iBaba Testimonials

Natural colic remedy for relief of mild digestive disturbances in newborns, infants and babies.

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I am so happy to have found iBaba, it made life easy again :) - Earie A., Australia
Thank God I found your website. My little grandniece was so sick with colic, she would cry ceaselessly for hours after feeding, and her face was a mess with acne. Her mom was so upset and utterly unable to comfort her with anything she tried. Then we gave her iBaba and we now have a happy 6-wk old infant who has clear skin and is sleeping peacefully after feeding. Thank you so much; what a gift! - Irene, RI, USA
I wanted to write and tell you how good your product is for baby colic. I have recommended it to all my friends with babies! - Brenda C.
We walked up and down with our new baby who had colic so bad she hardly ever slept for five minutes. From the very first time, the remedy worked and I could hardly believe what a difference it made! From a poor screaming baby to a peaceful one in just a few minutes - Wow!! Bless you all for the work that you do! - Pru L., USA
I am a single mom and it isn't easy to cope with a new baby, especially one who has colic. You want to do everything right but sometimes it feels like you do everything wrong. The sister at the clinic told me about iBaba and I can see why she recommends it. I just give my baby a little and she goes back to sleep in no time - I would never be without it! They say it works for teething as well! - Lynne, UK
My baby cried all the time and we went from one doctor to the other one. They all said it was 'colic' and it would go away after 3 months, but it did not! iBaba has made such a difference, thank you. My baby sleeps peacefully now. - Yolanda, USA
My baby had colic from the start and nothing worked as well as iBaba. I like that it is safe for even very small babies. It helps my baby to sleep and stops the crying - what a miracle! - Debbie, USA
Please ship ASAP. Thanks! I am a firm believer in this product for teething and irritability. - Dawn, GA, USA