Gastronic Dr. Testimonials

Natural gastrointestinal remedy to promote healthy levels of stomach acid and improve digestive health.

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I had my gallbladder out about 25 years ago and my digestion has never been the same. I felt like food was just sitting in my stomach and couldn't digest. I had bloating, distended stomach and burning, I was miserable. I happened to find the Native Remedies website a couple of months ago, and I think I am now on my 4th or 5th bottle of Gastronic Dr. IT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE. I can eat anything I want, and I no longer have pain, bloating or discomfort of any kind. My stomach is almost flat again and I feel like my body is just working better. I will never stop using it. Thank you!!!!!!! - Mary, IL, USA
“I have been battling chronic constipation for most of my adult life, and have taken every remedy known to man from prescription drugs… to every other over–the–counter remedy you can think of. I would easily go 2 weeks having not had a bowel movement and then eventually resort to suppositories to give me some relief. I suffered daily with terrible cramps, endless hours on the toilet with nothing to show for it but a bloated stomach and more pain… I could go on but only those who have suffered this condition could possibly know what a miserable existence it is. I am only 38 years old and could not imagine having to live the rest of my life like this. Of course everyone had an opinion on how to cure me and I was given special diets which I followed to the letter, drank liters of water, had a [procedure] which was great fun!! Only to be told I have a very sensitive bowel and to watch my diet. Well if I cut out any more food I would starve to death. I am 1.6m and weigh 52kg so weight loss is not high on my agenda. In fact I became terrified to eat, each time wondering if it would send my bowel into a spasm and have me doubled over in pain. I made sure I always had [pain reliever] with me wherever I went and honestly I don't know how my husband has put up with me these last couple of years. Well to cut a long story short, on one of my most miserable days I decided to once again surf the net, hoping for a miracle and came across your web site, my husband told me I was wasting my money… but I decided to order your product anyway. I chose the “Natural Moves” and “Gastronic Dr.” and began the treatment about 3 weeks ago …I cannot thank you enough, I cannot praise this product enough… I have been having a regular and effortless bowel movement every single day since the very first day I started the program… No more pain, no more flatulence, I HAVE A LIFE!!! Each evening I take 1 Gastronic Dr. capsule and 2 Natural Moves it is as simple as that… No more heartbreaking, painful hours on the toilet. And to make things even better I don't have to spend a fortune, your products are so reasonably priced it is almost too good to be true. I could carry on all day with this I am so ecstatic, I feel like I have won the lotto and saying thank you seems so inadequate… I have finally found a product that works and a company who actually walks the talk… My husband says I am a changed person and he is right. So in closing let me just say that I wish your company every success for the future… Continue the good work, you have a fan and a loyal customer who will be placing her next order very soon.” — Hayley
I have struggled ...and used to despair that I could lead a normal life. My doctor told me to 'live with it' . I wanted to let you know that I have tried a huge number of 'solutions', including natural remedies and prescription medicines, but none have come close to helping me like your products have. I take Gastronic Dr. every day and I NEVER go out without the DigestAssist drops! If I do have an attack, I can control it quite quickly and the symptoms are far less severe. I have to confess that I smoke and like my toddy at night, but I think that if I reduce or stop this as advised by Michele, I will finally have complete relief-- no thanks to my doctor-- but lots of thanks to Native Remedies! - Carlos
I used to be able to eat anything, but as I got older I had to be so careful with my food. Things improved after I cut out dairy products, but I was always worrying... One good thing was that I lost weight, but I did not enjoy my food and even stopped going out. Since using your products, things have changed for the better and I can control my symptoms by myself without chewing on expensive tablets all the time. - Lydia
Thanks to your sound advice and superb products, my digestive problems are a thing of the past. I have recommended them to a girlfriend ...and she's already seeing results after only two weeks. - Sidney