Anger-Soothe Testimonials

Natural anger management remedy to help you deal with temper problems and emotional outbursts.

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My 7-year-old son is prone to anger outbursts. He is unable to reason, and disciplining him is ineffective when he is in an episode. He tries hard to control himself and feels terrible afterward. The Anger-Soothe immediately helps calm him so he can think, we can talk and he can control himself and accept the circumstances that triggered him. It has proven helpful, and I have already recommended it for my nephew when they asked us what was helping us. - Katie G., CO, USA
My husband is prone to anger outbursts and even rage. After starting Anger-Soothe, I not only noticed a marked decrease in the episodes, but I saw a change in his demeanor. He was more light-hearted. I even remember one time when I was expecting an angry response and he actually laughed at himself instead! Thank God for Anger Soothe…. We will never be without it. - Karen W., MO, USA
I have had episodes of anger that made be ‘blank out’ and I couldn’t remember the moments before the outbursts. My family has since supported my efforts to try and find help. Anger-Soothe was our miracle. I am so grateful... - Margaret
Seeing red is not just an expression! I have always had a temper issue and tend to let off steam in a huge way. My girlfriend pleaded with me to look for medication. I found Anger-Soothe and take it at the first sign of irritability… - David
I have been in anger management classes. Anger-Soothe has helped me greatly. I have even ordered for some of the other people in our group - Timothy
My son has temper tantrums; I use your product Tula Tantrum Tamer for him, and Anger-Soothe for me! I find it really works to soothe the temper almost immediately. Especially on days when I could just SCREAM! - Rose