Conjunct-a-Clear Wash Testimonials

Eye wash solution for relief of ocular discomforts, such as sore, irritated or red itchy eyes.

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Conjunct-a-Clear Wash is great and easy to use and very soothing! I use this whenever I feel my eyes are tired and sore and in no time I feel my eyes have been rejuvenated… - Molly Anne, Washington
I work in a factory – I often feel that my eyes are full of dust. Just a few minutes later [after using Conjunct-a-Clear Wash] my eyes feel so much better. I was worried that eye-drops were becoming addictive – but this stuff is better for me - Samuel
My kids are always getting some eye problem. If it’s not sand in their eyes, it’s itchy eyes. I discovered Conjunct-a-Clear Wash and have never looked back (excuse the pun). My kids love to have their eyes wiped, (even the baby) and in no time they are back playing. Thank you for your great service too. - Loots Family
I use Conjunct-a-Clear Wash at night after removing my eye-make up. It helps soothe my eyes and stop the stinging. I would recommend this for all women - Kim