InflammaGo Testimonials

Inflammation remedy for relief of pain & swelling of the knee, ankle, finger, wrist or elbow joints.

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Folks, I have used several other products from Native Remedies. They all worked on me and my family so far! I stopped visiting doctors and wasting my money finding no help. My mother has been suffering from arthritis for years. Doctors told her there was no cure from it and she has been taking pain medications all along. I decided for her to try InflammaGo. In less than three weeks her pains significantly subsided. I am glad that finally there are Remedies out there with a capital R. - Alex B., TX, USA
After a sports injury hassled me for years, I decided to take care of my muscle and joints naturally – InflammaGo did the trick nicely - Frank J.
I have been a ballet dancer for thirty years. I have an old ankle injury that plays up once in a while. I teach ballet now, so I can’t afford to have trouble or swelling- InflammaGo has helped me so much. Now after a few drops as class begins, my joints feel less strained. - Nina.
I have a bad knee; from time to time it gives me trouble. Thanks to InflammaGo, when I feel the familiar stiffness settling in, I quickly dose myself with this remedy, thank you for a great product! - Jasmine
After one month on SciatiGon and InflammaGo, the…pain has subsided dramatically…. - JJ, TX, USA