BrightSpark Testimonials

Natural remedy to calm hyperactivity and reduce attention problems in hyperactive children.

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“I just want to let everyone know that this product has changed my son's life, and mine! ...I lost my son....he was tired, he cut himself, he would not listen, he was angry, and was always getting in some kind of trouble at school. I knew that that this wasn't my son, and that the doctors were making him worse. I tried other natural products from the stores, but they didn't work enough for me to tell a difference. Frustrated and sad, I stayed up one night for hours. I stumbled across your site, and decided to give it a try. I can tell you that it took only a week to see my son coming back to me, and a month to see the real person inside of him. He has been on BrightSpark for a few months now. He is happy, he smiles, he listens, he talks to me, and he is doing so well in school-- the teachers wanted to know what I did!!!!!!! I'm so happy with BrightSpark... I wish everyone knew about this product!!! ... I see a... happy boy now!!!!!!!!! Thank you.”

- Tammy S., USA

“It has only been a few days, and there is already a noticeable difference. My grandson is much calmer and happier. This is a product that will benefit the entire family, while only one of us is taking it! Thank you so much, Native Remedies.”

- Kathy M., CT, USA

“My 5 year old son was diagnosed… Not being advocates of medicating, we sought alternative remedies to help him with his behavior problems. We tried a competitor herbal remedy for many months without any results. I then found Native Remedies online and liked how excellent their customer service representatives were in answering my questions. We started our son on the BrightSpark and Focus Formula and it took 3 months for us to see results but when we! He went from getting into trouble almost every day at school, to only getting into trouble very infrequently. Don't give up if it doesn't work right away! Everyone is different in how long it takes their body to adjust to it and it may take some time. The results are so worth it!”

- Kelly, NC, USA

“My 14 year old son has been taking BrightSpark and Focus Formula for his problem, but he has still had some [problems] he was dealing with. I ordered Tic Tamer and he is so happy... He can finally feel normal...Thank you Native Remedies for another great product we will never live without…”

- Gina G., GA, USA

“I realized my 5 year old son had [problems], I was worried about a doctor putting him on medication. I has read many articles on the internet and wasn't even sure if I wanted him diagnosed. I read about BrightSpark and ordered it. After 3-4 months, almost all symptoms were gone and the ones remaining were so infrequent that you wouldn't even notice them. My husband wasn't convinced it was due to the BrightSpark until I had the flu over New Year. My husband wasn't giving our son the BrightSpark three times a day and may have even skipped a whole day or two. The head jerks came back in full force about 5 days later. Our son is now back on the proper dosage of BrightSpark and his head jerks are lessening again. However, since the symptoms came back when he wasn't taking Bright Spark, I am taking him to a specialist next month where I will share my results of BrightSpark with him. Thank you again!”

- K. McMillan, OH, USA

“I can't believe it. I was contemplating removing my son from his current school because I was afraid he would eventually get suspended. I was so tired and frustrated. I constantly got notices and [had] meetings with teachers about his behavior, he hits, constantly talking or laughing in class. The Teacher [would] complain that he [was] disruptive in class and had difficulty keeping friends. I was worried about him. But looking back this started back in preschool. He was dismissed from 2 preschools. I thought at first that he would grow out of it. Every school year I thought this is the year he's going to turn around, until this year in 5th grade, his grades were starting to suffer, he was having a hard time with reading and was sent to the principal's office numerous times. He got kicked out of the Drama production at school due to his behavior. His therapist referred him to a Psychiatrist that instantly diagnosed him… I was terrified hearing it, although deep down I suspected it. Now what should I do? I did not want to put him on meds, so I started searching the internet for some other alternatives; I came across the website and ordered Focus Formula and BrightSpark. My next appt with the psychiatrist was to determine what meds we were going to start him on. But I had already started him on Focus Formula and BrightSpark for at least a week prior. His teacher suspected I picked him up early from school for a Dr’s appointments and gave him a written note saying that his behavior was much improved. He was much calmer, we are in the last quarter of the grading period and he is getting A's and B's and I am amazed. Thanks so much.”

