BrightSpark Testimonials

Natural remedy to calm hyperactivity and reduce attention problems in hyperactive children.

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“I read the testimonials on this site and ordered both the Focus Formula and the BrightSpark. Skeptical but hopeful. Wow I can't believe it, but what a turn around with my 8 year old son. He is finishing his work in school and his teacher keeps giving us glowing reports rather than requesting a parent teacher meeting.”

- Lisa

“My seven year old son was having a VERY difficult time learning to read, following through with simple tasks without supervision, and sitting still. I took him to a reading specialist who determined that he is of above average intelligence, so there was no reason why he was performing at such a low level. After hundreds of dollars and a lot of time, we saw very little progress. Each week, his reading coach would advise me that my son has [learning problems] and he needs to be put on medication, because that was the only way he would be able to focus and learn. Believing that there had to be a better way, I started researching. I found many helpful sites. Because of my research I felt more convicted than ever that I WASN'T going to medicate my son! Based on my research, I decided to eliminate gluten and processed sugars from his diet AND put him on a regimen of Focus Formula, [Triple Complex] Brain Tonic, and BrightSpark. WOW! I can't tell you what a difference this has made. My son is focused and learning at lightening speed. What used to be tortuous for the two of us (doing school work, getting ready for bed, getting out the door, etc.), is actually enjoyable! My husband and I are so happy to have our son - the sweet, amazing boy we would only get glimpses of before is with us ALL of the time! Thank you, thank you, thank you for your wonderful products. They have changed our lives!”

- Jennifer B., IL, USA

“Recently my son who is 7 years old was diagnosed…when I heard this I was scared because of the medication he would have to take and I didn’t want to do it, so I did my own research and found this website. I can’t even explain how I feel about this product; it literally changed our lives. We saw the difference the first day he took it, and it made me cry. After I picked him up from school, the first thing he said was "mom, for the first time, the teacher didn’t call my name to say I’m doing something wrong". We have seen the improvement in his grades, too. He feels very good with himself because now he feels he can control himself. [Before], his mood was always changing and he was very unstable. I don’t have words to thank you, may God bless you and keep doing this wonderful product!”

- Alexandra, TX, USA

“My son was diagnosed... The pediatrician immediately prescribed medication as the only treatment option. I tried BrightSpark because another mom recommended it to me. Within 3 weeks of BrightSpark and behavior modification, I saw a huge difference in my son. He is a happier, calmer, more confident little boy. It definitely made a difference for our son.”

- Jill, Mom and Teacher

“We have had some amazing results from your products. My 11 year old step-son has struggled for years to find calmness and the ability to handle social situations. Your Focus Formula, MindSoothe Jr., and BrightSpark have made all the difference for him. He is happy, calm, concentrates in school, is able to control his twitches and is making friends. We have even started his sister on the MindSoothe Jr. to help her in school and have seen some great progress in just over two months. Thank you for providing a healthier alternative to parents that are concerned about some of the powerful medications doctors are recommending these days. I feel relieved to have found Native Remedies. I believe in them and have seen the results. My step-son takes less prescribed medication now and feels good about himself for the first time in his life. Thank you!”

- Deena, NH, USA

“First I must say I've spent days reading other people's testimonial before I decided to try BrightSpark and Focus Formula. I am telling mine because I know there will be mothers looking to help their child/children. BrightSpark REALLY WORKS. My son is six years old and every day until late September 2008 I received messages or notes about his behavior in school. Early September, his teacher said he may not make it to the second grade since he is not doing his work. Tonight, November 20, 2008, I saw his teacher who was happy to see me and was eager to say how impressed she is of his complete turnaround. She said ‘I knew he was a very smart boy, but was never focused’. She is amazed at his story telling and writing. She still sends notes but to say he was great today. BrightSpark and Focus really work. I can't stop crying over how happy I am. Please try it for your child; it works along with rest and veggies.”

- Ywenette, NY, USA

“Thank you all for your products. My son, age 4, started BrightSpark on October 21 and I could not believe my eyes. I saw a change in him within two days - he was calmer, chilled-out, and he can focus now at pre-school. Before my son went on the BrightSpark … he would repeat himself over and over, he interrupted all my conversations, he could not sit still at all, he had to have our attention at all times, he was very cruel to his dog, he would scream and yell to the top of his lungs, he could not concentrate at pre-school, he pushed and hit kids at school and, he started hitting me and his father. Giving my son a spanking, or putting him in time out did nothing for him. Thanks to BrightSpark and Serenite Jr. I now have my sweet little boy back. We now have so much fun as a family. Thanks again.”

