BrightSpark Testimonials

Natural remedy to calm hyperactivity and reduce attention problems in hyperactive children.

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“I can recommend the BrightSpark remedy to any parent who has a child with… [concentration problems and who are over excitable]. My son's teacher could see the difference and Michele's advice about how to manage my son helped tremendously!”

- Brenda, USA

“My son is 9 years old and has struggled since starting school to stay focused and in control of his outbursts and emotions. My husband and I wait for the phone call every year to tell us yet again that he is a problem in the classroom. We dread enrolling him in activities because he always becomes a problem for the instructors. He has been tested as a gifted child and is very curious and well-read for his age and therefore either wants to answer all the questions in class or tune-out due to boredom and instead cause a disruption…My son was often in tears because he said he was trying to be good; my husband and I would argue over his discipline; my parents just thought he was spoiled and not disciplined enough etc. etc. Then one day I was once again surfing the net and found Native Remedies and BrightSpark. My son used it along with Focus at first and now by itself. My son has been taking it for 2 and 1/2 months and for the first time in his school life has received "Good for "conduct in class" and "listens attentively" on his report card which in the past were always "Needs improvement". Thank you so much for making him a happier child. He is thriving on all the positive attention instead of being constantly put down for his bad behavior. We are enjoying such a happy home life as well with out constant yelling and nagging and tears!!”

- Karen, Quebec, Canada

“I usually do not take time to write feedback but I have to admit that I have been very impressed with Focus Formula and BrightSpark. I have a 4 year old son who is very active and rarely stops. The combination of those 2 products has helped a lot!”

- Sandi, SC, USA

“Focus Formula combined with BrightSpark has been effective for my 7 year old son.”

- Paula, MD, USA

“My five year old son started using BrightSpark about 1 month ago. He is much calmer and happier.”

- Shelley B., USA

“I am pleased with the results I have seen in my daughter's grades. Last week she received all A's on her tests and worksheets. I was shocked when she received a score of 100 on her math quiz. I knew she had the ability, but she was not able to Focus until I started using BrightSpark and Focus Formula. I am now ordering my second bottle of BrightSpark before I run completely out.”

- Karen P., VA, USA

“BrightSpark helped my… 6th grader bring his grades up from D's and F's to A's and B's (one C). It's been like a miracle! As a bonus, he has also stopped wetting the bed! I've told several people about BrightSpark. Thank you!”

- Elizabeth, AL, USA

“My child's pediatrician recommended BrightSpark as an alternative. I am so glad he did. My 5 year old is a changed person. He is happier with himself and even looking forward to kindergarten............2 months ago he was afraid he would not fit in because as he put it......."I just can’t calm down". Really he is a changed kid. If you are having doubts about ordering, rest assured I was too. It is the best thing I could have done for my son.”

- Mrs. M., CT, USA

“This product may well have saved my sanity! My 9 year old daughter didn't care about anything, was very messy, mouthy and had uncontrollable emotional outbursts. I came across BrightSpark while surfing the net for things that I could do to help her get under control. She has not been medically diagnosed…She was doing very poorly in school but didn't seem to be dumb about things and I had to do something for her. So when I saw this product with a money back guarantee I decided to give it a try. What a GREAT purchase! I know it sounds crazy but within 3 pills I could see things starting to work! We are now on day 4 and her handwriting is neater, I haven't had to yell at her about anything and she is now taking on tasks by herself without being told to do so. She has even let me know that she can tell a difference in concentration at school. She got an A+ on a history paper yesterday and she had been flunking history the past 6 weeks. They say that you will see improvement over a month’s time, but I don't care if it doesn't get any better than this. I have my little girl back and we don't have screaming and tears at our house on daily basis anymore. A thousand thank you's!!!!!!!!”

- Suzie, IN, USA

“I was in detention every week for stuff that I did in class I was always clowning around and getting into trouble. My friends always said that I must take my mad pills but I said I wasn't mad. Michele also said I wasn't mad and she gave me BrightSpark. She told me BrightSpark isn't a mad pill it is like a vitamin for your brain. Now I only clown around at recess and my teacher says I am trying hard. Michele says you must train your brain {:~))" (11 years old)”

- Mark, South Africa

“…As a single parent it is sometimes very difficult to know if you are doing the right thing. Michele advised us to cut down on candy and soft drinks and how to structure my discipline in the house. She put my daughter on BrightSpark and we could all see the difference after about two weeks. I am so grateful!!!”

- Sue-Ann, South Africa

“Dear Michele and all at Native Remedies, My daughter has been using BrightSpark for seven days, the difference that it has made in her life is nothing short of a miracle. I can not thank you enough. May you be blessed ten fold for all that you do for others!”