- Lola, FL, USA

“I researched online and came across your website. I ordered Focus Formula and BrightSpark… We were amazed at how this works. I also have a 15 year old daughter that was having proble"…ms with studying in school and she was a bit moody. We had her try the Focus Formula and after a little over a week there was major improvement in her attitude and focus on her schooling. I can't thank you enough for this product!”

- Kathy Johnson, MD, USA

“My daughter started BrightSpark last summer. We tried it for 6 months and it was surely helping. We took her off it after 6 months and her … symptoms came back loud and clear. She was loud… and impulsive. My husband didn't always believe that BrightSpark was helping her but could definitely see the difference when she was no longer on it. We put our daughter back on BrightSpark and we can see how it really helps her and will continue her on it as long as she needs it. Daphne is 6 years old and soon to be 7. At 5 years old, …we went to a naturopathic doctor who I must say put her on too many things that made her more hyper but there were some things that indeed helped her that we went back to. First of all, and most significantly, dairy allergies so we put her on a strict dairy free diet. Going completely dairy free is quite difficult and we are still learning in this regard. We also found that fish oil really helped Daphne and would help her fall to sleep at night… We also give her a liquid calcium supplement. And, of course, we give her BrightSpark. Daphne went from getting up every 15 minutes from her school desk when first starting grade 1 to not getting up at all. Her grades are mostly B's with some C's. Daphne's concentration is not as good in the afternoons after lunch from 1:00 to 3:30 so she receives assistance at that time in school but otherwise she pulls it off in the mornings. Daphne has an IEP in place as well and her teacher says she has come a long way since September. She is actually reading now quite successfully. Daphne is very good at swimming (passed the deep end test), ice-skating, advanced gymnastics and skateboarding. She just completed Step 1 in snowboarding at 6 years old. We are much happier helping her this way… and we are quite proud of her. Daphne has a natural enthusiasm and happiness for life … we are happy to have Daphne back.”

