BrightSpark Testimonials

Natural remedy to calm hyperactivity and reduce attention problems in hyperactive children.

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“[I’m] not really able to put into words the AMAZING results I have seen in my son! He made the honor roll and received citizenship all year this year for the first time. He has been on…Triple Complex Brain Tonic for almost seven months. [It] absolutely works and tastes good too! He is also taking…BrightSpark with it and [it] works…. [I] would allow two or three weeks before expecting results, but you will see them! :-)” - Tessy, NH, USA
“I started two of my four boys on Focus Formula and BrightSpark and PureCalm 8 weeks ago. I have noticed it has helped, though it was not enough for my 11-year-old, who has hyperactivity, impulsiveness and [concentration issues]…. My 6-year-old has been doing better as well on BrightSpark, PureCalm and Focus [Formula]. It helps him while he is attending his kindergarten class. Thank you Native Remedies! I just reordered today.” - A. Smith, VA, USA
“I did not expect this product to make an impact. But, due to desperation, I tried it. My son is 5 years old…. So, desperate for help, I researched some natural remedies. I decided to try BrightSpark and Focus Formula. The first two days, I commented to my husband that I thought I might have purchased ‘sugar pills and water!’ Then the third day was AMAZING…. It's been about three weeks and my son is still doing well.  This product has done wonders for my son and my family life. Thank you for creating such wonderful products!!!” - Corita, MD, USA
“Well, I ordered BrightSpark for my son several months ago, and we noticed a drastic improvement right away. We ran out recently, and his conduct at school has gone from a B to an F. Lesson learned. We won't run out again.” - Jamie, USA
“I…have to say that I am totally impressed with BrightSpark's ability to calm my 7-year-old son down. I noticed an extreme difference in his hyperactivity the day he started taking it. He has only been taking it for about a week, and we are happy with the results so far. [We’re] so happy…that I am buying Focus Formula to go along with it!!” - Michelle, GA, USA
We began giving our 8-year-old son BrightSpark and Focus Formula… We are pleased that he has had no side effects from either of these products. We have seen marked improvement at home with his behavior and with his ability to be more focused. His teachers have also noticed improvement at school. We would highly recommend using this product…” - Kristen, USA
BrightSpark has really helped my daughter. My youngest is a smart, witty, funny, outgoing little girl who tends to get a little rambunctious at times. I didn't think a lot of it until it started to affect her school work. She was always coming home with notes from the teacher about how she wasn't listening and couldn't keep her attention on her work. By the end of the year her teacher suggested we hold her back to repeat kindergarten. She also suggested I take my daughter to the doctor to get tested …and get her on medication. I was really hesitant about doing that after hearing stories from other mothers about their children being put on drugs …and it changing who their child was. Making them seem lethargic and drugged. My daughter can be a handful, but I love her playful spirit and would never want to break it. After looking for an alternative, my husband and I found BrightSpark. I can't tell you how well it's worked!! I started giving it to her at the beginning of the summer and saw a calmness in her immediately! I was amazed! If I had any doubts about it being BrightSpark that was working for her, those were washed away. As summer went by and we started vacationing, I got out of the routine of giving it to her. I could see her going back to her unsettled ways as before and began giving it to her again. Again, it was within only a day that I started seeing her calm and focused once more. I have no doubts she will do excellent in school this year and look forward to it! Thank you Native Remedies! I can't tell you how much you have helped a worried mother. I'm so happy with how it has worked, I am looking to try some of the other products as well. ” - Heather W., TX, USA