- Amy D., USA

“In September 2008 my 3 year old daughter was diagnosed ...That day was the worst day in my life so I began a search for a solution and I came across Native Remedies. For unknown reasons, I felt relaxed and confident and with the help of your experts I got BrightSpark and Focus Formula. Within a few weeks, I noticed a dramatic change in my daughter and now from not being able to say any word to counting from 1-10 and the ABC’s. I am truly grateful for the experts from Native Remedies. The teacher now gives me remarkable notes on my daughter and is very happy with her. Through this painful journey, I want every mom to believe that their children are normal, healthy and clever. Never accept any scientific labels about your child, always go by your feelings. If your feeling says your child is perfect then the child is perfect. However, it is also important that we accept the help and experience of experts like Native Remedies. These products make the difference that every mom wishes to see in their child. My husband and I are really thankful and will always refer your site to all the people we know”

- Ghada, Ontario, Canada

“I have been having problems with my seven years old son not sitting in class, following instructions and lack of concentrations in class. He has been given suspension for not listening and playing rough. I never tried any medications with him but have tried so many techniques thinking it will work. I was so frustrated on this day he came back from school with another suspension within few days. I decided to do my research on the internet and Native Remedies website came up. I decided to order BrightSpark and Focus Formula. I am still waiting for the order, have read so many parents testimonies and appreciate the huge turn around in families. I strongly believe this product will make me and my family happy and my son is happy with himself. I will update you after using the products!”

- Nikky, Canada

“I purchased BrightSpark and Focus Formula for my 6yr old son after receiving a few "less than favourable" reports from his teacher concerning his behaviour and concentration. Within one week of him taking these products I received a letter from his teacher stating that my son's behaviour has been "Great" and that he is focused and on task with his schoolwork. I am so pleased with the positive changes in my child. Thank-you Native Remedies!!!”

- Nicole, Canada

“Cannot believe the complete turnaround my child has done ever since taking BrightSpark… he is no longer bouncing of the walls and ceiling like he was. It’s been a total turnaround at home and school. We plan on sticking with BrightSpark.”

- Ed, MI

“…I was absolutely speechless as I read your email, and I must say I shed a few tears. What an AWESOME company! Thank you SO much! Brightspark is an amazing product, and I never want to be without it again. I am definitely going to plan ahead this time so that we will never be without it. Thanks so much for caring about us. This is customer service at its best!”

- Laurie L. & my son, Canyon

“I started giving my son BrightSpark and Focus Formula last fall. He was having problems with focus, concentration, behavior and completing tasks. After 2 weeks on BrightSpark, there was a dramatic difference in all of the above. His teacher reported to me that he was more focused on his school work and more calm in class (I had not told her about the BrightSpark). My son is also a constant teeth grinder, and that subsided a lot. I am extremely pleased with and HIGHLY recommend BrightSpark. We ran out of the Bright Spark over the holidays; due to budget, I have not been able to reorder, and unfortunately ALL of the problems have started again. Hopefully we will be able to reorder soon!”

- Laurie, GA, USA

“My 10 yr. old has been using BrightSpark & Focus Formula [over] xmas break. She is in special ed. and we have been using [medication]. I went to school to pick her up as the school nurse called me to pick her up she was sick in school. I bumped into the class ph.d she said my 10 yr. old is doing very well and doing her work there is no problem for several weeks. I told her I was using BrightSpark & Focus Formula. She wanted the information to give to other parents.”

- Joann, NY, USA

“I am the mother of a really intelligent, creative, funny, and amazing little boy who is 6 and 1/2 years old. However since he turned 18months old, we have had our hands full. While he is wonderful and full of spirit, he is also very stubborn, headstrong, oppositional, and emotional. He argues with everyone to the point that I wonder if he'll make a career out of it. He always gave us trouble with the simplest of tasks. We always had to make sure he knew way ahead of time that he would be transitioning from one thing to the next. He is constantly in motion, yet he is listening and paying attention to everything we say. He never makes the "right" choice, always opting for the "Fun now, consequences later" option. Needless to say, when he started Kindergarten I was so disappointed that the behaviors we were seeing at home were also coming out at school. His teacher said she had never seen anything like him. She thought he might have [attention disorder], but I have been a teacher for a while as well and didn't think it fit. I didn't want to medicate him just because we were all having a horrible time trying to straighten him out. I waited until he started 1st grade and then we began getting some professional help. We took him to his pediatrician... and we made numerous changes to his diet, and that seemed to help a bit. Then we started taking him to a psychologist who suggested that he has sensory issues as well as high anxiety. She recommended we try a natural remedy to help calm him instead of trying to medicate. I researched and BrightSpark seemed to nail my son's symptoms. We started it on a Saturday morning at about 3AM and literally, by the next day we could tell a difference. He still has his moments and he still gets wild, but the incidents are not as intense and they are far less frequent. He has been able to make the right choices most of the time. He doesn't have as much trouble doing simple daily tasks like getting ready for school or bed. He has not been as argumentative and he is in much better moods lately. Hardly any angry outbursts! We are only about 2 weeks into taking it, but I cannot say how wonderful this has been for all of us. He feels better, we are not pulling our hair out and his teachers have noticed a difference as well. Has this solved our problems? Not entirely, but I can tell you, now that we are taking BrightSpark, I think all of the other things we are going to do for him such as therapy will have a much better chance of success because Brightspark has taken the edge off of whatever is going on with our little boy. One side note: We have been very regimented about giving it to him. I have read that you need to stick to the schedule and not skip doses. We give it on an empty stomach as suggested, once when he wakes up, once a few hours after lunch, and once right before bedtime. Also, it says that mint flavored candy can interact with it. I think it's true. He ate some blue tic tacs one day and the next day he was like his old self and had a rough day. The tic tacs went away, the new and improved son came back. Go figure.”

