Hive Away Testimonials

Treatment to naturally help reduce itchy red skin and bumps related to hives and poison ivy.

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My wife had a severe case of…hives starting back in April. They got so bad that she was literally burning up. The only relief I could find was mixing a batch of oatmeal and corn starch and packing it on her, leaving it for 30 minutes. It would actually dry up the hives. After hours of research, I found Native Remedies and Hive Away. Let me tell you, this stuff really and truly works! She can flare up with hives, mix her 10-15 drops of Hive Away with water and, within minutes, they have all but gone! If you are suffering from this, do yourself a favor and try Hive Away! - Terry F., TX, USA
Both my young sons broke out in terrible sudden welts. I got such a fright but luckily I had Hive Away! - Anna
I had a wedding to attend but broke out in huge round circular bumps when I ironed my dress! Nothing helped but Hive Away and the soothing cream Itch Dr., thanks so much, I will keep some handy for next time… - Des, GA, USA
Our daughter goes away to camp each year. After a severe poison ivy experience, we now never send her off without a bottle of Hive Away - Brian T.