UTI-Clear Testimonials

UTI-Clear™ is a natural remedy to support bladder and urinary tract health.

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...I was so frustrated. So I decided to search the internet for a natural cure. I found the Native Remedies website, and read all the reviews. Let me say first that I AM NOT A TRUSTING PERSON when it comes to buying this kind of thing online. I was very skeptical about Native Remedies. But I was at the end of my rope. I ordered UTI-Clear, paid the extra money for the overnight delivery, and crossed my fingers... It's been three months since then... I'm sold! - Mandy
...I was desperate. I happened upon this website and saw UTI-Clear. Believing I had absolutely nothing to lose, I bought a bottle. OH MY GOSH!! I cannot believe how fast this worked and that it worked - period! I have never taken any kind of herbs …in my life but I'm going to now! …You cannot lose buying this product. Not only does it work, it is sooooo simple to take... I felt positive results in 12 hours... I cannot believe this product is that good… Buy this stuff. You will not be sorry! Thank you Native Remedies. I have told all my friends about you. -Pat, MO, USA
Thanks to this …my daughter was saved from a …possibly traumatizing experience. I found UTI-Clear, it has been the best thing... UTI-Clear has kept her clear. I recommend it to anyone... - Adriana, CA, USA
Recently my daughter experienced some excellent results with your UTI-Clear... This last episode in August was just before she was leaving on a trip to Mexico… I went on the internet and happened across you website. I talked to your people and ordered the UTI-Clear and had it sent priority mail on top of it just to get it here as quickly as possible. I had my daughter come over that night and take the first dose. By the next day she felt noticeably better. She took the product with her and continued to take it daily for a few more days. Upon her return she was so amazed at the results she experienced. She felt fine the whole trip and told me she never had anything that worked so quick and so well. I was very pleased because I'm always preaching about using natural alternatives... I think we have a new convert... Thanks so much for a great product. - Marlene B.
It works!!! I am amazed at the results… I feel like a new person. Thank you - Deb, AK, USA
After many uncomfortable bouts... I discovered your website. The special order of ImmunityPlus and UTI-Clear was the only thing that worked for me. I have been clear... since using these products. A great relief and even better knowing they are all natural products. Many, many thanks; I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your products to anyone. - Maria, UK
...I found UTI-Clear on Native Remedies on the Web!! It's so much easier and cheaper!! Now every time… I take UTI-Clear a few times... Thank you so much!! It is such a relief!! Thank you!! - Donna S., MN, USA
... I decided to do my own research and found this website. After reading the testimonials I had to give UTI-Clear a shot... I feel like a new woman! I owe it all to UTI-Clear and Native Remedies! Thank you for giving me back my life. - Nicole, CT, USA
UTI-Clear has helped… I notice an improvement within hours. Customer service is EXCELLENT, they took the time to give me advice and explain the products before I made a purchase. I have the utmost respect for your service and products and I do not hesitate to recommend Native Remedies to friends and family. - Vickey C., CA, USA
...I used UTI-Clear and … I love it… I used to practically go crazy... Thank you for your UTI-Clear! - Donna S.
“...I found UTI-Clear from Native Remedies… I'm a firm believer in this remedy” - Meghan, Canada
“It works! It works! Finally something worked! I am ecstatic about this product... I am so excited that I want to shout from the rooftops.” - Janet, CA, USA
“...I've gone to about seventeen doctors with no results or have only gotten worse. I tried your UTI-Clear, after ordering a bottle in desperation… I will definitely try other Native Remedies products.” - Cindy D., WA, USA
“I bought UTI-Clear after reading other testimonials on this site. I was skeptical at first, but thought, 'Hey what do I have to lose?'...It really did help me out… I am a believer and will continue to use this product as I have problems in the future, and have recommended this product to other people... Thanks for the great product, and I will be looking into also buying the ImmunityPlus now” - Julianne C., NC, USA
“I suffered tremendously for 60 days… Mostly, it would happen to me at night right when I wanted to sleep. So I didn't sleep. I just wished for death. I decided enough was enough and even though I couldn't afford it, I went to the doctor…I came home with no [help], $160 poorer and wanting to die. Two different doctors were telling me that I needed many tests done by a specialist... But I wasn't convinced that I had these problems... As a last resort, I ordered this product and it SAVED ME. Please, if you are suffering like I was, first, try to calm yourself down. Although I know it's very hard, (laughing at a funny movie really helps), laughter is proven to help with health problems, as it relieves constriction. Secondly, order this product priority mail if you can. Thirdly, take Vitamin C and an immunity booster... When you receive the UTI-Clear, take 15 drops three times a day… If you are suffering like I was, maybe you can find long lost hope in my words. My 60 days of suffering is over. All I can say is thank God and Native Remedies! I don't have to wish for death anymore.” - Dawn, AZ, USA
“…I decided to give UTI-Clear a try. Now I know what to do… Just a few drops in water and I'm back to normal again…!” - Ann
“…UTI-Clear saved [my mother]. Using it with ImmunityPlus, she is able to get her health back. I highly recommend this to all sufferers. It really works!” - Jenny J., WA, USA
“...Going to the doctor for this recurring problem has become not only expensive and inconvenient, but embarrassing. I know for a fact my hygiene is excellent and that physically there is nothing wrong. It is a simple matter of hormonal imbalance. I found UTI-Clear, tried it, and it worked! I am thrilled… THANK YOU!” - Win D., NY, USA
“...Well, I finally ordered the dual pack of UTI-Clear and ImmunityPlus… It is great stuff” - Liz S., IL, USA
“Works great… [I] saw a difference in one day. Also, good service from staff.” - Don, Canada
“...I came across Native Remedies and saw UTI-Clear. I read what it was about, and the testimonials and I have to say that I've always been skeptical about herbal remedies, until now. UTI-Clear is a life saver! I ordered it on a Monday and had it delivered overnight, thinking... Well if it doesn't work, I'll go to the doctor by the end of the week… I was shocked! I followed the directions on the bottle and continued the recommended dosage for a remaining 5 days... and I am overjoyed that it worked... UTI-Clear is amazing, for anyone out there suffering... buy a bottle and keep it on hand, you'll thank yourself later...” - Marie, MD, USA
“...I found UTI-Clear and ImmunityPlus on the web and …I no longer suffer the agony… I am grateful that the products are shipped internationally as I have been unable to locate such a beneficial product in the UK.” - Barbara, Lancashire, UK
“I am a disabled man (quadriplegic) from an accident I had 25 years ago. For most of those 25 years I have suffered... I am very excited about using your UTI-Clear product and just wish I had found this years ago. I recently started coming down with another bad [bout] when I tried this great product for the first time. After just a few days using UTI-Clear I felt great... Thank you very much for this life saving product.” - John, Texas, USA
“This product is wonderful!! ...I got this product as a last resort and it works very, very good. As soon as I feel something coming on I take this product. It works almost immediately. Thank you sooooo much, you saved my life!” - Andrea, AZ, USA

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