We chose a more natural approach [for our son] with BrightSpark, Focus Formula and MindSoothe Jr…. Within 24 hours of giving him your products, we saw a huge difference. Christopher was calmer, less irritable after returning home from school the following day, and even willing to help with his younger sibling. That is a miracle! We are happy to have our wonderful son back and are very pleased with your products….” - Kristen M., OH, USA
I asked my 6 [year-old] son how he feels on [the] BrightSpark/Focus Formula products…he's been on for 2 weeks. This was what he said: ‘I feel my life has changed, I am a different guy, I feel calmer.’ He also went on to talk about how much easier falling asleep is and how much easier it is concentrating... He was so sincere when he said it! I had to pass that testimonial along to you! Thank you!” - Josie J., Canada
…I love your product and have purchased it to use with my son. He was fidgeting in school and edgy. I purchased BrightSpark. When I tell you I am a walking commercial, I am!! It works; I was sharing the information with other parents that do not want their children on the harsh medications that are prescribed. This would be a great opportunity to get the word out there. And a Godsend for other parents that feel as I do…” - Yolanda L., MI, USA
[BrightSpark] has been an answered prayer for our four year old daughter, and our family. We can all see a positive change in her. She is not so hyper, and her moods are not so extreme. Fits are milder, and farther between. Thank you! The results have been better than I ever thought possible!” - Betsy, TX, USA
Since Cole has started on his Focus Formula and BrightSpark…I have seen a difference in his daily actions it has been great. His teacher even said he is more focused on her at school and not on everyone else. He even picked up his dirty clothes and put them away all by himself, He has never done that. Go Cole go.” - Lori H.
When I purchased BrightSpark, I was very skeptical that it would really work. I was desperate to turn my child’s lack of concentration and negative attitude toward school around, and so I purchased BrightSpark and Focus Formula, never imagining it would actually work, never mind so fast, and so well! My son gets in the car after school now singing about how much he loves school and his teacher, a complete turnaround in just a few weeks! His teacher is amazed at the change in him. I am completely satisfied with these products, and don't know what I would have done if they hadn't worked! - Denise, CA, USA
...Having worried over my son's behavior, as he is about to enroll into Pre-K this coming July at the age of 4, he is very hyper, impulsive and bad temper. He also always laughs and cries most of the time. Things just got worse and made us irritated, he finally got punishment. He could not even sit still to eat on the table and keep running about. After coming across your website I let him have the BrightSpark with Focus Formula. Besides that, we also controlled him on food intake, gave him fish oil … He has been taking for 1 week and your products worked on him… He is changing a lot at home, he can eat by himself, no more crying about and he even can sing the whole song till end … he is back to our loving and humorous little boy…We can't thank you enough..what we can do is to recommend your products to other people. Great products!!! Thanks again! - Jusman M., Indonesia
“Our 6-year-old son suffers from hyperactivity, behavioral problems and general focusing problems. Ever since he was born, he was hyperactive and never sat still and constantly buts in when someone else is talking. He was really struggling in his first year at school….

“I did some research and found Native Remedies. I ordered BrightSpark and have been amazed at the results. I was very skeptical at first. But, within one week, he had calmed down.

“He is also taking Focus Formula and Triple Complex Brain Tonic.

“He can actually concentrate at school now and no longer spends all day [being] hyperactive. He doesn't twitch his legs all the time like he used to, and he can sit still and watch a movie or pay attention at class assemblies without having to be removed from the other children.

“He is participating in school group activities as well and likes going to school each day now.

