StudyPlus Testimonials

Support cognitive learning with natural remedy to help maintain cognitive memory and brain functions.

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I am 25 years old and I was recently diagnosed with ADD. This diagnoses went undetected for several years. I always knew that I had problems with concentration, but my popular conclusion was “depression”. I figured that my depression was the reason why I couldn't concentrate. When the doctors put me on expensive drugs for depression and my ADD it only made me worse due to side effects. The medication is also very addicting. I risked allot trying to rectify this, but the answer was simple. Natural remedies are better. I have been taking StudyPlus for 3 weeks now and I immediately feel a difference in my concentration level. My self esteem is up and so is my confidence. Since ADD is an growing epidemic there is little treatment available to patients, especially if your not classified as a child. This has made me question these medication such as Ritalin and other types as treatment. I cannot correct my ADD but I can enhance my capabilities and StudyPlus has contributed to my success. I am a full time student, mother and wife. There is a lot going on in my world and it is easy to be distracted, but since StudyPlus I get a lot more out of my study sessions. AMAZING! Mother nature is good. - Angela, TX, USA
My husband has ADD. Having lived with it all his life, he had simply learned coping skills to help him function. He has long resisted drugs to help him deal with the ADD - and with the side effects of the pharmaceuticals on the market, who can blame him? His problems focusing were exacerbated when he was rear-ended in an auto collision and suffered a head injury, which resulted in memory problems. We were pleased to find Native Remedies. He has taken Bright Spark and StudyPlus for several months now, and what a difference they have made! We tell our friends about Native Remedies, and several of them have also started using your herbs. Thank you for these wonderful products! - Mary, WA, USA
Eric was an 18-year-old high school student who came to see me because he was struggling to pass his exams. According to his parents, he worked hard, but just did not seem to achieve the results he expected. When I first saw him, Eric looked like he had all the troubles of the world on his shoulders! ...Eric stared at the floor as he told me of his dream to study medicine. As he spoke, he became angry with himself, saying that he couldn't even pass high school - so who was he fooling! During the next week, we did a complete assessment of Eric's intellectual ability and found that the only things standing in his way were lack of confidence and poor study habits. With the support of his parents, we helped Eric with a study program and he joined the local gym, where he could work out every day. We also recommended StudyPlus together with a multi-vitamin tonic. At the end of the academic year, I received a telephone call from an excited Eric. He had just received his final exam results, and his marks were good enough to apply to go on to tertiary education! He said that he was much more relaxed about his studies and found it easier to concentrate and remember the work. With the help of StudyPlus, regular exercise, and studying tips, Eric was able to achieve his dreams! - Michele Carelse, Clinical Psychologist
I bought StudyPlus for my 14-year-old son. He started taking it twice a day on the first day of school. He has noticed a remarkable improvement... So much better since starting StudyPlus. I am really glad that I bought it. - Cindy, GA, USA
My 16-year-old daughter is an honor student, and has complained of memory and concentration problems for several years. She wondered if she had a serious learning problem. Our pediatrician referred us to an educational psychologist, who referred us to a psychiatrist. None of the medical professionals found any evidence of anything seriously wrong and had no answers about "what to do" to help my daughter. I did extensive research about herbal remedies on the internet and placed my first order for StudyPlus last spring. My daughter started taking it and noticed an improvement ...within a week ...She reports feeling more in control of her life, and is able to maintain her focus and concentration in school. I am so glad I found StudyPlus for my daughter! - Mary, TX, USA
My daughter used your StudyPlus natural study aid through her final year at high school. She still writes to me from university to ask me to send it because she says that it helps her to concentrate and focus on her work. - Beatrix, South Africa
I followed all your study tips, especially the one about taking regular breaks. I took the StudyPlus remedy too and I never felt tired. I had energy to study and I could remember what I had learned. This is the first time that I really feel like I enjoyed studying for my finals. Thank you for your help and encouragement!! - Michael, USA
I just wanted to let you know that for once in my life I was not scared to death when I walked into that exam room. I took your StudyPlus every day like you said. On the morning of my exam I felt a tiny bit nervous and you told me to take 15 drops of PureCalm and I did that. I calmed down straight away! I wrote my exam without worrying and I really did my best! - Thelma, UK