- Patty, Ontario, Canada

“I can honestly say I see a change in my son, he is less emotional and his appetite has returned slightly. He is not as hyper, but still can be when having the slightest sweet. I will definitely be continuing with BrightSpark and Focus Formula as I am sure he will benefit from this.” — Yvonne
“Our 8 1/2 year old son had been on [prescription medication] for 2 years. I searched and searched for something to control his impulsivity… That's when I found your website. He has been on BrightSpark for only 2 weeks and he is a happy go lucky and very typical little boy. The irritability and loss of appetite… has dissipated. He controls his impulses so much better now than he did… it is wonderful to hear him say, “Mommy, I'm hungry. Can I please have a snack.” Not only is he hungry but is polite and respectful. Thank you for this amazing product.” — Gi, MO, USA
“My husband and I tried Focus Formula and BrightSpark for our son. He was always getting into trouble and missing school work. After, having a meeting with school and already knowing he had [behavioral issues]… My husband did some research on the web, and read testimonials from other concerned parents who received good results. He ordered both supplements. We started him on it during spring break. Upon returning to school within a week we saw a big difference in his school performance. His teacher sent home a note saying she noticed a difference in him. We recommend it to anyone who says their child has [behavioral issues]…” — Kheun B., TX, USA
“My son was diagnosed… By the 2nd grade, his classroom behavior and social issues were resulting in daily notes home. I resisted putting him on [medication] — but I felt like I was running out of options. After reading the testimonials for BrightSpark and Focus Formula — I figured, “what could it hurt”. This was my last hope — and I really did not expect much. To my surprise, I saw improvements in his daily school feedback from the teacher within 2 weeks. His teacher told me that whatever we were doing — keep it up. Even his therapist has been surprised by the difference. Look, he still has his moments… but the change in his behavior and his focus has been wonderful — Far better than I ever expected when I first placed my order.” — Kathy, NY, USA
“Our son started having problems in first grade. He had trouble concentrating, staying on task and completing his school work. His teacher suggested we have him tested. We had him tested, but our doctor said he didn't have [behavioral problems], as we were relieved, it didn't help us solve our problem of what to do for him. We tried several products and changed his diet. He made it through first grade, but it was a struggle. Just before he started second grade, I came across your products. I read the testimonials and discussed with my husband giving it a try. I ordered my first bottles of each product… towards the end of the first week of school, your product arrived. I was pleased with how easily he accepted taking the products, as this had been half the battle with the products we tried last year. Most of them tasted horrible! He really has no problem taking your products. After a few days of taking BrightSpark and Focus [Formula], he was able to focus better and get more work done. After three weeks, he is no longer bringing class work home, as he gets all of it done at school. His grades are improving, and his confidence is improving. Thank you Native Remedies! You've given us our bright young son back! His teacher called me two nights ago to tell me how much he had improved, and what a pleasure he is to have in class!” — Aleisa, GA, USA
“All I can say is BrightSpark and [Triple Complex] Brain Tonic did wonders within two weeks. This was confirmed by the school educator; the kid will be placed back into mainstream education as from September!” — Braam R.
“…BrightSpark has made a positive difference to the concentration span and energy levels of our son and we have placed another order. In addition, we are going to try your Focus Formula in combination with BrightSpark... Many thanks! ” — Lesley H.
“My 9 year old son [has attention issues]…I ordered the products a bit skeptical, in a last ditch effort… after only 1 week of use, his teachers are raving about his improvement with focus and concentration. My son as well is more confident in himself and notices a difference. I have scoured the internet for endless nights and have finally found something safe and effective... recommend it highly...” —Kim A., USA
“I order the BrightSpark because I was at my wits end with my 5 year old. He started Kindergarten and everyday the teachers were calling my work, he had a bad report everyday. The day the BrightSpark came in the mail I went to the school and started the program. He got a better report that day but still not great. The next day, I could see a change in him, he was less jumpy, and overly active. Thank you BrightSpark for this product. Now I'm going to order more for him and start my husband on the Focus ADDult. You may have save more then my child- my marriage, because my husband was blaming me for his behavior. Thank you so much for such a wonderful product.” — Retha, CA, USA
“I started my 4-year-old son on the BrightSpark and Focus Formula combination almost 2 months ago. At first, I was really skeptical about the whole natural approach to help his [attention problems]. There were days I was about ready to throw the bottles out the window because I was surely convinced they were not working. I am very happy to report that I did not give up and all of a sudden I noticed a change about three days ago. It's a dramatic difference and he got great reports at daycare and preschool for the first time in months. I love these products and will continue to keep my son on them as I have seen the changes it has made for him. They are very right when they say on here that consistency is the key with these products. If you feel like giving up, please don't! Give them a chance to work and you will be very pleased with the results.” — Faith, OH, USA