“I recommend Native Remedies to everyone I know and would advise everyone to give them a go. Thank you!” - Aliesha E., Australia

OMG! These two formulas, BrightSpark and Focus Formula, have been a life saver for my seven-year-old. He was struggling in school and feeling like he was ‘dumb.’ Within two weeks, his attention span and ability to focus and sit still…improved greatly. Thank you, Native Remedies, for making my child a success! - Adele B., USA
My husband and I just moved our family across the country. The kids started a new school, and we were really excited for them. Our 10-year-old is in 5th grade, and he has had good and bad days. He is very bright, but it wasn't showing through in his work. We went to the parent-teacher conference just to see how the adjustment was from the move, as it had only been two weeks. His teacher said he really couldn't concentrate and would just stare at the work, no matter if it was math, spelling, or anything. We were doing four hours of homework a night with him and had to be right by him to get it done. I looked up BrightSpark and thought, “why not?” ...Our son has reactions to red dye and other foods, and is one of those children where allergy meds make him hyper. I know what a doctor would say, but I just couldn't medicate him. We wanted him to be able to concentrate, not take his personality away. I just thought I would be doing homework with him forever. He has been taking the BrightSpark now for three weeks. His teacher sent a note home in his assignment book yesterday saying that said he was doing great and his work was getting done. This is the first time she has written a note to us. On his last social studies test, he even got an A! His homework has been cut to maybe an hour, if he has any at all! I believe it is this product, since we didn't change anything else... I am looking for more progress, but am very happy with the results. - Stacy D., NE, USA
It worked immediately! It has helped my child with school as far as sitting for longer periods without getting frustrated. The teacher has even commented on the difference and has been giving us much better reports. It is amazing.  I would rather use natural remedies than…chemicals. - Dee, NY, USA
Ever since my son started pre-K at age four, we have had issues with his behavior. It wasn't that he was a “bad” kid, but he had trouble standing still in line, keeping his hands to himself, staying quiet in class, and the like. After starting the first grade at a new school (that had a much more stringent disciplinary policy), he was constantly in trouble for these outbursts, and was bringing home bad reports each day. It progressed from bad reports to going to the principal's office daily, sometimes even twice in one day. Each afternoon around the time he should be getting home from school, I would have knots in my stomach, wondering how bad a day it had been for him. My husband and I were arguing over what to do about his behavior. It got to the point where it seemed as if we had become a house full of maniacs who just yelled and screamed all the time! We were at our wits end, and were ready to contact his doctor about putting him on prescription meds-- but I was very scared of doing so. One day I went online to research what natural herbs/remedies …and I found your site. I will admit I was very skeptical at first, but WOW!!! The first day he took the BrightSpark and Focus Formula, he came home with an “Excellent” behavior report. He has been taking the BrightSpark and Focus Formula combined for about two weeks now, and every day he has gotten an “E” on his report. He is much calmer, happier, and easier to get along with. Best of all, no one in my house screams anymore! I no longer worry about him at school, and we now have peace at home. BrightSpark and Focus have been like a miracle for us! Thank you so much! - Aimee J., GA, USA
I want to take this time to thank Native Remedies for changing our lives. My husband and I were at the end of our rope with our son's behavior. He was always very “high strung” and very impulsive in his behaviors. Last year when he started preschool at the age of three, we were called almost every week with a report about his aggressive behavior towards the other children. His behaviors were also extended to my husband and I at times. Although he was consistently impulsive and aggressive, he was and is a sweet little boy. When he entered Pre-K this year, the same behaviors continued. The second week of school, I had to meet with the teacher for a parent-teacher conference. After having learned about your products on your Web site and reading the numerous positive testimonials, I decided on a leap of faith to purchase the BrightSpark and Focus Formula for our son. Needless to say, within a week, we began to notice a difference in him...[He] was able to refrain from hitting others. His teacher confirmed this two weeks later, indicating that his behavior was no longer an issue. In addition to the BrightSpark and Focus Formula, I also ordered the MindSoothe Jr., the Calm Tonic, and the Detox Drops. He has now been on a combination of the above products, and let me just say, we have a completely different little boy! He is forming wonderful relationships with his peers in school, and is a true pleasure to be around! I thank God for your products!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!! Your faithful customer for a lifetime... - Simone J., FL, USA
