UTI-Free Testimonials

Natural herbal UTI remedy for the treatment of bladder and urinary tract infections in cats and dogs.

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“This product is the cat's meow!!! It helped my cat to return to his normal self and saved my sanity.? My cat came down with an [issue].. Well, I prayed about it and researched all that I could when I came across this product.. I followed the directions and, within a few days, my cat was functioning at 100% and so was my heart!!” — Danielle, PA, USA
“I have used this product for many years.. At the first sign of [a] problem, I start taking this.. I keep a bottle on hand at all times. Great product!!” — Stephanie, MI, USA
“Our 16-year-old cat started to have urinary problems. She was in great discomfort and was miserable trying to urinate, so much so that she was howling and trying to squat every few minutes all over the house. Life was miserable for her and us. After one day on UTI-Free, her problems completely disappeared. She is back to her old self..” — James H., TX, USA
“I went online to try and find something that would help our aging Persian.? She has always had urinary problems..

.I ordered and received very quickly.UTI-Free. For almost a year now,.it has worked wonderfully. We stopped giving it to her when she seemed okay. But, after a while, we saw signs of things returning. So [we] immediately started giving her a pinch of it. Within hours, she showed signs of improvement.

.Now we are giving her a pinch twice a week for maintenance. So far, so good. I am truly amazed at how well this works. And I AM a real-life paying customer. My cat is Gia, she is about.14 years old, possibly older, and you have made her life so much more worthwhile.. Thanks.” — Sue H., VA, USA

