Be-Dry Testimonials

Homeopathic remedy for enuresis to strengthen bladder control and help stop bedwetting in children.

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Just wanted to add a good testimonial about [Be-Dry]. Justin (my son) has been using [it] for 3 weeks… and no more wet beds! I'm obviously relieved that I don’t need to wash the sheets so frequently… but Justin is ecstatic. His so proud in the mornings when he wakes up to a dry bed! Thanks… - Natasha
I started using this for my 8-1/2-year-old, who was still having accidents. It worked 100%. [It] gave her confidence and she will now…stay at friends’ houses. - Lanene H., WA, USA
My 11-year-old son did not want to sleep out because he was afraid he would wet his bed. I felt so sorry for him, but nothing we did made any difference. Your Be-Dry formula has him dry for the first time in his life and he is so proud of himself! Thank you! - Margaret, USA
I am a 19-year-old male. I have wet the bed since I can first remember. Since I've been using Be-Dry, I have been dry since. This stuff really works, and now I am able to live a normal life, and do the things I've always wanted to do! - Karl, PA, USA
My 4 year old son (he'll be 5 next week) has been taking Be-Dry for 6 weeks and we have had wonderful success! We are thrilled with the product. - Christi, USA
My husband had a small bladder and a bedwetting problem. He is 28, and the doctor give him adult diapers for his problem, but I heard about Be-Dry and tried it. He has not wet his bed or pants since and it has been two months. Thanks. - Misty Summers, TN, USA
I really did not believe this would work, but it did… We are all extremely grateful. - Patricia K., WA, USA
My daughter had never been dry at night. I found Be-Dry on the internet and had some shipped to England. This is a brilliant product and my daughter has not looked back. THANK YOU Native Remedies. - Michelle, England
This product worked amazingly well! Our 6 year old son has been dry every night for the first time in his life since taking Be-Dry for only 3 weeks. This has made such a huge impact in his self esteem. He is so happy and proud!! I was skeptical, but felt we had nothing to lose by trying the product. I am thrilled, and so glad we gave it a chance! - JG, USA
Wow, Be-Dry really works! I’ve tried so many products and this is the best out of all of them!!! - Erin, USA
My nine year old son started Be-Dry a week ago and he has had success with the product since day one! We are so happy with the product and truly grateful for the success. - Tina, GA, USA
This product is great. I used it for several months for my son. He was such a sound sleeper that he would wet and not even wake up. I noticed a change right away, and after two bottles he has not had an accident in about three months -- wonderful product, I have use many of your products and love them all. - April, CO, USA