- Mandi, AL, USA

“Well I am probably the biggest skeptic on earth. I couldn't wait to give a testimony. I have an 11 yr old 6th grade son who was diagnosed… in pre-k but he didn’t start on [medications] until all day kindergarten at 5 yrs old. He was on the medication until November 2010, (6 yrs) when we found Native Remedies. I wanted so very badly to get my child off of those drugs!!!! I tried to just stop; he had all types of side effects… I recognize that he did need something to get him through the day. I am pleased to say that your product has helped him significantly and more importantly I was successfully able to rid him of those prescriptions forever!! He's able to do his work and stay focused most of the time. He still has some issues around his attention but I also believe this has everything to do with a boy reaching his pre-teen stage. I just wanted to thank you for helping me make a healthy choice for my child! He has since gained 3 lbs, sleeps at a decent hour and complains no more of itchy rashes and stomach cramps!”

- Candace, MN, USA

“My 8 year old son has been having attention difficulties and super impulse issues since preschool. I didn't want to hear that he could have [a condition]. Every parent who had boys would all say "he's a boy, that's the way they are." So I held off getting him tested. Well, now that's he's in second grade, his behavior at school was getting out of control. He had 2 in school suspensions in a weeks’ time for hurting kids deliberately. Other times, he was hitting kids because they would say something that upset him so he would retaliate. He was getting warnings on the bus as well. His teacher even tried different techniques to try and curb the behavior. He wouldn't sit still at all, constantly was getting up out of his seat and disrupting the class. His schoolwork was suffering because of it. My husband and I even started discussing whether to homeschool him because he was way below grade level in reading, math and spelling. His attention difficulties were preventing him from concentrating on his school work. I had to do something. His teacher started a reward system with him and i told him if he could stay on green for at least 4 days out of the week, I'd buy him a matchbox. He loves cars so I figured it would only cost me a dollar a week if it worked. But he was still having problems at school no matter what the reward. I started reading articles…and realized that he had all the symptoms. I was encouraged to read that many successful people past and present had [attention issues] so it gave me hope. When I called the …clinic they said they didn't have any appts. for 5 months. I didn't have 5 months. He was on the verge of getting kicked out of school. I talked to his Dr. and she said I needed to call a psychiatrist to get him on medication. I read all about different medications prescribed to children … and I really didn't like what I read. I was very leery and concerned but everyone kept telling me I had no choice, he needs to be on something. Then, I stumbled across Brightspark and started reading all the reviews about it. I talked to my husband and decided to try it. My son's class does a color system. Blue for an exceptional day (I'm not sure the exact words they use), green for great, yellow for a warning and red for extreme behavior or having to be sent to the office. Before I started him on BrightSpark and the Focus Formula, he was on yellow or red every day and pretty much being sent to the office every day. Since I started him on BrightSpark and the Focus Formula which was about 4 weeks ago, the very first day I gave it to him, he stayed on green and since then has stayed on green. After about a week on it he has stayed on green just about every day. He even went on blue one day! So that right there tells me that this stuff REALLY works! He has earned 3 cars so far! He's much happier at school now as well. Before he kept saying he hated school and didn't want to go. BrightSpark changed my child's life and gave me relief that I didn't have to put him on potentially harmful prescription drugs. Thank you!!”

- Cara, MA, USA

“Our daughter was diagnosed …this summer and I didn't want to use drugs with harsh side effects and personality altering effects. After trying scheduling and positive reinforcement and diet changes, we finally found BrightSpark. We started on Sunday. Today, Tuesday, our daughter’s teacher said how well she has been doing these last two days and that even OTHER teachers have noticed the change! I have noticed that I am not walking on eggshells waiting for the next tantrum or worried that she would break down with a change in our schedule. Thanks so much.”

