Cushex Drops™ - Promotes Adrenal Gland Health in Dogs

Cushex Drops

Herbal supplement for adrenal and pituitary gland balance in dogs

Uses: Helps maintain balance in the endocrine system*

  • Effectively mitigates the effects of long-term exposure to high levels of cortisol
  • Supports the health of your pet’s adrenal glands and maintains normal functioning
  • Supports healthy energy levels and digestion
  • Maintains healthy blood pressure and normal blood sugar levels
  • Supports normal urination and healthy fluid and electrolyte balance in the body
  • Promotes health and strength of the skin and coat
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Cushex Drops™
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We call Cushex Drops a miracle and can't say enough about this product. - Dan & Rudi, CO, USA

What is Cushex Drops?

Cushex Drops is an effective natural remedy formulated to promote adrenal and pituitary gland balance and health in dogs. It contains only premium herbs that are 100% safe and is a non-addictive natural herbal remedy.

Cushex Drop is specially formulated to promote balance in the endocrine system, specifically the HPA (hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal) axis, thereby supporting many functions of the body. It can be used to help the body naturally mitigate the effects of long-term exposure to high levels of cortisol, supporting healthy energy, skin and coat, digestive health, and more.

Cushex Drops is easy to administer, and the serving can be adjusted to suit pets of all sizes. It is also an excellent companion to herbal supplement Energy Tonic™, as it supports healthy energy levels and vitality.

The formula remains true to the full spectrum method of herbal extraction, ensuring the bioavailability and balance of all the active ingredients contained in the remedy. This manufacturing method also significantly reduces the likelihood of side effects and ensures that all active ingredients are in perfect balance.

All PetAlive products are manufactured in a FDA-registered and cGMP-compliant pharmaceutical facility under the supervision of an expert team of herbalists, naturopaths, homeopaths and responsible pharmacists.

Adrenal gland health

The adrenal glands are two small, triangular-shaped endocrine glands located on top of the kidneys. They are orange in color and covered in a connective tissue capsule that is hidden in a layer of fat. These glands are made up of two parts – the adrenal cortex (outside) and the adrenal medulla (inside). The adrenal glands work together with the pituitary gland and hypothalamus in the brain for the overall health and functioning of your dog.

The process commences when the hypothalamus produces corticotrophin hormones which stimulate the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland, in turn also produces ACTH (Adrenocortico-trophic hormone) which then stimulates the adrenal glands to produce corticosteroid hormones. 

These hormones are key components for your dog’s health and vitality - they are responsible for the functioning of every tissue, organ and gland in the body. Adrenal glands maintain metabolic processes by managing blood sugar levels, regulating inflammation as well the balance of salt and water, and controlling the “fight or flight” response to stress. 

Excessive cortisol levels can be related to prolonged use of corticosteroids, or as a result of extended ‘fight or flight’ hormones. Maintaining adrenal balance is therefore key to promoting health in your furry friends.

The natural way

Herbal and homeopathic remedies can play an important role in supporting the health and balance of your dog's adrenal glands, and a holistic approach is the best way to contribute to your pet's general health. Due to the vital importance of adrenal balance, it is not surprising that natural remedies have the answers! After all, organ and systemic support are the cornerstones of a holistic approach! By supporting adrenal health, the natural approach aims to facilitate well-being across a number of body systems, thereby encouraging wellness and vitality every day!

What are the ingredients?

Cushex Drops is a 100% herbal formula and contains the following ingredients in therapeutic dosage: Dandelion, Burdock, Astragalus.

  • Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) is well-known as a supporter for the liver, kidneys and adrenal glands and will help to support normal adrenal functioning. Dandelion also contains vitamins and minerals important for hair health and growth and has been studied for its antioxidant activities (Hu, C. and Kitts, D. D. “Antioxidant, prooxidant, and cytotoxic activities of solvent-fractionated dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) flower extracts in vitro.” J Agric.Food Chem. 1-1-2003; 51(1):301-310).
  • Burdock (Arctium lappa) is a cleansing and eliminating herb and is excellent at cleansing the tissues and supporting waste removal from the body (Shimizu, J., Yamada, N., Nakamura, K., Takita, T., and Innami, S. “Effects of different types of dietary fiber preparations isolated from bamboo shoots, edible burdock, apple and corn on fecal steroid profiles of rats.” J Nutr Sci Vitaminol. (Tokyo) 1996; 42(6):527-539). Burdock is also traditionally recommended for maintaining blood sugar levels already within the normal range and has been investigated for its ability to support health.
  • Astragalus (Astragalus membranaceous) is an herb which has been used for many centuries as a revitalizing herb. Astragalus is known as an adaptogen and helps to support balance in the adrenal glands. It helps to maintain healthy adrenal cortical function and is important for supporting blood pressure and blood sugar levels already within the normal range. Recent research confirms the positive effect of Astragalus in supporting the immune system.
  • Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) has a long history of being used to help with cortisol levels and for its liver protecting and immune balancing effects.
  • Eleuthero root (Eleutherococcus) is commonly just referred to as ‘Eleuthero’ and is highly respected and prized as a natural energy tonic to support energy, circulation, and natural vitality and to act as an overall systemic supporter. Eleuthero is comparable to Ginseng and is an excellent supportive tonic for healthy adrenal hormones. It has also been shown to have anti-stress, anti-inflammatory and liver protecting properties.

