The Power of PetAlive on Rescued Pets!

At PetAlive, we strongly believe in pet owners adopting a holistic approach to their pet’s health. Just like humans, domesticated animals like dogs and cats are affected by the health hazards of modern living. Pollution, poor nutrition, stress and unhealthy lifestyles can lead to a variety of illnesses and conditions that are very similar to those experienced by humans.

We have received many testimonials from pet owners who rescued or adopted pets that were in very poor health, having suffered from a lack of proper care. However, by using a combination of PetAlive natural herbal and homeopathic remedies, traditional medicine, and implementing a healthy lifestyle, many of these pets have great health success stories!

Check out our TRUE stories below of how PetAlive has helped many customers’ rescued and adopted pets achieve improved overall health and well-being.

True Story of the PetAlive Cat

A Cinder-Fella Story…

He went from being an abandoned, sickly stray outside the PetAlive office door to a pampered pet in a good home—We share with you the true rescue story of Charlie the Cat.

One morning back in April, PetAlive employee Lauren was outside feeding a few of her furry feral friends who regularly come by for breakfast. "Charlie", as we now call him, approached her, meowing loudly. He ran right into the office as she opened the door! Lauren thought he must have belonged to someone at one time, because he was so affectionate, allowing her and other employees to pet him.

However, unlike the other cats, Charlie was pathetically frail, with scraggly hair and protruding bones. Refusing food, Lauren and another employee soon realized that Charlie was missing teeth and could not eat hard food. One of the PetAlive owners, Dean, had arrived by this time, and fed Charlie some boneless chicken breast he had brought for lunch. We also gave him some PetAlive Gumz-n-Teeth™ in his food that first day (he wouldn't stop eating; he was so starved) as well as AmazaPet™ and Respo-K™ for the wheezing.   

After a short time, Dean decided that Charlie was in desperate need of veterinary care and offered to pay for the services Charlie needed. Lauren and another employee, Alex, brought Charlie to an animal hospital, where the vet gave him a shot of antibiotics for his respiratory ailment (he was wheezing pretty badly) and examined him thoroughly.  We found out his gums were severely infected and his teeth were all rotten. He had a sinus infection from the infected gums, but other than that, he was OK and his blood work came back fine. 

After an operation to remove his teeth, Charlie found a forever-loving home with Lauren’s good friend. His gums have healed beautifully and he is now eating salmon, tuna, and cream of chicken soup. He was previously 6.5 lbs on April 17th, and is now up to 12 lbs! To help maintain his health, he receives regular dosage of Immunity & Liver Support™.

We don’t know what happened to Charlie’s original owner that he ended up alone outside, starving and sickly… was he abandoned? Did his owner die? Regardless, even after all he has been through, he is still very affectionate and loving.  Quite a testament to the unconditional love of animals!

Another PetAlive Rescue Story

A baby kitten was found by a PetAlive employee, abandoned outside a mall dumpster. Just two weeks old with her eyes still closed, she was feeble and thin. Nursed back to health with some TLC and fed painstakingly from an eyedropper, she is now healthy and strong.

One of the PetAlive web developers, Sean, agreed to bring the kitten into his home. While Onigiri (which means rice ball, named by her new owner) luckily did not have all the ailments as our first rescue, Charlie, Onigiri will be a lifelong fan of PetAlive preventative health products like Immunity & Liver Support™ to be sure she stays strong and healthy! As an additional precaution, Sean gave Onigiri FeliSafe to provide protection and systemic support to ward off distemper.

Some pics of Onigiri enjoying her new home:

How We Saved the Day – Daisy's Dilemma

Recently, we received an email from Dawna, a customer who was using our PetAlive Cushex Drops™ for her English Bulldog, Daisy. 12-year-old Daisy was experiencing some painful symptoms. We saw an opportunity where we could really help one of our furry friends – here’s what happened.

Dawna’s Letter to PetAlive

Dear PetAlive,

Several months ago I purchased Cushex Drops after spending hundreds of dollars on test after test for my 12-year-old English Bulldog.

Shortly after I rescued her six years ago, the symptoms began: hair loss, pendulous belly, urination, excessive hunger...Each vet had a new theory, but none was accurate. Finally this year the final round of tests confirmed [the illness]. Then I researched the pharmaceutical options... not much better than the disease itself.
 It was at this point that I found your product. Having used homeopathic treatments for 20+ years, I was excited to try this, but frankly, thought I would be requesting a refund. I am about to finish the third bottle.

Although Daisy has not been cured, she seems to have stabilized, and most important, she is energetic and happy. Herein lies my dilemma, which you may not be able to help me with.

My 13 year old daughter has been hospitalized since 3/06, which has not only been stressful emotionally, but financially draining. The hospital is 3 1/2 hours away from where we live. I am not able to replenish this product for Daisy, and fear that without it, she will loose ground. I am happy to document this situation with a doctor’s letter. Are you able to help us continue to provide this product for Daisy?

Dawna P.

How We Helped

Daisy, Dawna’s 12-year-old English Bulldog, was obviously responding well to the Cushex Drops™. To help continue her improvement, PetAlive sent Dawna and Daisy a one-year supply of Cushex Drops (12 bottles), as well as a request to keep us updated on her progress.

Dawna promptly replied and was happy to promise updates on Daisy’s improvement. Her reply also contained the following statement, "I can not tell you how much this means. My faith in human kind plummets sometimes; you have reinstated it. Thank you!"

We were happy to help Dawna and Daisy out and we will keep you informed!