- Kathryn, USA

“I was searching out information…[on concentration problems] when I came across this web site. My son whom is 6 and is in first grade has been struggling a lot with attention and staying on task at school… I've purchased BrightSpark & Focus Formula, and have been giving them to my son for almost a week. I have noticed he is more calm & his school work looks a little neater. Homework hasn't been a struggle as it was before. I hope with continued use I will see more improvement. If you are at all hesitant about using these products, please give it a try. So far I'm glad I did.”

- Karen L., IN

“I am just starting on BrightSpark with my 5 almost 6 year old. He has been very disruptive in class; his oppositional behavior has been very frustrating to him, us and his teacher. I just started on BrightSpark, and it may be just coincidence, but he seems calmer and has slept better at night. I would love for someone who has been giving their child this formula to e-mail me if they could to give me a personal story and give me positive feedback on this so I will keep giving him these and not give up! I have read so many testimonials and everything sounds so wonderful because the posts talk about everything my son is going through right now. Thank you all! Thank you Native Remedies for giving me an alternative.”

- Ellen F., TN

“I have a seven year old son who had REAL problems paying attention and finishing his work, low, low self esteem and was basically a very unhappy child. I did a lot of research about… [concentration problems] and each time it felt like I was reading about MY son. I found Native Remedies on one of my searches and read about BrightSpark and Focus Formula and thought 'yeah right'. I kept coming back to it and thinking shall I? I know nothing about these people. Eventually, I got so desperate to help him I ordered it and told no one, not his teacher or my husband. It was our little secret. In two weeks his teacher commented on how much he seemed to have grown up, was less sensitive and was getting his work finished and seemed to have a feel good factor about him. He slowed down, was happier and his need for TV virtually disappeared because he is now happy to concentrate on other things. I am no longer a sceptic but a total convert. I am so happy that this is not one of the awful traditional drug type therapies and that he seems to be a happier child, and life is so much easier. Thank you!”

- Kate, Cheshire, UK

“Our daughter is 8 now... The doctor's advice was she need …therapy, she should only speak English… etc. This child has a sad story, since AISD totally failed this child, she entered through special ed, was tested and allotted service when we moved her to another school she was re-tested and denied services for 2 years. No telling the ‘no child left behind’ act did not work for her. We since removed her from AISD 6 Months ago we started tutoring her in simple math, Diane Craft reading material. In 6 months this child's reading improved from a level 12 to level 24, she can read anything now. I recently started her on Focus Formula and BrightSpark, for the first time she is tired, she still does not sit still like typical kids when reading but she is improving. We decided to use alternative methods, the simple math work but it is slow results, we added to her schedule ABACUS (math) this is working great, she started karate to help with discipline and focus, added weekly chess class instead of …therapy, social behavior she is participating in BBBS mentoring program, Sunday this SA child will start in the Chinese classes, we choose to believe different not to cut her off from the outside world and give her over to doctors diagnoses but to ask for healing with different ways this child has improved dramatically in a short time, above all we pray for her… I would love to talk to other parent about their experiences. please write to me.”

- Zelda B., TX

“My six-year-old son began taking BrightSpark nine weeks ago ... [there has] been an amazing transformation and quite a relief for everyone... We're so happy for my son. It's just an amazing product for him and I'm so glad I decided to try it.”

-Tracie K., MI, USA

“My husband and I just moved our family across the country. The kids started a new school, and we were really excited for them. Our 10-year-old is in 5th grade, and he has had good and bad days. He is very bright, but it wasn't showing through in his work. We went to the parent-teacher conference just to see how the adjustment was from the move, as it had only been two weeks. His teacher said he really couldn't concentrate and would just stare at the work, no matter if it was math, spelling, or anything. We were doing four hours of homework a night with him and had to be right by him to get it done. I looked up BrightSpark and thought, "why not?" ...Our son has reactions to red dye and other foods…I know what a doctor would say, but I just couldn't medicate him. We wanted him to be able to concentrate, not take his personality away. I just thought I would be doing homework with him forever. He has been taking the BrightSpark now for three weeks. His teacher sent a note home in his assignment book yesterday saying that said he was doing great and his work was getting done. This is the first time she has written a note to us. On his last social studies test, he even got an A! His homework has been cut to maybe an hour, if he has any at all! I believe it is this product, since we didn't change anything else... I am looking for more progress, but am very happy with the results.”

- Stacy D., NE, USA

“Hello! I ordered BrightSpark and Focus Formula for my five-year-old daughter about two weeks ago... We still have the occasional tantrum and moments when I think she is from outer space, but your natural approach has been VERY helpful. Thank you for bringing my daughter and me close again!”