...I found Native Remedies and spoke to my son about trying BrightSpark and Focus Formula. ...We tried the products and didn't tell the school. After only three days, they wanted to know what we'd done. My son is now happy, more independent, and less sensitive. He completes his homework on his own 90% of the time, without being asked or told. There is no more yelling in my house! Thank you for an excellent product. No side effects other than a happy child whose marks are improving! That we all can live with :) Thanks again and again. - Janice D., Canada
I was searching on your site a few weeks ago, and came across BrightSpark and Focus Formula. I went further to read what parents had to say. I have a 13-year-son and an eight-year-old daughter .. I have always searched for alternative treatments, but nothing ever caught my interest like your site. I've tried the diet thing,.. However, we've had the most difficultly with our daughter. ... I mentioned to the doctor that we would like to try an alternative treatment ... I did my homework for her (printing off ingredients, and comparing to two other .. she asked us to consider). ... Our doctor was actually open-minded with what we wanted. I ordered your products right away. My daughter is on her second week of these products, and doing quite well... She is a very smart girl with a great sense of humor. I see a great future with these products. Thank you! - Kristi S., CA, USA
... I have had these [problems] for most of my adult life. Since being on Focus Formula and BrightSpark [I have seen an improvement]... The thing that impresses me most about your Web site is how you break down symptoms by disorder. This was very helpful... I sincerely thank you. - Phill, NY, USA
My daughter is almost seven and about to enter the second grade. She has always done well in school (learned to read when she was three), but she has always had a hard time listening and focusing. Our pediatrician never used the phrase “ADD” with me (probably because she knew I would resist medicating her)... Unable to focus, with too many thoughts rattling around in her head, unable to sit still - forget it! I wanted to help her, but was afraid of taking away her big thoughts and her boundless enthusiasm. I figured that BrightSpark was worth a try, but had no expectations for the outcome. After only three weeks, I have noticed remarkable improvement. When I look in her eyes she is THERE - it used to be so frustrating when she'd be nodding her head and mouthing the words I wanted to hear, but her mind was somewhere else, you know? Anyway, thank you! My daughter is still as energetic, stubborn, brilliant, adventurous, compassionate, and joyful as ever... Now when she doesn't listen, there can be consequences! - Jean, MI, USA
I just want to let everyone know that this product has changed my son's life, and mine! ...I lost my son....he was tired, he cut himself, he would not listen, he was angry, and was always getting in some kind of trouble at school. I knew that that this wasn't my son, and that the doctors were making him worse. I tried other natural products from the stores, but they didn't work enough for me to tell a difference. Frustrated and sad, I stayed up one night for hours. I stumbled across your site, and decided to give it a try. I can tell you that it took only a week to see my son coming back to me, and a month to see the real person inside of him. He has been on BrightSpark for a few months now. He is happy, he smiles, he listens, he talks to me, and he is doing so well in school-- the teachers wanted to know what I did!!!!!!! I'm so happy with BrightSpark... I wish everyone knew about this product!!! ... I see a... happy boy now!!!!!!!!! Thank you. - Tammy S., USA
[My son’s] teacher emailed me to say he's doing much better in his studies. I didn't tell her that I put him on the BrightSpark. I wanted to see if any changes would be noticed without the power of suggestion first. Thank you! - Joanna, FL, USA
I just want to extend a heartfelt thank you to Native Remedies. Let me first start by saying that, never having a brother, I thought that our son's behavior was that of a “typical boy”. We have a boy now 4 1/2 and a daughter 3 1/2. What really sparked us to start looking at … the differences in behavior towards activities such as coloring and making puzzles, detailed oriented vs. short spurts of attention… The idea of giving our growing child a pharmaceutical drug was just not an option for us, so Native Remedies was “truly a blessing”. We started our son on BrightSpark and Focus Formula, and within 7 - 10 days there was such a difference in our son: he was able to sit through an entire family meal (huge for us), his appetite improved, his sleep improved (he was always restless), and he was able to verbalize an emotion pertaining towards a song (I cried - he had never done this in the past). We have since made changes in food choices, scheduling of daily routines, and now include MindSoothe Jr, which has helped us all out. I now see our son take the time to think about what he wants to express, and that makes my heart sing. Thank you all so much. - Renee J., USA
