JointEase Plus Testimonials

Herbal supplement to naturally support healthy joints and help maintain normal flexibility.

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Pat came to see me after her husband had died. She was in her late 50's and had been looking forward to spending her retirement with her husband. Pat told me that she saw little reason to continue living without her husband, and said that she found it very difficult to complete even her daily household tasks, let alone get out for enjoyment. She felt permanently exhausted and she did not see how she was going to be able to cope. However, she agreed to come and see me for a period of 3 months. In addition to grief counseling, I advised Pat to take JointEase Plus, which has proved to be of great benefit in providing natural joint support to many of my patients. Over the next few months, it was wonderful to see how Pat looked younger and stronger. She developed a spring in her step and felt much more able to cope with her daily life. I persuaded Pat to join a 'Walk for Life' group, in order to give herself some additional exercise and also to meet new people. At the end of 3 months, we terminated therapy as Pat felt that she was once more able to look forward to life. She still missed her husband dreadfully, but now had a busy social life and for the first time in many years, was able to go about her day without problems. - Michele Carelse, Clinical Psychologist
I am 69 and I took JointEase Plus quite skeptically after it was recommended by a friend, because I have not had much experience with herbal products. After 3 - 4 weeks I could really feel the difference. Now about three months later I am taking a half dose and am [feeling great]… My compliments on a very effective product ...I am walking proof that it works! - Frank C.
JointEase Plus has saved my life! I can …begin to enjoy life again. To me it is unbelievable and I simply cannot thank you and your team enough!!!!! - Jennifer
I am a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and. I have tried dozens of formulas over the years. My wife found your website and ordered JointEase Plus without telling me. I agreed to try it and to my great surprise in 3 days at two pills twice a day I felt WONDERFUL ...This formula is FABULOUS! I cannot praise it enough! Thank you! - Stuart M., TX, USA
My wife has been suffering from bone and joint pains for years. We have tried conventional medicine and for some reason they do not react on her. We bought some products from Native Remedies and used it. It worked like a miracle for some reason. Can't explain it but my wife loves it. Thank you Native Remedies. - Andrew, TX, USA
My father was a leading research chemist at Bristol Myers - Squibb for over 30 years. He always had a fascination with natural remedies and devoted much of his research to determining what active ingredients were behind successful folk medicine cures. His research led to the identification of several important compounds and even a patent that has made billions for BMS over the years. Regardless, one of his projects surrounded a phytosterol called Stigmasterol. It is found in fewer and fewer processed foods these days but my fathers research showed this naturally occurring compound was critical to joint health. From his own family experience he researched an old tried and true family folk cure for Arthritis based upon eating raw Parsley Root. Much to his delight, he located Stigmasterol within the root and validated it as the active ingredient behind the curative powers of this folk cure. Armed with science at his side he dove into understanding more about the curative powers of Stigmasterol and unearthed some amazing conclusions about it. Not wanting to bore you here with those details, the short story was this compound really worked and systemically reversed all effects of Arthritis in relatively short order. He even promoted raw parsley root to several friends with Arthritis all of whom felt remarkable relief after eating the root for a few short weeks. Unfortunately, parsley root is not generally available and this compound is rare in other foods, is non-soluble and therefore difficult to digest. This means you need a lot of it to get the therapeutic effect. When consumed it has an almost miraculous impact on Arthritis though. His research found that regular intake of it reversed the effects of joint calcification, lowered the joint inflammation and thereby stopped the debilitating pain commonly accompanying arthritis. It approaches Arthritis at the root cause of the disease rather than dealing with the symptoms which most medicine is geared towards. He had the means and the knowledge while at BMS to isolate the compound and concentrate it. In controlled studies the compound worked in over 90% of tests. The problem is where do you find Stigmasterol if you are looking to try a non-big pharma alternative to help you ease your arthritis? Luckily one of its largest naturally occurring sources is a major component in JointEase Plus, Harpagophytum procumbens ('Sengaparile,' 'Devil's Claw' or 'Duiwelsklou'). This source of Stigmasterol is probably the highest concentration of Stigmasterol of any plant on Earth and luckily it has found its way into the marketplace for economical consumption. Regardless, my father has since passed away but he left me all of his research on the topic and we had many discussions about this over the years before his death. As I am now over 50 myself, my joints have begun to age and my doctor's told me that I was beginning to show signs of Arthritis in my left hand and left foot. Remembering my father's research, I searched on line for Stigmasterol and came upon the Native Remedies site. I ordered Joint Ease Plus over a year ago and religiously followed the instructions to see if it would work for me. I am delighted to report that after only a few short weeks, all joint stiffness went away as did any joint pain. I am completely free of arthritis and even earned comments from my orthopedic surgeon friend who recently reviewed my X-rays to pronounce my joints arthritis free and showing all the signs or normality returning to them. He was amazed and is now a believer as well. Regardless, I have shared my story and my father's research with many people and even mort so have shared the Native Remedies site with everyone I have met with Arthritis. To a one, which is over 30 people, they have experienced the same relief and Arthritis free mobility I have regained. I owe my life to my father and to his research and I also owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to Native Remedies for bringing this to market. May you read this testimonial and find the pain free existence my father always envisioned for Arthritis suffers but was never able to bring to market before his untimely death. May his work live on through you as you try this product and remember the name Paul Grabowich when you feel the relief he always intended for humanity on this horrible debilitating disease. - George G., NJ, USA
“This is my third order of three bottles each time.  After I had been taking [JointEase Plus] for about ten days, I noticed my left knee and both hips were no longer hurting.  I was due to go in for hip surgery, but no more. ” - Shirely G., AZ, USA
“Thank you so much for your kind, constructive advice - it has certainly lifted my spirits to hear that a resolution to the problem may be on hand. My friend Penny was right - you are the most helpful website I have ever come across. Thank you so much for recommending JointEase Plus! It has changed my life!” - Wendy, USA
“When you have… [joint pain], you can't do most of the things that you used to do when you were younger. I can honestly say that JointEase Plus has made all the difference. I go for walks with my dogs again. When I get up in the morning I can actually stand up straight!” - Phil, South Africa
“I just had to write to tell you that I feel so much better since taking JointEase Plus! I can bend my knees and my wrists can move well again. The pain is much less and sometimes I even forget that I have… [joint pain]! I used to feel about 10 years older than I really was because everywhere I walked I walked like an old woman. Now I feel more like someone of my own age. Thank you for what you have done!” - Barbara, Canada