Vi-Pro Plus Testimonials

Canine remedy for immune, respiratory and digestive system health in puppies and adult dogs.

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…We used your remedy because others have worked very well and we have all been amazed at the quick response. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. —Sandy.
...Our puppy is taking your Vi-Pro Plus to support the immune system and we are confident that it will be as successful as your other products have been, including your EasyTravel for car sickness! —Graham
This product is fantastic - from ease of administration to effectiveness it gets 10/10 from me. I have used all your oral …products for my dogs with great confidence... —Brent.
Here's my story. I bought a dog from a breeder in Kentucky I am in Louisiana. I could not drive to meet [him], so I decided to have him sent via airplane...We searched for answers online, and by praying nonstop. Finally my mom (who is a diehard holistic medicine believer) turned us on to the thought of a natural (remedy). So, I searched and it did not take long. I found this site and was skeptical, because I am by nature. Well needless to say, it came in the mail very fast. Nothing happened at first, then one day he we woke up to him being more active... Now I am happy and blessed to say we have a wonderful healthy almost 1 year old puppy. He brings much happiness to our home, and I truly feel this medicine had a part in that. God bless Native Remedies. —Richard M, LA
My dog bounced back from near death -- non-stop vomiting (he was under IV support for 3 days already) to a very hungry, energetic dog just the next day after giving Parvo-K and Vi-Pro Plus. Thank you to a great product. - Anonymous
It has been 2 years now since I saved my sweetie’s life with your product. She has never had any of the symptoms again. Her nose is all better and her foot pads are little softer. All I have to say it’s hard to believe that she was ever sick. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You helped me save my sweetie. - Alice, AK, USA
After I rescued my 2 year old Newfoundland from an animal shelter I began to see problems with his breathing. He gradually got worse and worse. After taking him to the vet… they recommended the dog be put down. I bought your product [Vi-Pro Plus], and along with the meds from the vet, the dog made a miraculous recovery in about 2 weeks without any residual problems. Amazing for sure. I wish more people knew about this product in the past. Many dogs could have been saved. I’m not sure why the vets aren't using it…Even the vet was shocked when he last saw him. Thanks for saving my dog! - Debra P., CA, USA
My 12 year old son wanted his first dog. He found the dog he was looking for at the SPCA. For the first three weeks, the 7 month old puppy was completely normal. Then things started to go downhill- the pads started to harden, eye gazed over, and activity level went down. I took the puppy to the local VCA, where they told us the dog had [nervous system issues] and we should put him down before my son got too attached. I took my crying son and the puppy home, and told him as long as the dog was eating and drinking well, we were going to fight for him. I got on the net and found this product. We started the puppy on the maximum dosage and within a week the hard, scaly pads started to peel off, eyes brightened up and activity level improved. After a month he was back to normal and then we made a big mistake- we took him off the product and within a week he was worse than the first time. He no longer could stand on his own, his eye glazed over, and you would think it was over. I doubled the maximum dosages for one week then went to standard dosages. It took about a month to start to see some improvement, but he improved. It now has been about 12 weeks since his second attack, and he is healthy and strong… Jigsy goes with my son everywhere- soccer games, hunting, bike riding, and even runs with him. There is no way words can explain how thankful I am for what your product has done for the health of Jigsy- many, many thanks! - Jim E.