Brain Tonic Testimonials

Natural remedy with herbs to improve brain health, memory, mental focus, and concentration.

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“[I’m] not really able to put into words the AMAZING results I have seen in my son! He made the honor roll and received citizenship all year this year for the first time. He has been on…Triple Complex Brain Tonic for almost seven months. [It] absolutely works and tastes good too! He is also taking…BrightSpark with it and [it] works…. [I] would allow two or three weeks before expecting results, but you will see them! :-)” — Tessy, NH, USA
“All I can say is BrightSpark and [Triple Complex] Brain Tonic did wonders within two weeks. This was confirmed by the school educator, the kid will be placed back into mainstream education as from September!” — Braam
I have found your Focus ADDult and Triple Complex Brain Tonic to be excellent products. Although I am intelligent, I ...could never achieve my full potential. These two products have helped me ...and there is definite improvement... Thanks for all your help! - Chris
My 9-year-old …… forgets EVERYTHING you tell him. There is a big difference since he has been taking the Triple Complex Brain Tonic - the other day he even reminded me about a school meeting. It is such a relief to find something that works……… - Sandra G.
God bless you and keep your website safe. My grandson who is 11 will be 12 on April 27, 2008. His mother was at her wit ends because the teachers complained every day about his behavior. He was even transferred to another school. Everyone disliked him (sad to say). The school placed him in the class for slow and crazy kids. I knew that God would help. I prayed on this and one day as I was scanning through the computer I came across Native Remedies. Never heard of this site before. His school had just had him evaluated and I decided to send the results to you. You then instructed me to purchase BrightSpark, Brain Tonic and Focus Formula. My grandson is a WONDERFUL and OBEDIENT child. He listens and his outlook on going to the next grade is exciting. We have even sent him to CAMP; he has left today --Something that we could not dare to think do before. I TELL EVERYONE OF YOUR WEBSITE. THANK YOU THANK YOU. - Neila, NY, USA
Mom has …suffered both a stroke and seizures from the side effects of prescription medicines. She is now off of them and on Epi-Still …Sunday, we started her on Triple Complex Brain Tonic - we notice a difference in the 1st day! She has improved daily since then what AMAZING PRODUCTS you offer us. It is so sad that these products are not sold in the drug stores. THANK YOU FOR SUCH WONDERFUL PRODUCTS! - Kathy PA, USA
“To make a long story short, if you have a good kid who makes good grades but maybe has to work really hard and stresses to get those good grades, then try Focus Formula, MindSoothe Jr. and Triple Complex Brain Tonic. We now have a straight-A student who can focus and learn and remember without the stress and confusion!! It makes a difference, honestly!” - Dana, NC, USA
“I started giving Focus [Formula] and Triple Complex Brain Tonic to my middle school son who has [attention problems]… I didn't see a difference so I took him off of it (he was off of it for a week). He asked me to start giving it to him again because he said he learns more at school when he is on it. I am very surprised. This is coming from the kid who has full blown meltdowns when I try to give him [anything]. I asked him more questions and he said he is more alert at school and can understand what to do know when the teachers give him his assignments... All I can say is I am so happy...” —Kathryn, NC, USA
“My seven year old son was having a VERY difficult time learning to read, following through with simple tasks without supervision, and sitting still. I took him to a reading specialist who determined that he is of above average intelligence, so there was no reason why he was performing at such a low level. After hundreds of dollars and a lot of time, we saw very little progress. Each week, his reading coach would advise me that my son has [learning problems] and he needs to be put on medication, because that was the only way he would be able to focus and learn. Believing that there had to be a better way, I started researching. I found many helpful sites. Because of my research I felt more convicted than ever that I WASN'T going to medicate my son! Based on my research, I decided to eliminate gluten and processed sugars from his diet AND put him on a regimen of Focus Formula, [Triple Complex] Brain Tonic, and BrightSpark. WOW! I can't tell you what a difference this has made. My son is focused and learning at lightening speed. What used to be tortuous for the two of us (doing school work, getting ready for bed, getting out the door, etc.), is actually enjoyable! My husband and I are so happy to have our son - the sweet, amazing boy we would only get glimpses of before is with us ALL of the time! Thank you, thank you, thank you for your wonderful products. They have changed our lives!” — Jennifer B., IL, USA