“My son was on BrightSpark, MindSoothe Jr. and Focus Formula for 9 weeks before we noticed a big change. As soon as he started taking the supplements we noticed a change in overall behavior but not much changed at school. Since we did not have a better plan we decided to stick with it and started scheduling the doses for consistency making sure the BrightSpark was 1 hour before a meal or at least 2 hours after. My husband and I carry the vials with us since they are so handy and easy to carry. At the 9 week mark it all seemed to click and now he gets good reports from school and we are all much happier - most importantly he is very happy with himself. We recently added PureCalm to deal with his anxiety and that seems to be the one that ties it all together for him. My son is very much involved with the schedule and will remind us if we forget. He is so happy and well adjusted to school now. He is by no means perfect but his outbursts have gone from 3 or 4 a week to 1 every month or so. Also, when he does have trouble in school it is so much less severe and he is able to bring himself in line much faster. For those of you who have been trying it, believe it does not work, just keep at it with a diligent effort to use it as directed. It might take 9 weeks like it did for my sons. Thank you Native Remedies.” —Sharon, FL, USA
“Thank u very much for a wonderful product. I could already see the difference within the first week... Thank u and God bless.” —Mrs. Jeanene V. H.
“I started my child on BrightSpark 1 week ago and I can not believe the difference I have seen. My child sees a child psychologist and she has notice the difference as well I only wish it was made available in Australia. I will tell anyone who will listen that you don’t have to put your child on [medications] and I feel so much better about myself as a mother that the guilt has gone knowing I don’t have to give my child [medications].Thank you so much from Down Under.” —Mary C., Australia
“I have been using BrightSpark and Focus Formula on my twin toddler boys for the last three weeks and was kind of hesitant on believing that there was a difference, but since I ran out before I could get another order delivered on time, I definitely see a BIG difference in their demeanor/behavior. The BrightSpark definitely took off the edge in their hyper behavior and impulsiveness… it noticeably did have a more calming effect on them. I never really noticed it until I ran out of pills and in two days, the crying and the impulsiveness came back ten times worse… I can surely say it made my everyday life with the twins bearable for me and my husband... I am waiting anxiously for my second shipment to arrive. Next time, I won't wait [and run out].” —Maria, CA, USA
“Everyday I would walk to the school gates with butterflies in my tummy, dreading being called in by the teachers to hear which child my son had pushed or hit that day. He's 4 years old, and he couldn't keep his body still in carpet time at school, and he couldn't stand in line without swinging his bag or pushing another child. Since BrightSpark, my life has changed. He runs to me at the gates everyday now shouting; "MUM! I've been a good boy!" and his teacher is often behind him giving me the thumbs up. It's changed our lives. He has a speaking part in his upcoming Christmas play, which he normally would have just disrupted. I'm so so proud of him. Just 4 weeks ago he was in trouble at school on a Friday. I started him on BrightSpark on the Saturday, and by the Monday, his behavior had turned around. I've never written a testimonial before in my life, but this product has had such an effect on my life I couldn't keep it to myself. Corny as it sounds, it's been like a miracle for us. Whoever designed this product, you are my hero!” —Natalie A., Middlesex, UK
“I started my 8-year-old…son [with attention problems] on BrightSpark and Focus [Formula] on October 1. I was very optimistic and had a good feeling about it though at the same time, was very skeptical and would have doubts here and there. I started to notice changes after about 4 weeks. He was playing board games. He never did that before. Sitting with his brother in the sandbox for over an hour, that was a new one, then he asked to go to the library to get books. He started reading books from front to back, never did that before. Then I started getting good reports from school. A good day here and there but never at the same time from two teachers, one of them being a resource teacher, I was still a bit leery but at the same time, very excited. What finally convinced me is getting a note from his classroom teacher last week saying that my son had 2 full weeks of sitting and focusing and that he is doing wonderful. This teacher is very stern and expects a lot from her kids. That did it. Now I feel I can say on here what a God-send these products have been for my son. I could cry, thank you guys. I am still amazed and I am very thankful that I found something… Thanks guys, very much.” —Kathy, CO, USA
“After it was suggested by my child’s teacher last year that she be tested for learning difficulties, as we were told that my child had [attention issues]. I still have a problem with this… as I feel all children are distracted at this age. Maybe I’m in denial. I have never felt that medications prescribed…was the way to go. Too many side effects in my mind. I checked out the internet… and your ad popped up. I was very pleased with what I had read and decided to try it out. The Sunday before school started I began the process. I originally started with BrightSpark only and in about a weeks time noticed that my child’s attitude towards school had changed. I have never been notified by the school since she began school in Sept about her grades. One of the teachers who assists in her classroom did stop me one day and said she is doing very well. Report cards come out next week and I am anxious to see the marks!!! I have not let the school know of the [testing] yet as I wanted to see how things went using the BrightSpark. I felt that she needed the time to settle in and mature a little more before jumping the gun. I was not completely convinced with the testing results (as they are a snapshot in time). I will let you know how the report goes. I introduced the Focus Formula at the end of October to see how the two work together. I haven’t noticed a considerable difference but I am very please with how she is doing. My husband even noticed and was thrilled that…medication was not needed. Thanks so much” —Kim, Ontario, Canada
“I just wanted to thank you for the Brightspark I used in the past. My son seems to be more focused then ever off all products now I have promoted your products to a few friends who are happy using them now. I thank you kindly for all your help. Have a wonderfully blessed Christmas.” —NICOLE K.

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