I just want to say that I am very happy with these products [for my 8 year old son]… I have received complaints from teachers about him not being able to stay focused and on task. He was evaluated and diagnosed… I tried him for a month with drugs, and yes it worked, the teacher was happy, but my son wasn't and his health was at risk. My son looked like a zombie every time I picked him up from school, my son was drugged, I felt terrible… Then I learned about Native Remedies and started him on BrightSpark and Focus Formula; he has been doing so well at school. Within a week of taking the remedies my son improved at school, and by week 2, I began getting good complements from his teacher. It really works and there is no harm to my son’s health; he actually likes it. Thank you so much for your wonderful products. - Liz, CA, USA
We have a 7 year old son, who struggles in school. Our son is impulsive, hyper, and has a hard time staying on task. He doesn't seem to remember family discussions we've had to help him resolve his behavioral problems in school. He is frustrated with school and himself at times due to his impulsive behavior. It breaks our heart to see him like this. We put him on a diet to eliminate the preservatives, artificial colors or flavors. The diet helped but it was not enough. He needed more. One day on the radio, we heard about Natural Remedies and ordered the catalog. We did our own research on the ingredients and consulted with our pediatrician before trying. We ordered the BrightSpark and Focus Formula; after a few weeks we saw improvements. He was able to follow through when given directions, stay in his seat at school more, able to focus, and be less impulsive. Now our son's shoulders are back and his head is up. He no longer feels like a dumb kid who can't seem to do anything right. Thank you very much! - Rory Y., USA
My 7 year old son has temper tantrums and outbursts at home, which we have blamed it on just being spoiled. This year at school (1st grade) his teacher has reported that he has had much difficulty with focusing and staying on task. …I found BrightSpark and after reading the other testimonials and decided to give it a try. Within a few days we saw significant improvements in his behavior and after a week... NO TANTRUMS!! We continued for two weeks then decided to try a week without. Within a few days he was out of control once again. We have been back on BrightSpark for 2 weeks and my sweet little boy is a joy to be around. His teacher has reported that he seems to be staying on task at school as well. I am so thankful for BrightSpark. Peace has been restored in my home. - Rana H., GA, USA
I am an adult, a skeptic by nature, and a professional whose career was suffering from my inability to stay focused. I also became irritable with coworkers, interrupted others mid-sentence, and could not track tasks in an organized fashion. A year ago, I got a negative review from coworkers and it prompted me to seek out alternative solutions, scientifically proven or not. I tried BrightSpark. The 'noise' and restlessness that held me back are now absent, but otherwise I feel just like the me I have always been... I have the confidence now to make commitments because I know I can rely on myself to meet them where before I knew I might not. Your product is really impressive. Thanks! - Jennifer, CA, USA
I am so thankful for Native Remedies and their wonderful array of products.  My son is twelve years old and we have been using these products for the past two years with terrific results. They have helped him immensely with his concentration, focusing and being calmer, without any problems or side effects. I would highly recommend these products and the company to anyone, which I have done many times. We would be lost without them! - Rosalie, NY, USA
I tried the BrightSpark and Focus Formula as a last resort for my 4-yr-old son when he was about to be removed from his pre-school if his behavior didn't improve. I absolutely could not believe the difference in behavior and impulse control after he began these supplements. Within a week he was like a different child! The difference was dramatic. I was shocked when the school recently told me my son was one of the best kids in the class! Outbursts and problems are rare now and quality of life has improved for the whole family. I couldn't be more thankful for these products. - Leia, OH, USA
