Conjunct-a-Clear Testimonials

Natural supplements for relief of red, itchy or irritated eyes to keep them healthy and bright.

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My eye sometimes gets very red rather suddenly, and so itchy I want to scratch it out! I also experience a yellow discharge that is very gooey and tends to stick to my eyelashes. I heard about Conjunct-a-Clear and ordered it straight away. This past month I could feel the itchiness coming, and quickly dosed myself. What a difference! - Peter F.
I can’t believe how great Conjunct-a-Clear works with the Conjunct-a-Clear Wash! My kids love it – it is so gentle and easy to apply! I always have it on hand - Kath
Conjunct-a-Clear is great to have around – even during pollen season – a great quick fix. - Dean
This helped with the gummy discharge I was getting in my left eye. I am amazed that Conjunct-a-Clear work so well! - Lara