Gout-Gone Testimonials

Natural remedy to help lower uric acid in joints for relief of pain, inflammation and swelling.

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I used to drink in my youth but stopped when I got married. This past year I have been drinking red wine a lot. I started to have pain in my toe and it got so bad I couldn’t even have a bed sheet lay on it at night. My doctor said my uric acid levels were to blame. I searched online for a natural remedy (I don’t believe in strong drugs). I was delighted to find Gout-Gone and used it with your Detox remedy. Wow, what a difference… - Timothy
This has saved me from hours of agony. Thanks for a great informative site too. - Randall.
I began to have that familiar feeling in my big toe. A gout [problem] was starting. I decided to try the Gout-Gone that my wife bought for me. [I] took two doses before going to bed. In the morning, the swelling was down and the pain had lessened tremendously. Thanks for the Gout-Gone. I'm a believer - David W., GA, USA
I am 60 this year and have always had healthy joints. Last month I was hit with a bout of stiffness, but also very burning pain in my toes. I also had it in my fingers, but not as bad as in my toe. I thought I was going crazy to feel so sore on my foot. I never knew my toes could get so sore! My friend from church recommended Gout-Gone. This product is amazing, thank you for something that gives me relief – finally! - Agatha, South Florida
I have been dealing with mild gout problems for the last few years without realizing they were gout-related… Being a fan of natural remedies … I ordered Gout-Gone and Detox Drops. I had almost immediate relief … Great products that I have reordered. - Rick, NY, USA