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Vegan, Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Lactose Free

Bringforth Life Flower Essence

Supports female fertility and conception

  • Supports harmony in the subconscious mind
  • Opens up emotional pathways to fertility
  • Supports conception and pregnancy
  • Supports feelings of well-being in the soul
Thank you to Native Remedies for your wonderful Bringforth Life Flower Essence! - Judy R.

What is Bringforth Life Flower Essence?

Flower and gem essences are very specialized. The philosophy behind flower essences is that optimum physical health can only be achieved through emotional and spiritual harmony, which will free the body to function as it should.  The special effects of flower essences are achieved via the psychological and spiritual well-being of the individual using the vibrational energies of the selected flowers.  In this way, flower essences support the life force, allowing true and holistic health to flourish. Unlike herbal extracts, which are manufactured by extracting the ingredients and natural chemicals of herbs, flower essences are made by immersing selected flowers in natural spring water in sunlight and allowing the energy of the flowers to be retained in the water.

Bringforth Life Flower Essence is a 100% natural formula of pure and undiluted flower essences to support conception. According to the principles of flower essences, this essence helps to support stability, peace and security in the subconscious, allowing the creative force to blossom, especially where there has been past emotional hurt surrounding parenting and nurturing. By releasing negativity, this essence helps to open the life force and allow the creative force to flow freely.

Bringforth Life Flower Essence is formulated to the highest standards and manufactured strictly according to the traditional methods advocated by Dr. Bach – the original formulator of flower essences in the west. The remedy is formulated in consultation with our clinical psychologist and experts in the field of flower essences, using ingredients specially chosen.

Let proactive forces flow freely

Although physical health is important for becoming pregnant, emotions can also play a big part in conception.

"Did you know that it is thought that past hurt, ambivalence regarding parenthood, fear and childhood experiences of rejection and poor bonding can all exist in the subconscious mind and may affect your family's future?" 
Michele Carelse, clinical psychologist

While there may be a great desire to be a mom, the subconscious mind may hold you back — even in cases of perfect health.

The natural way

When fears, phobias, stress, trauma, and personality conflicts interfere with the natural conception process, uncovering and recognizing these spiritual blockages will help ensure a positive experience with motherhood.

Some people choose to use psychotherapy, past life regression techniques, kinesiology, energy readings, and other exploratory methods to uncover their deep-rooted troubles. Stress-coping and relaxation techniques such as meditation will also allow you to become more in touch with your inner being and visions of motherhood, as well as to improve your ability to deflect the stress and chaos of everyday life from affecting the integrity of your dreams and well-being.

Feeding your body adequate quantities of only the freshest, healthiest and varied foods will impart optimum physical and psychological health. It is also important to care for your body by avoiding all alcohol, cigarette smoke, and raw seafood, i.e. sushi.

Intimate and regular love-making is not only the single most important factor in conception, but also strengthens and affirms the bond of love and commitment between future parents, setting the stage for a stable and loving new family.

Natural and herbal remedies can also assist with this process of self-discovery and exploration and help to support emotional health.

Working on the level of vibrational energy, flower essences can also be invaluable in supporting clear emotional pathways to pregnancy in order to allow the life force through.

What are the Ingredients?

Bringforth Life Flower Essence is a 100% natural formula and contains the following ingredients: Avocado essence, Blushing bride essence, Cauliflower essence, Evening primrose essence, Fig essence, Wild iris essence, Wisteria essence.

  • Fig essence allows you to master your deepest fears and to release feelings of shame and guilt. It is the ideal remedy for people who judge themselves too harshly and for those who may be held back by a lack of self-assurance. Fig is specifically useful in addressing subconscious fears surrounding parenthood.
  • Avocado essence harmonizes the body and mind by dissolving emotional tension and the negative influence of past emotional pain. This essence is useful in bringing a sense of clarity when feeling overwhelmed. Avocado allows the individual to become more vulnerable to others without fear and facilitates intimacy through touch.
  • Blushing bride essence supports feminine characteristics such as intuition and gentleness.. It can also encourage emotional and physical intimacy and strengthen your connection with your soul and spirituality.
  • Cauliflower essence has the ability to release subconscious hurt. It is of great benefit to those who have themselves experienced negativity during or shortly after the birth process and who consequently see the world as an unsafe place.
  • Evening primrose essence brings inner calm to the soul. This essence is particularly useful for individuals who experienced rejection or lack of support in childhood as well as those who have difficulties surrounding committed relationships and parenthood. Evening Primrose also aids in sexual desire.
  • Wild iris essence is used for opening up the creative channels and freeing the individual of self-doubt or wariness of their creative potential. This flower essence allows recognition of the beauty inherent in creativity and expression. Many people feel unsure or out of touch with their future and vision. This essence can empower you to change your true vision into reality and to raise feelings of joyful anticipation and deep connection with the universe.
  • Wisteria essence has a harmonizing influence on male-female relationships and can help to re-awaken female sexuality in women who may feel ambivalent about physical contact.

How do I use Bringforth Life Flower Essence ?

Dilute in boiled filtered or spring water, allow to cool, and sip slowly. Alternatively, drop under tongue as directed.

Adults: Take one drop under the tongue, 7 drops in 1/4 cup water 4-7 times daily.

How long until I see benefits?

Conception is largely a matter of if it’s meant to be, and conception can rest in fates hands, with babies deciding when they feel ready to be conceived! However, the ingredients in Bringforth Life Flower Essence have been formulated to support emotional readiness for conception and support all essential structures, right from the start.

How long will a bottle last?

Bringforth Life Flower Essence comes in a 15 ml liquid infusion of stock strength, hand-bottled flower essences and duration will depend largely on the frequency of use. As individual results vary, some individuals may need to take this remedy longer than others with each bottle lasting on average 3-4 weeks.

How has Bringforth Life Flower Essence helped others?

“I married quite late in life to a wonderful man and we both really wanted a child of our own... We decided to try your Bringforth Life Flower Essence in combination with Native Remedies Fertile XX for a trial period …I'm really pleased we made that decision."

—Helen and Roger, PA, USA

“Thank you to [Native Remedies] for your wonderful Bringforth Life Flower Essence! … your Bringforth Life Flower Essence was one of the main factors in helping us to rediscover our previous intimacy. I feel like now I have everything I've ever wanted from life!”

—Judy R.

“…My desire to have a child began to occupy all of my thoughts ….and thank goodness my husband was extremely supportive. I also decided to use your Bringforth Life Flower Essence just "in case". Please keep making and selling your lovely Flower Essences to all of us who long to be parents :-) ”


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Safe for Adult Use Only
Vegan, Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Lactose Free

Bringforth Life Flower Essence

Supports female fertility and conception

  • Supports harmony in the subconscious mind
  • Opens up emotional pathways to fertility
  • Supports conception and pregnancy
  • Supports feelings of well-being in the soul

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