PetAlive is the leading brand of natural pet remedies known for safe, effective and quality products. Our remedies are formulated by natural health experts and produced under the highest pharmaceutical standards in FDA-registered and cGMP compliant facilities. We use the whole herb, not just a standardized extract, for a more potent remedy that is easy for the body to absorb.

PetAlive topical products never contain any parabens, sodium laurel sulfate (SLS) or harmful petrochemicals. They do not contain animal products, artificial colors or preservatives, and are never tested on animals. Our products are always backed by our One Year Unconditional Money Back Guarantee.

How do I use Cushex Drops?

Mix drops into a small amount of food or a treat 2-3 times daily.

Cats and Dogs under 20 lbs: 2-3 drops
Dogs 20-50 lbs: 5 drops
Dogs over 50 lbs: 0.25 mL

Note: For added vitality support, it is recommended that Cushex Drops be administered in conjunction with Energy Tonic.

Caution: Not recommended for dogs with Addison's disease. Safety during pregnancy and nursing has not yet been established. If symptoms persist or worsen, consult a health care professional. Keep this and all medicines from the reach of children.

Get optimum benefits with regular use

Natural medicine strives to create holistic balance in the body to support systemic health. The natural ingredients in our remedies support overall health and functioning 

Pets respond to natural medicine in different ways. To ensure your pet maintains optimum health it is important to administer natural remedies as directed and remain consistent. You may also find that giving your pet a smaller maintenance dose is beneficial for ongoing support. Many customers report using it regularly as part of a maintenance program that supports continued health and well-being of their beloved animals.

How long will a bottle last?

One 60 mL bottle of Cushex Drops will last for 20-80 days, depending on the size and needs of your pet.

Customer Reviews

  • highly recommend!
    Posted 1/4/15
    5 / 5
    After our 13 year old Maltese has cushing's so we decided to look for natural products. This product has helped improve her quality of life and given us another year together. Even our vet is impressed with the results we have noticed. She is also on other products for cushing's, but this has helped to balance the Cortisol levels in her system. We highly recommend this product!
  • Cushex Hit It Out Of The Park
    Posted 12/29/14
    5 / 5
    My husband (retired veterinarian of 30+ years) WAS very skeptical of homeopathic care. Of course, if he was, I was. My 11 year-old cocker spaniel was was told she has cushing's 4 months ago. Shocking my husband (and me), Lady is doing VERY WELL!!!

    We highly recommend this product to control cushing's. Cushex is much better to use than putting your pet on strong chemicals.
  • Great
    Posted 12/10/14
    5 / 5
    We had gone to two vets with MUCH expense. Saw this on the internet...Price was right....certainly worth a try for our dog was very weak Received on Wednesday was up and walking.. WE ARE MOST SATISFIED..
  • Fantastic product
    Posted 4/20/14
    5 / 5
    I researched on the web and found this product. Plus I began giving
    my sheltie colloidal silver. Over the past six weeks, my sweet little dog has almost returned to normal. We were used to
    walking a hour a day. She is up to 30 minutes, is playing again. I would also like to ad that the symptoms have disappeared
    including the accidents in the house. She has no (I mean none) infections, she's happy with that sheltie smile again. The other
    thing I did was I took her off of grain based food and she is now on Sojo's complete freeze dried turkey, vegetables and fruit.
    She loves this food. Her coat looks good. I believe the combination of Cushex, colloidal silver and Sojos did the trick.
  • SO greatful for this product!
    Posted 4/2/14
    5 / 5
    I don't usually write reviews but felt it was my duty to
    write one for Cushex Drops. Before finding this product I felt helpless and sad for my baby yorkie. He had all of a sudden
    become insatiably hungry. I know it was agony for him and didn't know what to do to make him feel better. I googled his
    conditions and with just a bit more research I found cushex. And after reading all the reviews I bought it. And it is because
    the reviews helped out so much, I felt it was my duty to give back and hopefully inspire the next person to buy this for their