God bless you and keep your website safe. My grandson who is 11 will be 12 on April 27, 2008. His mother was at her wit ends because the teachers complained every day about his behavior. He was even transferred to another school. Everyone disliked him (sad to say). The school placed him in the class for slow and crazy kids. I knew that God would help. I prayed on this and one day as I was scanning through the computer I came across Native Remedies. Never heard of this site before. His school had just had him evaluated and I decided to send the results to you. You then instructed me to purchase BrightSpark, Brain Tonic and Focus Formula. My grandson is a WONDERFUL and OBEDIENT child. He listens and his outlook on going to the next grade is exciting. We have even sent him to CAMP; he has left today --Something that we could not dare to think do before. I TELL EVERYONE OF YOUR WEBSITE. THANK YOU THANK YOU. - Neila, NY, USA
Thank you BrightSpark! Our story is like many posted here. I remember snickering when our son’s preschool teacher told me he couldn’t sit still at circle time. "He’s only two!" I thought to myself. When the same problem exists six years later, you feel desperate. Now eight, he was suffering academically, but my heart was truly burdened with his social struggles. He simply bothered other kids. I had one little classmate come to me and say "He gets weirder and weirder every year." We are now halfway through our second bottle of BrightSpark and his school life has turned around. His class work has improved and he finishes his homework in a fraction of the time it used to take. He can actually sit still. He talks about his day and is more thoughtful in general. I ran into the school librarian and she said how much she has enjoyed our son lately. This is a child that was often sent home with no library book at all because of his disruptive behavior. His teachers have seen a big difference too. He has a few close buddies at school now, and they play together every day. But of all the wonderful things I could say about this product his words likely say it best, "everything is good Mom. - Lynn, FL, USA
As a skeptic, I wasn't sure if this would help my 6-year-old old nephew, but I certainly didn't want to see him put on meds as recommended by the doctor... After being on these two products for only 3 weeks now, there is a marked improvement in his behavior, and his school work. Like all the other testimonials, the news first came by way of a phone call from his teacher who was amazed at this surprising change in him. He has just received his first achievement award for math and spelling, his handwriting has improved tremendously, and because he has received “smiley faces” for his good behavior each day for the past 2 weeks, (he previously never got through a whole day without incident) the teacher is taking him to lunch as a reward. This is working so well that the school principal wanted to know what it is so he can recommend it to other parents. Thank you Native Remedies for finding a way to address this problem naturally, without the use of potentially harmful meds! Little Dave's parents are so impressed that they have asked me to find other natural products to address their own issues - I have just ordered Triple Complex Calm Tonic for his mother, Focus ADDult for his father, and MindSoothe for them both. Thanks again!! - Meryl S., PA, USA
My 7 yr old son who is in 2nd grade has always had issues in school; not focusing, not grasping concepts, easily distracted, etc. At parent-teacher conferences we heard what a good boy he is but... he has all the above issues. We tried tutors and yes they did help, but still the teachers, social workers, school psychologists felt maybe there was something else. With all the testing they did they came to the conclusion that “maybe” he had a learning [problem]. Well, I am not one for jumping on the medication wagon so I got on the internet and found Native Remedies. My son has been on BrightSpark for approx. 2 months and his report card has gone from N (needs improvement) to E (excellent) & S (satisfactory). His reading expectations have exceeded the goals his teacher set for him.I know this works because we took him off of BrightSpark for about 3-4 days to make sure we were not imagining it, and we could tell the difference. He was not focusing when he was reading and making up words, more emotional, etc. I am now going to start him on Focus Formula along with BrightSpark because I am so confident in the products and I want to give my son the chance to be the best that he can be. So THANK YOU Native Remedies for giving our children the chance to succeed!!!!! - Deb H., IL, USA
My 5 year old son was diagnosed …I had done a lot of research on natural ways to help him without medicating him. I came across your website and have had him on the BrightSpark along with the Focus Formula. We have also done a lot of diet control, natural vitamins … I can't tell you the how much your products have helped him… He is doing much better in school… he is back to our loving, caring, humorous little boy. We were dealing with hitting, kicking, spitting, talking back and very hyper before. He has changed so much and I can't tell you how happy we are along with the rest of his family. …We can't thank you enough. I can't figure out why the doctors don't recommend these types of products for people. It is so much safer that putting them on other medications. Thanks again! - Lori, NY, USA
