatians. My Patch had urinary stones and had surgery in Dec 09. I wanted him to have a healthy urinary system so I tried your product UTI-Free. His urine stream has become more steady and he is feeling great. I owe it to your product because after surgery he still did not have a good urine stream. So I began to use your product. That is when his urine flow then became more steady. What a wonderful product. I also give it to my other male dal Minor. His urine flow has also become more steady. God bless all of you and your wonderful product.”

- Susan C., IN, USA

“For over a year my cat Sweetie struggled with [urinary tract issues]. The vets would give me [medication] and as soon as they ran out the [problem] would be back. Eventually they said they needed to run tests which would cost around $800 and then she would probably need surgery, another $1200. I went on-line and read the testimonials of others and decided to give this a try. Within a month, I had a totally different cat. She no longer had accidents outside the litter boxes, she no longer howled when she came out of them, she became playful and energetic. She now runs around throwing her toys and chasing her brother. I really recommend the UTI-Free.”

- Karrie, WI, USA

“Well, UTI-Free seems to have done it. Our 3 year old male cat Rocky has been to the vets more times than our 13 year old cat Tigger has. He kept getting urinary tract [issues], they would treat him release him with medicine after 2 weeks he would be ok. Then in 3 months or so he would start with the same problem all over again. He has been on special food for about 2 years now but still gets the problem. This time it had only been about 1.5 months since his last episode. We were thinking of putting him down because the little guy was always having trouble. After the first day of UTI-Free treatment, I saw a normal large pee spot in his box. No way! I thought. Within the next 3 days we let him out of the room we had him isolated in and that was a month ago. We followed the instructions on the bottle and now he is on a maintenance dose about 1 pinch every other day and for the first time in Rocky’s life he feels like a normal cat. We can tell, he is more active, plays more with the other cats, not sleeping in his room by himself any more. He is eating more, going number 1 just like the other cats. We are customers for life, thanks so much. This stuff really works.”

- Adele, Tom, Rocky, Johnnie and Tigger, MD, USA

“I found my male cat, Houdini very sick… he was in so much pain his face looked strange. I rushed him to vet they said he was not able to pass urine & was very sick, most likely would not live. He was at vet for 1 week, when I picked him up the vet again told me there was not much hope because he would become unable to urinate again. I found your wonderful product, started giving him the UTI-Free, that was in July of 2010, he is doing well, I have started putting a small amount of this medicine in the drinking water for Houdini, his brother Nosey, & sister Flower. Thank you for a wonderful product & for saving my beloved pet.”

- Jewel, VA, USA

“It was because of these testimonials that I tried UTI-Free and let me tell you, the doubter in me is no more. My 4 yr old neutered male cat Buddy started exhibiting some of the symptoms that others were writing about and I had to take action. My vet, a good friend, took care of him because he had gotten so backed up and was constantly running to the litter box and also licking himself. What was scary was the howling that he started to do, obviously from the pain. It was so bad, he was kept for 2 nights… the vet started talking surgery but knew money was tight and on the 2nd day the treatments finally worked. $800 later I got him home with the warning that if the symptoms appear again, the surgery would have to happen, and that would be about $1400. I searched the internet and found Pet Alive, read these testimonials, and ordered the UTI-Free. It couldn't have come any sooner as the symptoms were back. Within a day, Buddy was feeling better and after 4 days was beating up his younger "brother" again. And that was almost 2 years ago. I switched him to more wet food as the dry food was a suspect in the symptoms and now every morning I sprinkle some in his food and he's good to go. On the few times that the symptoms reappear, I double dose him morning and night for 3-4 days and he's back to normal. This product is so awesome and I won't be without it as long as he's with me.”

- Steve B., USA

“Our puppy was only 7months old when the 1st urinary tract[issue] came, Diego was put on meds for 14 days and it cleared but not all the way. Within 1week we had him back to the vets, another 137.00 pop out of our pockets due to lab work & visit, the vet wanted Diego to get neutered, thinking this was lesson the problem & would protect his prostate, however we really don't want our dog neutered, so I changed my dog's diet to have less protein and more alkalinity to it in order to prevent reoccurrence. This helped but within a month and another 137.00 at the vet… & his continual licking of genitals and urinating on floor prompted the vet to express we need to get Diego neutered. So I came to this website and researched, and ordered promptly UTI- Free-and within 1wk, we saw DRAMATIC improvement & we keep him now on the maintenance formula with great success, however around the Holidays & Diego getting treats & bites of my Italian meatballs, too much protein started his beginning symptoms of a [problems], so we immediately went back to the 6x a day the first day & again, he stopped the symptoms & we are extremely grateful for this product & will always keep this in our home, for this really did work w/our dog and we are convinced now since we used again after the Holidays and we received the same results...he's UTI-Free!!!”

- Susana M., USA

“AMAZING!! My cat Buddy was getting UT [issues] every 3 months. The trips to the vet were awful… Each trip to the ER was $300.00. The next time I saw Buddy going in and out of the litter box or trying to pee somewhere else I knew the [problem] was back. I gave him a capful (the cap on the UTI-Free bottle) of UTI-Free every three hours. I can mix it in his food or dissolve it in a couple of tablespoons of milk. If it did not work within 6 hrs he would have to go back to the Vet. Within 3 hrs he was able to urinate about a tablespoon, and after 6 hrs he peed an almost regular amount. I continued the 1 capful/3hrs dosage 2 more times. It was such an exciting turn of events, Buddy was recovering without a traumatizing trip to the Vet, and I wasn't out $300.00, I was so excited!! I continued his treatment by giving him one capful every Sunday w/ a little milk. It has been over a year and I have cut down the treatments to once a month. Buddy has had no more health/UT problems. UTI-Free really is a fantastic product, I even brought an empty bottle to the Vet and explained the whole story. UT [issues] are serious, reoccurring and deadly to cats. Many cats are brought to shelters because they urinated outside the litter box repeatedly. They associate the UT pain with the litter box, he thinks "When I go in there to pee it HURTS, so I will pee somewhere else" If your cat is sick, don't give up on him, and start at Native Remedies for ideas they may surprise you, this product was a surprise and miracle to me.”

- David D., IL, USA

“THIS IS GREAT, my puppy… is on LiverAid and UTI-Free he eats a low protein diet (kidney function) that I get at the vet he is over a year old now and is doing very well THANKS TO PETALIVE.”

- Lora F., NC, USA

“I have an 11 year old golden retriever that gets urinary tract [issues] about once a year. My vet continuously prescribed high doses of [medication] that weren't helping at all and caused a lot of side effects. As soon as I started using this product, within one week she was back to normal and the urinary tract [issues] was gone. I also noticed the additional energy that she has while continuing use of this product. Now I don't have to worry about side effects when giving her this product. I now recommend this product to all of my friends that have dogs.”

- Alexis, NY, USA

“My miniature schnauzer started having bladder [troubles] and there were numerous trips to the Vet. After the second round of [medication]… they said that if he didn't clear up… that surgery was next. I was desperate and found your company on line and UTI-Free, at this point I felt that I had nothing to lose. The product was rushed to me immediately and with 3-4 days his [problem] was gone! No more pain and straining! He was back to normal within a week and after the Vet took some more Lab work for any bacteria she said he was free and clear. I will continue to use this product for maintenance! Thank you for this wonderful product and for saving me $1,500 dollars in surgery!”

- Angela, CO, USA

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