EcoSlim Testimonials

Natural herbal remedy to help support a healthy metabolism during your weight loss program.

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“I'm a 32 year old male that needs to lose about 20 pounds, and I have tried everything. Being male we are not ones to go on diets or use products to help lose weight. The main reason for the weight loss is I have several medical problems. I have spent several thousands of dollars and have had no luck. It makes it harder for me due to my medical problems. I don't feel like exercising all the time; my sister has been working with herbal products and she is in great shape and very healthy, so I started to look into it myself. I started taking the EcoSlim, I don't do anything different then I did before… I just watch drinking sodas and any other drinks with many calories. I still eat what I want but I don't eat a lot of sweets. Since taking this I have more energy. [I am] feeling better… I am just an average person like anyone else. The great thing about this product is you just have to put some drops in a drink, it can't get any simpler.” — Justin B., VA, USA
"I tried every diet in the book. I was always on a different diet but if I lost weight it would go straight back on. Your weight loss program helped me to stay on track and I realized for the first time that I did not have to starve to lose weight! The slimming drops made a big difference and every time I stood on the scale I had a smile on my face! …I have never felt or looked so good! — Janey, USA
I usually don't write in but I really felt that I wanted to tell you that EcoSlim did everything it promised to do. I usually exercise twice a week and am not a big eater, but I just couldn't lose weight, especially in my thighs and hips. I have now lost 6 pounds without any effort. There is much less cellulite too. — Tabitha, USA
I am an emotional eater and I could never stay on a diet. Michele said I should take MindSoothe together with EcoSlim. I have succeeded for the first time in keeping to my diet and I have been eating sensibly with no binging for the last 6 weeks, which is a record for me! I can see the pounds coming off and everyone at work has been complimenting me! — Malinda M., USA
EcoSlim gives me energy and I can feel that my body is working better. I have been eating less without trying and I have already lost 10 pounds. — Wendy, USA
I was immobile for 2 years and gained weight, had a full hip replacement and needed something to get me back on track to the active person I was. I started on EcoSlim on June 16th and to date I have lost 16 lbs. I was looking for a natural product that had no side effects and after researching your product and breaking down every ingredient/herb finding the common name, felt EcoSlim was the safest weight control product to use. I still have a ways to go but losing 16 lbs. in less than 2 months makes me feel and look great. It works and is safe and natural and I am a satisfied customer. Thank you :-) — Sharon, NY, USA
Oh my gosh… I walked into the bathroom this morning and looked in the mirror and happened to notice my butt. …So I got on the scale and lost 26.5 pounds. Thanks to EcoSlim. I have never felt so good before in my life. Oh my gosh, I feel like a new woman! Try it! It works! - Erica, OH
Thank you for helping me to lose weight! Taking the slimming drops helped to control my appetite and your encouragement kept me going day after day. I lost 10 kg in 6 weeks! — Gillian, South Africa
…Thank you for a wonderful product that really works & the best thing about it, it's ALL NATURAL. — L. V., South Africa
After my baby was born I just could not shake off the extra weight that I gained. The [EcoSlim] slimming drops helped me to control my appetite and I had lots of energy! I am so glad that there is something natural that is good for me AND it helps me to lose weight. I have only been taking the slimming drops for three weeks and I am already buying new clothes! My husband says he can see the difference in all the places that count! — Lillian, UK
After seeing how easy and effective your 5 day program is, I have kept the emails and repeat the program every 6 weeks to keep my weight down. The EcoSlim and Detox Drops are a big help and I feel so healthy and full of energy after every time I do the 5 day program. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to have a tool for quick and healthy weight loss. — Sam,UK
After my first baby, I could not lose the weight I put on in all the wrong places. My eating patterns were terrible and I felt more miserable by the day. …After using EcoSlim and Mindsoothe, I can really say that I have things under control again. My mood and my confidence levels are fantastic and I can eat sensibly again. All my old clothes are starting to fit again. The best is that I am not dieting like I used to — just eating normally… so I know I will be able to keep this up. Thank you for a wonderful product! Heather, South Africa
I have tried to lose the same 10 lbs for the last year. I have a healthy eating plan and daily moderate exercise. I was becoming completely frustrated because my end of the day hunger always sabotaged my weight loss. Two weeks ago I started taking EcoSlim and Slimmer's Assist and I've been thrilled that my hunger is gone! Even mealtime portions are much smaller and I'm still satisfied. I've already lost 3 lbs. and I'm confident that your products will soon help me reach my goal. I feel just great and want to thank you for the wonderful products. — Mary, USA
I have been taking EcoSlim for 6 months now. I gained 20 pounds after I quit smoking and I couldn't seem to lose it no matter how hard I tried. With EcoSlim, I eat less and have lost all of the weight. — Jennifer, CO, USA
I have bought the EcoSlim for my son and his wife. At this stage they have both lost 4+ kg each. I am still using my EcoSlim and there is nothing like it on the market. It takes away all cravings. Excellent and thank you so much for a wonderful product. — Ina C.
…I’ve lost 3 Kgs so far and I’m very happy with my progress. Your products are working very well for me and I’m very happy because when I started out I wanted to lose 10 Kgs now I’ve got 7 more to go. — Tshire R.