FemaLube Testimonials

Natural moisturizing lubricant for increasing vaginal lubrication to help prevent feminine dryness.

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Just wanted to let u know how pleased I am with [Triple Complex] UT Tonic- have been taking for 1 and 1/2 weeks... went to doctor for … check up.... after taking [Triple Complex] UT Tonic, [I am better]!! Great stuff!! I am continuing to take 2-3 times a day [as maintenance prevention] …since I have 2 and 1/2 bottles left (smile). Also, FemaLube is so great!! Used [another brand] I bought at drug store, not pleased with it; it got all sticky and messy and unpleasant... went to health food store and bought [another] not so good either... neither can compare (for me) with FemaLube!!! Finally a product that is right for me!! No drying out, no stickiness, just pure and healthy, and most of all, makes sex very exciting once again! My husband was very impressed with FemaLube too. Thank you soooooo much for such great healthy products, next I want to try the Thanda Passion Booster; your products are far superior to any other I have found at retail health stores! …I try to be very healthy and use the best of products for my body. I am [healthy], and I intend to stay that way with healthy food and exercise, and with your healthy products. Thank you for being so conscientious with your wonderful products!! - Nancy R.
….Your FemaLube and Passion Booster turned out to be the winning combination for me!!! Say no more! - Clarissa, NY City
After my third child was born I was very dry in that area… nothing helped me, and I was so upset about it. I really didn’t see a solution. Then I was working online one night, and by luck I came across this site. It was a sign! I ordered FemaLube right away and have never been more satisfied with a product! Thank you for giving me back the confidence I had before my kids came along… - Callie, Dallas
This has really helped my relationship with my wife, thank you so much - Mark J.
This has put the spark back into our sex life, thanks to this gift! Thank you for giving my wife and I this product. Our intimate moments were not pleasant due to my wife’s lack of vaginal moisture, but now, everything is fine, she is far more comfortable and she says it feels great… - Clifford and Margot, Aus
After having 4 kids one after another I had lost my natural vaginal moisture. Even if I was turned on with my husband I would still have sex with a dry vagina. After trying your FemaLube product 5 years later me and my husband are having the times of our lives in bed and I am now so confident as a women and a wife. I feel like I have been given a second chance in life. Thank you to everyone here at Native Remedies! - Kalia Janae G., WA, USA