- Jen R., FL, USA

“Ever since my son started pre-K at age four, we have had issues with his behavior. It wasn't that he was a "bad" kid, but he had trouble standing still in line, keeping his hands to himself, staying quiet in class, and the like. After starting the first grade at a new school (that had a much more stringent disciplinary policy), he was constantly in trouble for these outbursts, and was bringing home bad reports each day. It progressed from bad reports to going to the principal's office daily, sometimes even twice in one day. Each afternoon around the time he should be getting home from school, I would have knots in my stomach, wondering how bad a day it had been for him. My husband and I were arguing over what to do about his behavior. It got to the point where it seemed as if we had become a house full of maniacs who just yelled and screamed all the time! We were at our wits end, and were ready to contact his doctor…-- but I was very scared of doing so. One day I went online to research what natural herbs/remedies …and I found your site. I will admit I was very skeptical at first, but WOW!!! The first day he took the BrightSpark and Focus Formula, he came home with an "Excellent" behavior report. He has been taking the BrightSpark and Focus Formula combined for about two weeks now, and every day he has gotten an "E" on his report. He is much calmer, happier, and easier to get along with. Best of all, no one in my house screams anymore! I no longer worry about him at school, and we now have peace at home. BrightSpark and Focus have been like a miracle for us! Thank you so much!”

- Aimee J., GA, USA

“I want to take this time to thank Native Remedies for changing our lives. My husband and I were at the end of our rope with our son's behavior. He was always very "high strung" and very impulsive in his behaviors. Last year when he started preschool at the age of three, we were called almost every week with a report about his aggressive behavior towards the other children. His behaviors were also extended to my husband and I at times. Although he was consistently impulsive and aggressive, he was and is a sweet little boy. When he entered Pre-K this year, the same behaviors continued. The second week of school, I had to meet with the teacher for a parent-teacher conference. After having learned about your products on your website and reading the numerous positive testimonials, I decided on a leap of faith to purchase the BrightSpark and Focus Formula for our son. Needless to say, within a week, we began to notice a difference in him...[He] was able to refrain from hitting others. His teacher confirmed this two weeks later, indicating that his behavior was no longer an issue. In addition to the BrightSpark and Focus Formula, I also ordered the MindSoothe Jr., the Calm Tonic, and the Detox Drops. He has now been on a combination of the above products, and let me just say, we have a completely different little boy! He is forming wonderful relationships with his peers in school, and is a true pleasure to be around! I thank God for your products!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!! Your faithful customer for a lifetime...”

- Simone J., FL, USA

“...I found Native Remedies and spoke to my son about trying BrightSpark and Focus Formula. ...We tried the products and didn't tell the school. After only three days, they wanted to know what we'd done. My son is now happy, more independent, and less sensitive. He completes his homework on his own 90% of the time, without being asked or told. There is no more yelling in my house! Thank you for an excellent product. No side effects other than a happy child whose marks are improving! That we all can live with :) Thanks again and again.”

- Janice D., Canada

“I was searching on your site a few weeks ago, and came across BrightSpark and Focus Formula. I went further to read what parents had to say. I have a 13-year-son and an eight-year-old daughter... I have always searched for alternative treatments, but nothing ever caught my interest like your site. I've tried the diet thing,.. However, we've had the most difficultly with our daughter. ... I mentioned to the doctor that we would like to try an alternative treatment ... I did my homework for her (printing off ingredients, and comparing to two other .. she asked us to consider). ... Our doctor was actually open-minded with what we wanted. I ordered your products right away. My daughter is on her second week of these products, and doing quite well... She is a very smart girl with a great sense of humor. I see a great future with these products. Thank you!”

- Kristi S., CA, USA

“... I have had these [problems] for most of my adult life. Since being on Focus Formula and BrightSpark [I have seen an improvement]... The thing that impresses me most about your Web site is how you break down symptoms by disorder. This was very helpful... I sincerely thank you.”

-Phill, NY, USA

“My daughter is almost seven and about to enter the second grade. She has always done well in school (learned to read when she was three), but she has always had a hard time listening and focusing. Our pediatrician never used the phrase…with me probably because she knew I would resist…[conventional medicine] Unable to focus, with too many thoughts rattling around in her head, unable to sit still - forget it! I wanted to help her, but was afraid of taking away her big thoughts and her boundless enthusiasm. I figured that BrightSpark was worth a try, but had no expectations for the outcome. After only three weeks, I have noticed remarkable improvement. When I look in her eyes she is THERE - it used to be so frustrating when she'd be nodding her head and mouthing the words I wanted to hear, but her mind was somewhere else, you know? Anyway, thank you! My daughter is still as energetic, stubborn, brilliant, adventurous, compassionate, and joyful as ever... Now when she doesn't listen, there can be consequences!”

- Jean, MI, USA

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