    Even though the package said to just give three drops..i wanted to kick start the treatment and gave my yorkie a whole dropper
    dose (i filled the entire dropper). My yorkie got sick and threw up... so I wouldn't advise this. I then followed the
    directions as written and in 2 or 3 days i noticed he did not eat his sisters food after finishing his..and it took him longer
    to finish his in general (he wasn't gulping it down). I was AMAZED!! Before the drops-he would eat his food, then his sister's
    and still be looking for more, more, more! After about a couple weeks, I noticed he moved more freely and wasn't as swollen.
    Then, the most shocking moment (although they were all amazing to me) was when we took he and his sister to the park and he
    started running. I just about cried! It was the most beautiful moment I had seen in a while because he had lost interest in
    playing and running around for quite some time. So when I saw him running.. i KNEW he felt better!

    If you have any concern about your dog.. I would just get Cushex and watch the improvement.

    Don't waste anymore time... YOU WILL BE VERY HAPPY AND RELIEVED!! Thank you to all the other reviews who helped me make the
    choice the buy these drops. My yorkie and I are so happy we did!

    PS.. My mother was a skeptic, she is a registered nurse and doesn't really believe in "fru-fru" herbal things, but now she
    has seen the results and gives him the meds when he is over her house for a play date. Just try it!

    *I also bought the Energy Tonic as advised for best results.
  • A Surprising Success
    Posted 3/2/14
    5 / 5
    Australian Cattle Dog - 12 year old female had urinary
    incontinence, polydipsia and polyuria. We tried Cushex drops (5 drops 2x/day).

    After about 2 1/2 weeks the incontinence diminished and after a month it disappeared. It has been 9 months. I am
  • Cushex saved by boxer's life
    Posted 1/10/14
    5 / 5
    My 11.5 year old boxers health rapidly deteriorated
    to the point where her rear legs had very little muscle and she could barely get up and walk. I was seriously contemplating
    euthanasia when I stumbled upon this website and read ALL of the reviews for Cushex. I ordered one bottle and it has been about
    a month since I started them. Sugar is doing FANTASTIC. She is up and about just like the old days! Her constant thirst has
    gone away, and her appetite is normal. The only thing that hasn't improved yet is her skin condition, Thank you Native Remedies
    for a truly life saving remedy!
  • Saved me a huge Vet bill!
    Posted 12/16/13
    5 / 5
    My 9 yr old dog was panting and drinking a ton of
    water, gained weight and had a pot belly in a matter of a few months. When I found PetAlive, I was interested because of the
    natural aspect to the remedies, but skeptical for sure. After 2 weeks, my poor dog was feeling better, no panting, pot belly
    began to subside and she stopped craving as much water. She is doing great.
  • Excellent!
    Posted 11/26/13
    5 / 5
    My dog had been the perfect pound rescue dog and began having
    accidents in the house, urinating frequently, extremely thirsty, gaining weight and lethargic. I decided to look online for
    possible alternatives and found these drops. I was very skeptical at first, but thought I'd give them a try. It took about a
    month or so, but we began to see improvements in our dog. Now she is no longer having accidents, much happier and more
    energetic, less thirsty and looking so much better. We are so thankful we were able to have a successful experience with this
    product and have already recommended it to others!
  • New Life for Older Dog
    Posted 11/23/13
    5 / 5
    My dog has been using the Cushex Drops through 2 bottles.
    My dog is doing very well and the vet told me last week that Parker looked very good (he is 14 years old) and keep doing what I
    was doing. When I started giving the drops to him, he was not doing very well. Bloated and drinking copius amounts of water and
    peeing every where. That has all changed.. He is showing his age but not suffering. I am a fan!!!
Read more reviews | Write a Review

*These statements have not been evaluated by Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The information on this Web site or in emails is designed for educational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for informed medical advice or care. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat any health problems or illnesses without consulting your pediatrician or family doctor. Please consult a doctor with any questions or concerns you might have regarding your or your child’s condition.

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Cushex Drops™ - Promotes Adrenal Gland Health in Dogs

Cushex Drops

Herbal supplement for adrenal and pituitary gland balance in dogs

Uses: Helps maintain balance in the endocrine system*

  • Effectively mitigates the effects of long-term exposure to high levels of cortisol
  • Supports the health of your pet’s adrenal glands and maintains normal functioning
  • Supports healthy energy levels and digestion
  • Maintains healthy blood pressure and normal blood sugar levels
  • Supports normal urination and healthy fluid and electrolyte balance in the body
  • Promotes health and strength of the skin and coat
Price: $38.95
Price: $77.90
Save $38.95 (33%)

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