Throat and Tonsil Dr. Testimonials

Natural homeopathic remedy to help relieve a sore throat, swollen glands and inflamed tonsils.

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…I stumbled upon your website when searching for natural ways to help (my daughter). To say I was skeptical is an understatement, but anything was worth trying. To my surprise, your Throat and Tonsil Dr. tablets were successful from the start! I am holding thumbs that we have found a lasting solution, and have subsequently used some of your other remedies with good results. Thank you! —Diana
I can definitely recommend Throat and Tonsil Dr. for anyone with children. This remedy has been a real blessing in our home, especially with my middle daughter……. —Lorrie K.
I have used the Throat and Tonsil Dr. for my son and had great success. Your products are wonderful and I recommend them to everyone I know. —Elizabeth, NV, USA
Throat and Tonsil Dr. has saved me in a lot of ways. It is the only product that has worked for me. …I take the Throat and Tonsil Dr. and It works GREAT. I love it and I will continue taking it. I've also used several other products, including some for my kids, and they all work GREAT!!! THANK YOU!!! —Ivy F., NV, USA
I purchased this product after my son and daughter complained of sore throats. I placed my order on a Thursday night and received my product on Monday morning. They have both been using this for one full day and already they are feeling better. Thank you for the excellent service. - Janet L., KY, USA
…I did not want another round of meds so I was searching the web for a natural remedy and found this product. I did have subtle relief at first, but by the next day, it was gone. It does not have a bad taste so it was easy to take. - Becky, TX, USA
“This product [Throat and Tonsil Dr.] is so great, that words alone can't say. I have always had issues with my tonsils but this product has worked better than anything I've ever used. You must try this, you'll be hooked.” - Gina G., GA, USA
“I was tired of getting strep throat all the time, going to the doctor and always getting a prescription of antibiotics. A lot of times the strep test would come back negative and they would not do anything and say it was just a virus. I found this site and figured what the heck. This stuff rocks! Anytime I have a sore throat now, I take these pills right away and within a day my throat is feeling good again. I would highly recommend this product [Throat and Tonsil Dr.]! ” - Chris, IL, USA
“I developed an infection in my tonsils months ago. I had white spots in the back of my throat and at times, black spots of bacteria. I tried everything natural I could think of to stop it, but nothing was potent enough. I went to the doctor … didn't help much and the antibiotics just made me feel sick. I could hardly swallow because of the pain. As a last resort, I looked up natural remedies and came across this website. I found Throat and Tonsil Dr. I had Native Remedies ship it overnite to me. As soon as I dissolved two under my tongue, the pain immediately started to go away. In two days, the pain was completely gone, and not long after, so was the infection! I kid you not, I stand by the potency of this product. I was simply blown away. I recommend Throat and Tonsil Dr. to anyone with tonsil and throat infections. My wife takes it for ear infections as well. I hope this testimonial saves some parents from having to remove their child’s tonsils.” - Robert F., GA, USA
“The Throat and Tonsil Dr. work wonders for my son who had suffered … I would recommend this (I have been recommending on various forums) product to anyone with a child who suffers from recurrent [tonsil issues]. This was my third bottle to order from you, I have never looked back since I started using the tablets, the tablets and a gargle of salty warm water ….” - Agnes