Leg Cramp Away Testimonials

Natural remedy for relief of sudden calf or thigh pain due to leg muscle cramps in the day or night.

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I have been using this every time I get a leg cramp (usually while sitting and working on my computer for hours!) Leg Cramp Away is an amazing remedy…. - Maria-Anne
My husband and I have always considered ourselves healthy – we eat a healthy diet and exercise a lot. We run on the beach every morning, and have never had trouble. Last month we started experiencing leg cramps …we always stretch before and after, but nothing seemed to help … I found Leg Cramp Away online and we have been using it after our runs now … we used to use stronger medication, but this did the trick! Thank you. - Hettie, San Diego
“…Leg Cramp Away is a wonderful product if you want to address cramping in the legs… I have never looked back… ” - Sam
Leg Cramp Away is so easy to take; my legs feel better in minutes, thank you for a natural product. I always worry about side effects, but with this I can put all fears to rest…” - Heather