My 4-year-old son was having a hard time in preschool. He would get very aggressive with both students and teachers, and even with us. He had this explosive, impulsive behavior that was just too much. Although the school tried their best, they just couldn't get him under control. In the end he was asked to leave. We tried seeing several different child psychiatrists looking for an answer and all came up with the same conclusion… he needs medication. There was no way …I just felt that there had to be another option. I did a search on the web and the very first site that I went to was here. I read all the testimonials and started to feel that there were others like us who were going through the very same thing. All I wanted was my little boy back. I decided to buy the Focus Formula and BrightSpark combo. I have to admit that I was skeptical at first, but I ended up buying another bottle of BrightSpark just to make sure what I was seeing was real. My sweet little boy was back! I made the mistake of running out of BrightSpark for a couple of weeks and I can't tell you the difference it made. His behavior totally changed. His aggressiveness came back and he was getting into fights at school. I quickly bought 3 more bottles and will never make the mistake again! I'm a true believer in this product. It's never easy buying something off the web and trusting it enough to give to your child but this stuff really works. Prescription meds aren't always necessary. After 3 months my son is all the happier and so are we. Thank you for such a wonderful product! - W.R., NJ, USA
“My six year old daughter has become a real success story. In two years she has come from not talking, no attention span, unable to focus, remember or learn, major behavior issues that caused to us alter our lifestyle choices and full-time student in an EC class to a regular student in a large classroom and is functioning like a typical 6 year old. I promote the Native Remedies products everywhere I go because I know they are safe and they work. My daughter takes Focus Formula, BrightSpark, MindSoothe, and K-Ok Kiddie Calmer as needed. The combination has really made a huge difference in my child and when we run out of one, we can tell. I'm very pleased with these products.” - Jinny, NC, USA
“I only have one word for these products WOW! I have had my son on BrightSpark and Focus Formula for about 2 1/2 weeks and my only regret is that we did not find these products sooner. My son’s problems started at about age 2 or 3. First with aggression and impulsive behavior and now into lack of concentration and the ability to stay focused. We somehow managed to get through kindergarten. Thank goodness it was only 1/2 day. Many days there would be knots in my stomach about how he would do in school that day. I tried many, many things such as adding omega 3's and DHA to his diet, eliminating food dyes and other harmful chemicals and trying other natural herbs and potions. All [of which had] no improvement in his behavior and concentration skills. I knew I had to find something when I got a phone call from his 1st grade teacher on the 5th day of school. I was in tears, what was I going to do? …So this was basically my last resort. For the past two weeks my son has not gotten any behavior reports sent home and I know you do not know my son, but my son is your son or daughter or you would not be reading this right now. His teacher has complemented his improvement in writing by saying how much he has improved and how much better he is doing. This product is truly amazing. I have to pinch myself each day when I pick him up and see how he did in school that day. I keep telling myself not to get to excited what if it is not the BrightSpark and Focus but it has to be, it is the only thing we are doing different. Do not let the doctors and teachers intimidate you… It is your child and I emphasize child. If you are desperate and at the end of your rope like I was then you have been truly blessed to find this website and these products. Alternative medicine is becoming more and more accepted. Do not let what someone else thinks about alternative medicine be the future of your child. Decide for yourself... it will more than likely help more than you can ever imagine. Thank you Native Remedies you are truly Godsent!” - Amy S., IN, USA
“Once again BrightSpark has made a world of difference in my child’s life and ours! I continuously thank God for BrightSpark!” - Jamie A., TX, USA
“Thanks so much!   Your products have allowed our son [to learn] at a great rate!  We will be a customer for life!” - Teresa B., FL, USA
“My son was having attention problems… My husband and I put him on BrightSpark and he has been a different kid. He has been so happy and is able to concentrate. Others have noticed the change in him as well. I am very pleased.” - Stacey, SC, USA
“My son is 9 years old and has always struggled in school. The doctors started to mention [attention problems] and I knew I did not want him on medication. I found your website and read about BrightSpark and decided to try it. In less than a week on the product he went from F's to A's and B's. His behavior has shown marked improvement. I will be ordering more products in the future! Bless You!!!” - Linda A., NY, USA
