Asperger Testimonials

Aspergers Syndrome; Natural Herbal Treatment for Aspergers Disease

Our son has Asperger's PDD. He is on Concerta 36 mgs, but he still was having anxiety and tantrums, and other issues. Since he is on the PureCalm, he has not had a tantrum, and has not displayed many of the behaviors that previously concerned us. He does not have any side effects from the PureCalm, and he's much calmer!! I can't describe the relief. - E., KS, USA
Super, Super products. My two children, ages 11 and 6 have Asperger's Disorder and ADHD. My life was crazy trying everything from vitamins, minerals, amino acids, color therapy, NAET, homeopathy, chelation, and several others. My 6 year old is taking BrightSpark 3X a day. He is sweet and kind again. No more outbursts. The biggest joy is to see my son with Asperger's giving good advice to his younger brother. He is much more socially appropriate since he began taking Mindsoothe Jr. and PureCalm. - Lisa, PA, USA
I felt that I really wanted to write to you to say thank you for the wonderful change that we have seen in my child. I always knew that there was something different about him but we went from doctor to specialist for years with everyone having a different opinion. This really did a lot of damage as well as teachers who did not understand. Finally only last year we saw a wonderful doctor who told us that he had Asperger's and everything fell into place! We have tried various prescription and natural drugs over the years most of which have not helped or had side effects. I was not happy with this and am so glad to have found a natural remedy that finally works. After three months, the mood swings have virtually disappeared, the obsessing over things has improved dramatically and he is more responsive and able to listen to what others have to say instead of behaving as if he was on his own planet all the time. What a difference to our household! - Gayle, UK
My daughter was diagnosed w/PDD.NOS and the doctors put her on prescription medicine which helps ADHD children. She had some side effects so we took her off of it. I found your website and ordered Focus Formula. She is only 5 and I give only in the morning before school w/some juice. After a few weeks on Focus Formula she has been getting much better reports sent home from school and has even been able to discontinue her OT. I feel that Focus Formula along with a small adjustment in her diet has helped more than the prescription meds. the doctor originally had her on. - Lisa S., NY, USA
I would have been the last person to believe that an herbal remedy could help my son who has Asperger's. He just could not cope with even the smallest distraction in class without becoming frustrated and losing concentration. But my wife insisted that Focus Formula had helped her friend's child and I thought it would set my wife's mind at rest to try it, which we did. I am writing to say that I am very impressed at the difference. I can see the improvement when my son does his homework and the reports from school are very positive. I guess I should have listened to my wife long ago - after reading all the information on your web site I have apologized to my wife and my son because I did not really understand what he was going through. - Graham
My 6 year old child has Asperger's and has been helped tremendously by using a combination of BrightSpark and Focus Formula. He is a very clever little boy and does well at school but people found him strange because he always talked off the topic and carried on and on about the same thing when no one else was interested. The other kids laughed at him, he was so angry and upset all the time and had a permanent frown on his face. It was also difficult for him when the other kids distracted him in class - he would become angry and blow up! He even asked the teacher if he could move his desk outside the classroom! Since he has been taking your products, he is much happier and can do his work more easily. I also notice that he is not so much off the point when he talks about things! - Mathilda H.
PureCalm really helps my son who is diagnosed with Asperger's. He is doing quite well in his job and he has even managed to find a wife who understands him which I thought could never happen! Don't get me wrong, I love my son - but he was never the easiest person to live with due to his anxiety about everything. When something stressed him out it was as if he just couldn't let it go so he would become more and more upset. Now when gets like that, PureCalm helps him to calm himself down so much so that he can even see that he may be worrying for nothing. Thank you for your help and patience in advising me. This is a wonderful service to which I am referring to all my friends!” - Marge
I want you to know that I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown with my son who is 6 and is diagnosed with Asperger's Disorder. Although he has many problems, the worse one for me was when he would begin to shout and break things because something had upset him. Sometimes we didn't even know what it was. I can hardly believe the difference that your product has made! He has been on the Mindsoothe Jr. and the Tantrum Tamer for about five weeks and already we can see that his temper is much easier to manage and he seems happier and more settled. When he does begin to shout and throw himself around, we give him an additional dose of the Tantrum Tamer, which he loves, and he is quiet again. This stuff is like a miracle! I am also starting myself on your adult Mindsoothe and can already feel the difference. - Freda B.
We have been using your Mindsoothe Jr. and Serenite Jr. for about 6 weeks and my little boy is sleeping soundly again and is also a lot more responsive to us. He has Asperger's and even though he is very bright with numbers and shapes and can tell you what any word means, he did not make eye contact and always struggled to understand what we said. Both my husband and I have noticed a big improvement and it is wonderful not to battle every night. Thanks! - Lindi G.
My son has Asperger's, severe sensory issues, ADHD, and atypical bi-polar. I have had him on Mindsoothe Jr., PureCalm, and Focus Formula and I have seen tremendous and positive changes in him. Thanks! - Suzzane, OH, USA