“I have two 13 year old indoor Siamese cats. While Asia is very healthy and sociable, I was noticing Lila was drinking a lot of water and was leaving blood in her urine in the litter box with occasional peeing in other areas. I knew she wasn't feeling well because she wasn't sitting properly on her hind legs; it was as if she had pain there. Her fur looked stressed also and while she continued to eat and drink, I was very worried about her. I was on line one night searching for answers and found your website. Reading the testimonials, I ordered UTI-Free (was impressed with how quickly it arrived in the mail) sprinkled it in her wet food, and I cannot believe the difference in Lila! She is no longer stressed, seeks out affection (I think she is saying thank you to me:-)and her fur is soft. I have not seen any more blood in the litter box! She loudly meows for her food now! I also give it to Asia. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful product that made me & my Siamese friends very happy!” — Charlene, MA, USA
“Usually I’m leery of Testimonials, but I was pretty desperate. I had already taken my five year old male cat Jasper to the vets once … that had cost three hundred dollars. Less than 2 weeks after that he was showing the same symptoms. He was unable to urinate, always licking himself and crying out in pain afterwards. I had tried all the other tricks (apple cider vinegar, etc) and none of them helped. It’s now 8 days after the UTI-Free arrived and Jasper is back to his old self. The last time I saw him lick himself and cry in pain after failing to urinate was the same morning the UTI arrived. I`d definitely recommend this product to anyone whose pet is going through urinary tract infections.” — Michael, Canada
“My 9 year old female cat started leaking a small amount of urine while she slept and had recurring bladder infections. I started her on UTI-Free and after the first day the blood in her urine was gone and the incidences of leakage decreased. She is not completely cured of the leakage but the bladder infections are gone. I have added Better Bladder Control and the leakage has decreased to about 3, quarter size, instances a week from every day or night leakage. After many tests and dollars at the vets I was happy to find this product and am pleased with the results.” — Carol B., USA
“I have been breeding and showing Himalayan Persians and exotics for 20 years. Throughout this time, I have had several of my male cats have [urinary problems]… I would have to make a decision on whether I wanted to go ahead and do a very expensive surgery [on one of my male exotics]… He is one of my best males and that would mean he could no longer reproduce. I ordered your product of UTI-Free as was recommended to me by another breeder and I was in total shock on how good it works! My vet said his chances of survival were very low. I started the UTI-Free again and within a month it pulled him back to almost normal. Thank you so much for this great product!” — Daisy A., CA, USA
“Just wanted to say that your UTI-Free for cats is WONDERFUL! I will be recommending it to every feline owner I know! My older cat has been suffering with persistent bladder problems for over a year now.. [I] decided to give your homeopathic remedy a try, and I have to say that I am amazed at how well it works! Thank you!!” — Terry B., FL, USA
“I found UTI-Free… He couldn't urinate and he was losing weight. I found this product and within a few days my cat was back to normal. He has gained weight and is happy again. I also gave it to his sister and she also has gained weight and seems healthier. Thank you for this product.” — Carol, FL, USA
“My wonderful dog Chloe had a recurring [bladder problem]… I found your website, ordered your UTI-Free, and wow!, Chloe is a happy dog again. Within 3 days she was back to her energetic self, and within a week she had stopped licking herself and drinking tons of water. I am ready to order another bottle… Thank you so much for your wonderful product.” — Gerrie B., VA, USA
“The bottom line: This worked for me and my pet. I'm just like you. I felt inept at my constant failure to address my dog's situation. This product restored my confidence in my ability to help ease her life. She's so much happier, and so am I. Thank you, Native Remedies..” — Jan M., OR, USA
UTI-Free saved our cat’s life… I… immediately called a homeopathic vet that directed me to your site for UTI-Free. I had it shipped overnight… Over the next day, he began urinating again in bits. By day 3, he was urinating normally again and started to play again. By day 5, still continuing UTI-Free, my cat’s energy was back up to normal and he was feeling 100%. I continued …into week 2. It's now 3 weeks later since he was not feeling well and I do not know how to thank you enough for your product!! THANK YOU! I am now giving this to my cat 2x a week as a preventative measure for his health. Our family trusts your products. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!” — Deena, FL, USA
“I was tempted to write my testimonial 5 hours after I started my 3-year-old male cat on UTI-Free. But I thought maybe I should wait just to be certain. Well, let me tell you, IT WORKS! Poor Milo had been fighting… I keep him on the maintenance dose now. His problem began from stress when we adopted 2 feral cats and since they're not exactly friends yet, I worry that he could relapse without the UTI-Free. So, here we are 4 weeks later and no problems. So, if you're desperately reading through the testimonials, wondering if they are true or not and trying to decide if you should take a chance on the product, all I can say is that it worked for us when nothing else did. Thanks PetAlive!!” — Amy K., PA, USA
“My three year old female cat became completely stressed out when I introduced a new male kitten into our home, within a few weeks she was running to all the litter boxes and urinating, she was eating fine but always growling at the new intruder and just being really intolerant towards him… she then began to urinate in the bathtub, it was then that I noticed it was bloody. I paid an online vet and told her about the cat and also told her about UTI-Free and asked whether I should try that first. The online vet agreed that she would try UTI-Free first… THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU… a very sincere thank you to whomever invented this product… before spending thousands at the vet…try this first!!!!… Also, this cat is extremely hyper and she gives me not one bit of resistance when I administer a pinch into her mouth… so either the taste is pleasant or she realized it was helping her feel better… I now give it daily to both of my cats… thank you again… happy meow!!” — Jen, NJ, USA
I found your product online and thought to give it a try. I am happy to report my cat Blue has [responded well] since taking your UTI-Free for pets. I just ordered another bottle. Thank you on behalf of our …comfortable, happy cat. And by the way, if you have a pet like ours that will not let you sprinkle the product directly on their tongue as suggested, we mix each of Blue's doses in one tablespoon of wet food and it worked like a charm. Thanks again! —Ann, FL
Thank you so much for making your wonderful products. Your UTI-Free and Digestive Support herbal medicines have really helped my dog. Now she can get back to doing what she does best, playing and barking! Again, thank you so very much!! —Christie
I am totally amazed! We went to a holistic vet and I found this product. He told us it was safe to try it for our five year old bloodhound mix. Thank you so much for helping my sweet girl! —Paula, OR, USA
I began to do research …and it all began with the dry food. I changed her diet to wet food, but I knew she needed something more. She’s been using UTI-Free for 3 weeks now and she is more active; almost like a kitten, and her urine flow seems healthy. Thank God for Native Remedies.com! I strongly recommend it —Josette, NY, USA
This is in regard to your UTI-Free, what a wonderful product that absolutely works well and quickly! I mixed the stuff up with a tiny amount of cranberry juice, took a syringe without the needle and shot it in her mouth. It was not such a chore and I think she actually enjoyed it. Boo and I thank you so very much. So glad I found you guys, and I'm next to try your thyroid remedy —Johanna K.
I found this site and asked my husband to order the UTI-Free for our cat Louis. We received it and gave it to him right away. I am happy and very thankful to say that he is with us today and as normal as ever. Now we give it to Lestat, our other cat, as well —Cynthia
I found your product online while frantically searching for a natural remedy for my 8 year old cat Lucky. After reading your testimonials, I ordered UTI-Free and had it shipped overnight so I could start giving it to her right away. Within 3 days, I could tell that she was feeling better-- she had stopped howling and dragging her back legs along the floor and was beginning to use her litterbox normally again. She is now back to her normal, playful self! Thank you so much for this product; I will recommend it to anyone who is worried about their cat…! - Patti, NC, USA
My 12-year-old little female runt cat starting having urinary tract issues, and.I decided to try UTI-Free. The change is amazing, and I am no longer finding little pee spots all over the house. She is not straining and can make it to the litter pan in time and has stopped the constant licking. We are both much happier! - Jenny B., NJ, USA
… I found your web site and ordered the UTI-Free product out of desperation, and I am AMAZED how quickly and effectively it works. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I'm an old woman and my cat is my best friend... - Pamela, USA
My 8 lb. baby, Miss Kitty (20 yrs), was diagnosed …I watched her lose muscle mass and energy. She really didn't feel good. Since giving her UTI-Free for 2 weeks, her frequency of urination is up to once every 2 hours, and the amount of urine finally seems normal. This medicine is tasteless, I guarantee it! I mix it in a small amount of food 3 times a day, and then feed her the rest. She has added weight since being on her favored fresh meat diet, and seems frisky and happy again. I will stay with UTI-Free until she blissfully passes on, a happy, well fed kitty. Thank you for this product. - Shelley, CA, USA
Our cat Serafina was given to us because they claimed she hated the husband and would urinate in the house when she saw him. We took her in and she was fine for a bit and then started urinating on anything soft she could find. We spent a small fortune on urinary tests, blood tests, an x-ray and an ultrasound. Nothing showed. We tried rounds and rounds of antibiotics but it kept coming back and worse every time …That’s when I went looking for an alternative and stumbled on UTI-Free. Within days she felt better; the excessive urinating stopped. We switched her to canned holistic food and we have not seen any signs… She had been eating the other cats’ dry food and began urinating all over the house. I pulled out our UTI-Free and again, within a day her urinating stopped and 2 days later the blood was gone. Thank you so much; this product is miraculous! - Samantha O., Ontario, Canada
I want to thank you. You have made me very happy. Our cat thanks you. Our Max is 12 years old and doing great. Yes, it truly works. We thank you. I’m telling my friends about where they can get help for their pets and people, too. Thank you so much. - Barbara J., Sundridge, Ontario
“My 11 year old dog has had recurrent bladder infections for years. This summer she got one that lasted most of the summer and had my vet stumped. After her being on several rounds of antibiotics I was getting frustrated and was committed to finding a better treatment. I found UTI-Free. She has not had a bladder infection since.”

