The Calm Within CD Testimonials

Nature's soothing sounds calming music cd for deep relaxation.

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“Since I started my own business I have had increased things on my mind and greater responsibilities. I work long hours and every work day seems even more complicated than the last. My family was nearly at their wits end with me a few months ago as I was on-edge and grumpy with my husband and kids. A friend recommended your The Calm Within CD and I ordered it just to make her happy but it has actually been a turning point for me. Every evening I come home, kick off my shoes and listen to the calming CD. Everyone knows not to disturb me during this time and they don’t mind at all because I have become so much more relaxed since I started this little ritual. Afterwards I feel like I have switched off to the pressures of work and can just enjoy being with my kids and relaxing with my husband. I feel like this one CD has helped me to chill-out!” —- Joyce D.
“I love your The Calm Within CD- when I am too busy to get to my yoga classes (which is often), I listen to this at home and it really makes me feel human again. The minute I hear the words 'Close your eyes, take a deep breath and relax...' I can just feel every muscle in my body melting and only have to think of these words to feel myself totally relaxing. After listening to this CD I feel relaxed and ready to face the world with a clear head. I don’t know how I ever lived without it!” —- Carine V.
“We all have the ability to calm ourselves and to create a sense of stillness and peace within us. However, many of us have lost touch with that quiet and peaceful space deep inside us and instead have learned to react to perceived stress with symptoms of panic and anxiety, feeling out of control and afraid. The Calm Within CD has been created to provide immediate relief from the symptoms of stress and anxiety, but also to teach you how to access your own inner peace whenever you need it, putting you back in control feeling less stressed and more confident. I have helped many many clients using exactly the same techniques as you will find on the CD. Experience for yourself what it feels like to get in touch with your own inner calm.” — Michele Carelse, Clinical Psychologist
“I received the Calm Within CD promptly and have been using it more or less consistently for the last two weeks. I have found it to be a great help in relieving stress and tension. I have a … pain condition and by listening to the CD and thereby increasing calmness and lessening my anxiety levels, it really has had a beneficial effect on the pain. Thank you for good service and a great product.” — Beth