“Thank you so much for your help. If not for your products my daughter would still be struggling with school. Now she is doing much, much better! I recommend BrightSpark and Focus Formula to anyone, especially those who have been prescribed other traditional medications. There are no side effects and they worked very fast. In just a few days I could see the difference, as could the rest of the family. What an improvement!” - Leya, MN, USA
“I would highly recommend this product to anyone!!! My now 7 year old has been on BrightSpark for about a week now and already seen great improvement with his attention levels and reduced hyperactivity. My "lil" boy is finally able to be a "lil" loving gentleman. Thanks so much for a great product; we will be repeat customers.” - Amanda A., AR, USA
“Hi, I just wanted to say I started my six- year old daughter on BrightSpark in January 2008 when she was 5; and her teacher and I noticed within two days a wonderful change. She was finally able to participate in class with all the other children and was getting good marks. She’s like a perfect child. Her teacher even said thank you to us for allowing her to teach her. She's a wonderfully bright child. So now I'm telling you thank you for helping me raise a productive child. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” - Holliena F., WY, USA
“I took my son off all of his other medications for attention issues. It has been a week and I already notice a big difference. His dad and I have separated since he has started taking [BrightSpark] and before he would have walked around whining and crying and is now a totally different child. Today his teacher called me and stated that this child is reading at his grade level and mastering math, in which when school was out in May, he was in 5th grade reading on a 2nd grade level. I am very excited and hope a lot more people will try this. I want to thank Native Remedies for bringing my true son to me at a time when I need him the most.” - Toni A., TX, USA
BrightSpark and Focus have been nothing less than a miracle for our family! I was skeptical but hopeful when I ordered them back in September 2008. I was completely desperate for help for my 6-year-old daughter whose emotions and behaviors, especially at night, were completely out of control. The very first night I saw a difference! Not just a slight difference either. For the first time in months she went to bed quietly without altercation and tantrums. I have recommended these products to everyone I know who has a child with emotional/behavior problems. You have given us back some peace in our home! Thank you!” - Haylee, IL, USA
“Wow, I was told my child may be hyper or [have attention issues] when she got kicked out of kindergarten, so I panicked and went onto the internet and found this site. I did not want drugs, nor did I think my 5 year old had these issues, so I purchased Focus Formula and BrightSpark too. And WOW WOW!! Now I want to note that I changed my daughters eating habits too - I took out sugary snacks and preservatives (not so easy now a days) and I have an improved child. I enrolled her in a new school and other than some behavioral issues she has been bringing home stars everyday! I am also going to try the MindSoothe Jr. and Tula Tantrum Tamer and I will let you know how that turns out. Thanks a bunch!!” - Papande N., FL, USA
“We knew our six- year old son was different and eventually he was diagnosed … so we decided to look for some natural remedies while we were waiting for an appointment as we did not like the idea of going on drugs. While searching the internet we came across your site and decided to try Focus Formula and BrightSpark. We then also changed his diet as recommended in your ebook and what a difference it has made. The first two weeks there was no difference but by the third and fourth weeks there was a great change. He was a different boy, more cooperative, a lot less argumentative. We really can’t believe it and we would like to say thank you …” - Denise G., Suffolk, UK
“Whenever I visit retail sites, I always imagine some guy sitting behind a desk conjuring up all these wonderful "testimonials" and composing them himself. Well, here I am writing the very first testimonial I have ever written. And yes -- I'm a very real customer named Alan (from Manila) and I have a very real four- year old son named Roj. I could write all about how much BrightSpark has helped Roj, and about how the turnaround has been nothing less than dramatic. I could write about how his teachers have written us to express their amazement at Roj's improved behavior and school work, but you've probably read all that before. So here's what I have to say: if only one parent will read this testimonial and have it help convince him or her to try out BrightSpark for their child, then I will sleep contented. BrightSpark will work, and it will produce dramatic results.” - Alan G., Manila, Philippines

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