- Kathy M., OH, USA

“I noticed Lucky, my little one-year old cat, was urinating every 20 minutes. Each time he urinated there would be a dime size wet spot in the litter box and it would take him a while to do so. Worried, I looked up natural remedies for bladder infections in cats and found your website. I ordered UTI-Free immediately and when it arrived I followed the instructions on how to administer the product. Within two days my little angel starting urinating like a big boy and without the frequency involved before UTI-Free. I am extremely pleased with UTI-Free and I will order some more to keep on hand. Thank you very much.”

- Lucille S., OH, USA

“I started using UTI-Free about four weeks ago; unfortunately, it was after spending a thousand dollars at the vet trying to save my cat from a blockage. He was sent home with a wet food diet and a wait and see but don't get your hopes up message. He was a very sick little cat. I was at my wits end and was reaching and asking questions for something that would help him. I found UTI-Free and ordered it. Well, I don't recognize my cat! He is the happiest little kitten I have ever met. He has a very good urine flow now. A healthy craving for food and is so playful it is amazing. I will be using this product from now on, no questions about it. All I can say is thank you!”

- Silvia S., Calgary, Alberta

“My cat, a 25 pound British Short Hair, has been with serious kidney and urinary problems for three years, under treatment, but blood in the urine kept coming back as well as acute pain. With UTI-Free my cat improved in a matter of hours. The urinary and kidney problems went away not to come back ever. Also the hair is now clean and free of the bad odor and black clusters she had before.... The product is extremely good ...”

- Jose G., FL, USA

“Miracle...Our 13 year old dog was leading urine with blood becoming very weak in her back legs, we thought this was just a part of what we had to expect as she headed for the "goal post of life". After reading about UTI-[Free] I decided to try it. She is now like a new dog, within 3 days she is remarkably better! She may be old but she will not be disabled because of a UTI. Thanks.”

- Sheri, ID, USA

“My three year old kitty was going to the litter box every few minutes to manage only a few drops, meowing so pitifully in pain, and licking herself frequently. I found your website and ordered UTI-Free overnight. It arrived by 9:00 A.M. the next morning and my husband began giving it to her. By the end of the day she was going less and not meowing. This is the second week and she is now back to her normal self.”

- Lydia, NC, USA

“My cat Leo was very sick with urinary tract [issues]. One month I even had to take him to the hospital four times which was very expensive. Leo would cry, he was bleeding and there was nothing I could do to help alleviate his pain. I finally opted for surgery, and they flushed out his urinary system. I'm not sure this was the best idea because four months later he started having urinary problems again. I said to myself 'no more hospitals' and researched the internet, that's when I found this wonderful product, which helped so much with his urinary problems. I'm so grateful for this product, now Leo is happy and receives his UTI-Free treatment every day. Thank you for this wonderful product”

- Edith, USA

“I am amazed at how quickly this worked, I keep giving her it 3 times a day just so she stays feeling well”

- Amanda R., IL, USA

UTI-Free is a wonderful product! Our oldest cat began having accidents last summer and a trip to the vet confirmed a [urinary tract issue]. After Chloe's Rx ran out, I tried UTI-Free and I am so pleased! I thought she was doing well after the bottle ran out, so I did not order more...and within a couple of months, she had a couple of accidents. I immediately ordered more of this product. I cannot say enough about it. I will NEVER let it run out again!”

- Kristen, PA, USA

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