Acid Free-Flux Testimonials

Relief for pain and burning in the stomach, chest or throat due to heartburn or acid indigestion.

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I want to thank Native Remedies. I can’t believe how good their products are. For years I’ve been suffering with severe acid reflux, [and have been] taking a lot of different pills with no success… When I looked on the web and found this page I took the risk of trying the Acid Free-Flux after spending hours (of agony) in an emergency room. I’m grateful for this product and I recommended it 100%; you can feel the difference right away. Thanks. - Olga, CT, USA
I am seven months pregnant. I was nervous about natural remedies, but after my doctor explained it was safe, I have been using Acid Free-Flux. It really works! No more burning in my tummy after I eat with that awful ‘heartburn’ sensation. Thank you for giving back the enjoyment of my meals - Miranda
I have had ‘heartburn’ recently. I am a student under a lot of strain with work. I start to feel burning and a hot sensation traveling up to my throat from my stomach. Sometimes I even belch! Acid Free-Flux has been a blessing, I take it every morning after breakfast, and sometimes with lunch and dinner if I need to. Great product, thank you - Rayleigh, USA
I am so glad I found this website. My husband is always complaining but I think it is from the Taco’s and chili peppers he is always eating! I ordered some Acid Free-Flux and wow! It has helped him so much. This past Thanksgiving my family commented on how great he was doing – no complaining! Thank you. - Hanah J.
I am so happy to write to you and thank your company. I feel that Acid Free-Flux has been such a wonderful remedy and has worked for me every time, thank you Native Remedies. - Shirley S.