- Jocelyn J., USA

“I am so thankful I found this product! We started our 6-year old son on this a week before Thanksgiving 2010. He had been having behavior issues at school with not keeping his hands to himself, constantly moving his body, and blurting out. Last Friday, (12/10) we received an email from his teacher saying "John has had a great week!" There were no behavior problems. He is calmer, and we even notice he is more affectionate at home. It took about 3 weeks to see these results. Not every issue has changed (he is a 6-year old boy, after all!), but major improvement. I recommend this product. I decided to buy it after reading the testimonials. Thank You.”

- Jill C., IA, USA

“I just wanted to say, we started our son on Tic Tamer and BrightSpark about three or four weeks ago. I cannot believe the difference!! His tics, which would strike at night and make him and us miserable, are virtually GONE!!! His teacher says he seems more calm and focused in school, and we are definitely happier at home. Thank you so much for making such great products!”

- Beth W.

Michele “I developed BrightSpark as a homeopathic remedy to assist me in the treatment of children in my clinical practice. This remedy has been very effective in helping impulsive, restless children who have difficulties with concentration and appropriate classroom behavior. Many of these children went from being the classroom clown to willingly settling down to complete tasks, while still retaining brightness and creativity – to the great relief of parents and teachers alike!” — Michele Carelse, Clinical Psychologist

“Recently I have been getting complaints from my son’s teacher that she has noticed that he has not been focused, on task, completing assignments timely, etc…. Deep down inside I knew she wasn’t lying because it would take him several hours in the evening to complete homework assignments. The least little thing would distract him. It was like we were working in shifts to help him with his homework. I would start helping immediately once we get home, when my husband got home he would immediately start helping because by this time I was screaming and upset with my child. We would complete homework most nights around 8:00 or 8:30 however, he has been an A… B student (has not gotten a C on his report card) which a C isn’t bad but, I am just saying he is intelligent and we know he can do the work. I was getting fed up and trying to nail down the problem, we (his teacher and I) both thought maybe its Spring Fever or he is growing up and developing his own identity. On Sunday evening I began to do some research online and I googled something for concentration for kids or something like that… well anyway… a site came up about "BrightSpark" which is a natural and safe product. I continued to read for hours then decided to order a bottle of the Focus Formula for concentration and attention, I felt this is what he needed (didn’t know if it would work or not but heck I would give it a try). At the time I didn’t think he needed the Bright Spark because it was mainly for kids… [attention] and behavior problems. When reading the testimonials of other parents they used both BrightSpark and Focus Formula. Some parents experienced immediate results and some said it took a few days or a few weeks with great results. On Tuesday, I got an e-mail from the teacher stating that my child hadn’t turned in 2 assignments that was due and he was given class time to complete. I was in an outrage and went over to the school and found his class on the playground but my child was on the side completing his assignment (which I was ok with that but it really didn’t set well with me. I had a talk with him on the playground to let him know that he had to straighten up and complete his work timely etc…). When I left the school I went home to see if the package had arrived because I was going to go back to school and give it to him. Wednesday evening I was at the hair salon and called home and asked my husband if anything arrived in the mail today and he said "Yes". I instructed him how to administer the Focus Formula to our child because I really wanted to start him on this to see if it would work. When he gave the Focus Formula to him he said that he seen immediate results. When he told him to get ready for bed and take his shower it wasn’t back and forth "GO TAKE YOUR SHOWER" however it was said ONCE and it was DONE. I am thinking "Yeah Right". The next morning I gave it to him before he went to school (only drops that goes in his juice and it is one drop per the child’s age) Anyway, I went over to the school around 11:20 yesterday and peeped through the window of his classroom he was steadily working which appeared to me he was focused but was not for sure. I had lunch with him and his teacher came over and we were talking and I asked "So how is he doing today?" She said "He is following directions, focused, keeping up and is on task"! (I did not mention to her about the products) later that evening when I got back to work around 2:00pm I e-mailed his teacher reiterated what she told me at lunch and was just wanting to see if he was continuing to be on task and she said "He is a lot better today and whatever you have told him is definitely working"! We got home about 4:45 so we got started with homework by 5:00, consisting of a math work sheet (front & Back), spelling quiz of 25 words (he actually wrote the words down as I was calling them out. He was so quick in writing the words down he was WAITING on me to call out the next word), we did extra math of 2 pages (in preparation of EOG) and a Math assignment on the computer of about 30 question. My child had completed this work with very few errors or with any errors at all…. outside playing by 6:00 or 6:15. I am So so so amazed… I wanted to share this with you, I am not one to do the testimonials online, but in this case I am going to write one. I know it’s lengthy but I just had to share!!! I was so happy yesterday and my husband was too!!! I will update you with results …”

- Hun, NY, USA

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