UTI-Clear Testimonials

UTI-Clear™ is a natural remedy to support bladder and urinary tract health.

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“...Decided to try something natural. I found Native Remedies' Web site, and read the testimonials for UTI-Clear. I decided to give it a try... I highly recommend this product.” - Gail, MD, USA
“I have been using this product off and on for years, of course when I [had urinary problems]. Being that I used to [have problems] frequently… I decided to find something natural and UTI-Clear won out. Now when I get infrequent [urinary problems] I just pull out my UTI-Clear and use that… I love this product and am here to order more!! Thank you!” - Teresa, IL, USA
“I ordered UTI-Clear and put it away. For the past several days I have been having what feels to be a bladder [problem] …I remembered I had UTI-Clear and began taking it when I got home. I woke up this morning and [I] was so much better. I brought it to work and am going to take it as directed. I will never be without it.” - Lorraine Blair, TX, USA
“This is a great product! I was a bit skeptical at first, but decided to try it… Whenever I feel the early symptoms of a [urinary problem] I take some of [UTI-Clear]… Very pleased.” — Alaina, VA, USA
“I have been getting [urinary tract issues] probably twice a month. I thought something was wrong with me… I’ll say I cannot believe how amazing this stuff is. Please anyone who has doubts [UTI-Clear] is sent from God. I use to cry all the time cause I thought something was wrong with me and I haven’t had [issues] the entire year thank you so much.” — Elvia, CA, USA
“I have suffered since I was 19 (I'm now 57)… I found your product online and it is unbelievable how quickly my discomfort clears up… Truly amazing!! I am so thankful that there is a product out there you can trust and that REALLY DOES WORK!! I have used this for 5 years now and LOVE it!! I wish I would have found it YEARS ago!!! THANK YOU!” — Stell, CA, USA
“I was getting frequent [urinary tract issues] about 4 years ago… The kind that are so painful that I would turn white and shake. I didn't want to be on [medication]… and saw this site. It was a leap of faith to order something online, not knowing if it would work. The testimonials here gave me some hope that it would work, but I was still a bit doubtful. 1 hour after taking the [UTI-Clear] I felt better, within a day I felt like the [issue] was gone, after 2 days I knew it was gone. I keep a bottle on hand, I now might get one every year or so… I give it to all of my friends who suffer from these. If you suffer… please please buy this, it will change your life.” — Anonymous
UTI-Clear is absolutely amazing! I've been suffering… for over 10 years …I tried everything …commended as far as drinking lots of water everyday, drinking cranberry juice, taking cranberry supplements, the list goes on and on… I stumbled across Native Remedies' website about a year ago, and decided to give UTI-Clear a shot. I have tried another herbal solution in the past, but it unfortunately did not work for me. UTI-Clear however works like a miracle! …I have not had to be treated… in almost a year, which has not happened since I was 17 (I am 28 now). I WISH I found product earlier, but I am absolutely thrilled I have found it now! To everyone out there that suffers like I did… PLEASE try the product… Thanks Native Remedies, thank you sooo much!” — Jill, USA
“"[Urinary tract issues] are extremely crippling and social life can be badly affected. Last year my 22 year old daughter had to interrupt her holiday in England due to a [urinary tract problem], she was in real agony and [nothing] would ease the pain and discomfort, out of desperation I looked on internet for some help and found your site! After checking out every single ingredient of the product… I was reassured, I immediately ordered 3 bottles of UTI-Clear. What a blessing! …Ever since, this IS the ONLY product that she believes in. Best of all, her Dad has had bladder & prostrate problems for the last 3 years… I suggested to take the UTI-Clear, he did very reluctantly looking at me as though I was about to poison him! The relief was within a day!… Today he came up and told me that he's ordered 3 bottles of UTI-Clear! I said to myself that you had to have my testimonial! Please accept my most sincere gratitude for helping the people I care [for] the most. I, my daughter and her Dad Thank you very very much from the bottom of our hearts… both are enjoying life to the fullest and so I am!” —Tina, Lyon, France
“Wow! I am very excited over this product. I used to suffer from [urinary tract issues] for years until I started using UTI-Clear. I recently had surgery and developed a [urinary problem] from it. I have now eliminated it by using this product. I am also a firm believer in the AllergiClear. I always recommended this website to friends and family.” —Amy, PA, USA
“I used to get [urinary issues] all the time…UTI-Clear is amazing. It actually works. As soon as I feel an [issue] coming on, I take UTI-Clear and it stops it from fully developing and [I feel better] within a day. Of the 20 [issues] I have gotten and used UTI-Clear, only one required that I use [medication]. In this case, I waited too long to start using UTI-Clear.” —Jen, CA, USA
“I suffered from recurring [issues] as often as every 4-6 weeks for over 20 yrs. The antibiotics were getting ineffective and had badly upset my systemic balance. Initially, I tried UTI-Clear and it worked wonderfully… One year ago, I started using Triple Complex UT-Tonic 3 times daily. Whenever I felt like an [issue] was starting, I added UTI-Clear. After about 3 months, I noticed that I hardly ever needed the UTI-Clear, as there were no [problems]. However, I keep it handy "just in case", especially when traveling. Thank you for lifting this curse from my life!! What a relief that I could find help…” —Elizabeth, OR, USA
“Several years ago I started getting [urinary tract issues] on a monthly basis. I would get [medication] and it would clear up, but the next month it was back with a vengeance. I searched for herbal remedies online and found UTI-Clear had consistently good testimonials, and not just on sites trying to sell the product. I bought UTI-Clear and started using for a month in preparation for my usual [problem]. It didn't come! I didn't have to take UTI-Clear for another two years… [When I did start taking it] back in April of this year, I have had no problems since. I always keep a bottle of UTI-Clear on hand... It is an amazing product that I've recommended it to several people in my clinic that suffer…” —Shannon, VA, USA
“I have been using this product for a while now, it is amazing. Before this, I was at my doctor's office all the time and filling my body with [medication] now when I feel an [urinary issue] coming on I just take [UTI-Clear] and it clears it right up. I always keep one on hand. Everything I have used or friends have used on my recommendations works. Thank you.” — G.K., USA

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