Customer Success Stories with PetAlive
and a Holistic Approach to Pet Health

"This is Cecilia. She is 10 yrs old and has cancer and should have died 7 months ago. I started her on C-Caps™ as soon as we got her. She is now 15 lbs and plays like a kitten. Her fur is shiny and her eyes are bright. She will stay on the C-Caps for the rest of her life and we are so happy she came into our lives." -- Susan and Mike S.

"We got two puppies from our local SPCA, which we shortly after found out that they were sick with cat flu/dog illness distemper. The little boy died after two weeks being hospitalized, which was a very traumatic experience to see what this horrible illness do to them and you feel helpless. The vet prepared me that his little sister will walk the same road as he did, and I felt desperate not to go through the whole ordeal again and also desperate not to lose her, as they are too cute!! She was hospitalized for two weeks as well, not being as ill as he was, but we tried treating her... I did some research on the net and came upon your website which gave me so much detail on these illnesses’ and the best of all, a possible cure / prevention. I immediately ordered the Vi-Pro Plus™ and the Parvo-K™, as she was already showing signs for the dog illness distemper (horrible disease). Early the very next morning, we received the granules and I started treating her at home. Very easy to give, I must admit! I am very proud and even happier to say that it's been 3 weeks she's been home and the symptoms have gone away, she is happy, healthy, playful, naughty :-), looking gorgeous as ever! We would like to thank PetAlive for this incredible product we strongly believe in now! Also thank you for such an informative website on all the illnesses; it really helps to spot them early and prevent sadness from loosing our furry-love-bundles-of-joy! --Cindy D.

poodle"In December 2006, my 12-year-old white standard poodle was diagnosed… Initially we thought that surgery would be a plan of care that would be acceptable, but after a CT scan … it was decided that surgery was not the answer. We were told that he had 4 - 6 months to live.  I researched all avenues to find a [remedy] that would give him quality of life and hopefully extend his time with our family. That is when I found C-Caps™.  I started him on one capsule twice a day to see how he would tolerate it, and as he did not have any adverse reaction to it, I increased his dose to two capsules twice a day.  After six months, we were able to discontinue his cough medicine.  On the seventh month, he was getting a little lethargic, so we added the Energy Tonic™.  That seemed to help and we stayed with that for three more months…. He actually started playing with his toys again.

Today he is still with us and very much a part of our life. To soothe his occasional cough he always has ice cubes available which he loves. He still enjoys car rides, being in the back yard with my other two dogs, staying in the TV room at night while we watch TV, and lying at the foot of the bed with his ice cubes at bedtime.

There may be a little less "gitty up" in his git-along, but as far as he is concerned, he still rules and when we remember 4-6 months... I guess he didn't get the memo! 

Tango turned 13 on May 30th, 2008, 17 months after his diagnosis, and to that we say THANK YOU." --Martha H., NY, USA


"After I rescued my 2 year old Newfoundland from an animal shelter I began to see problems with his breathing. He gradually got worse and worse. After taking him to the vet… they recommended the dog be put down. I bought your product [Vi-Pro Plus], and along with the meds from the vet, the dog made a miraculous recovery in about 2 weeks without any residual problems. Amazing for sure. I wish more people knew about this product in the past. Many dogs could have been saved. I’m not sure why the vets aren't using it…Even the vet was shocked when he last saw him. Thanks for saving my dog!" -- Debra P., CA, USA

"I adopted 2 kittens (brother & sister) from the local SPCA... Within 3 days they were both burning up with fever, so we rushed them to the emergency vet at 3:30 am. They were sooo sick… In desperation, I looked on the internet and found your website. I purchased the KC-Defense™ and started giving him 2 pinches a day on his tongue - that was about a week ago. His runny nose and cough seem to have disappeared! Maybe I should wait longer to write this testimonial, but I am so excited (plus he is running around the house like a kitten again) that I just had to write. Thank you for a wonderful product." -- Linda, CA, USA

"I was skeptical but desperate when I came upon KC-Defense™ on the internet. I was looking up treatments for my Shih Tzu that I rescued from the pound and had a nasty case of wheezing and hacking fits. After a week of traditional treatment, he was not the slightest bit better … I decided to try this.... I was amazed, within 1 hour I walked my dog and he did not need to stop for one of his coughing fits!! Within 3 days, he was a new dog. I wish every vet knew about this one. Thanks so much!!"--Tracy, Maricopa

"I am a vet tech and have 9 dogs, most of which are rescues from the clinic I am employed by. Kramer, a miniature poodle is one of these special dogs. His mother's owners brought her in for labored breathing. We discovered her breathing was labored because she was IN labor and in need of a cesarean section. The owner didn't even know their pet had been bred and didn't want the puppies… I had resuscitated him and couldn't bear the thought of handing him over to someone else to raise. So, he went home with me that night, I hand-raised him and he's been with me ever since. You can imagine the special bond we have. When Kramer was 2-3 years old, he developed [several health conditions]… In fact, I wasn't sure he was going to make it through. I spent my New Year's Eve by his side praying he would make it through the night. Thankfully he did… I turned to Immunity & Liver Support™ and LiverAid™, as well as a lower fat diet, to help support his liver and pancreas. Although it's too soon to tell if it will stave off his symptoms, it has made him a different dog. Now at almost 9 years old, he's acting like a puppy again. He's playing, which he has rarely done for years, eating very well and just acts like he feels so much better than he has for a long time. I have become such a believer that I'm going to try the EaseSure™… I've always felt that his condition would inevitably shorten his life and I can't imagine my life without him. Now I have the hope of if not prolonging his life, certainly making the time I have left with him happy and comfortable. Thank you so much for your great products." --Jeanne S., WV, USA

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