Focus ADDult Testimonials

Natural herbal remedy to improve concentration, attention span, and mental focus in adults.

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“I'm an adult whose [concentration problems] have been causing significant distress in my life. Before trying a medication, I decided to try Focus ADDult. On the 3rd night, I found myself sitting down with charts, unopened mail, and files of paperwork that had sat around for months. I was just too unorganized and unfocused to tackle it. Last night, day 3 of Focus ADDult, I sat at the table paying bills and sorting through paperwork. I thought it was coincidence, but now I really think it is the product! Thank you!”

— D.C., USA

“I have given my son the drops of Focus ADDult for only a few days now but already one can see some result. It is easy to take and much better then a combination of various tablets. It boosted his confidence that he can now be as good as the others....”

-Birgit, UK

“I don't know how but [Focus ADDult] does really work. In my case, I feel it has taken effect immediately. I started using it only yesterday and I have been going for hours with my studies. Let me go prepare myself a cup of tea...I deserve it :-)”

- Martin, South Africa

“So far I have been satisfied with the Focus ADDult and will continue to use it. It works … and without the side effects. Thank you for your help.”

- Doug, USA

“Ever since I was a child I have struggled to concentrate. School was a nightmare for me and I felt stupid most of the time. I became sick and tired of hearing the words "She can do better with a little extra effort" or "Liesl needs to concentrate in class and focus on her work". No matter how hard I tried, my mind just would not work for me! Now I know that I had a problem and I should have been helped rather than criticized! Since taking Focus ADDult, I have gone back to school and for the first time in my life I can sit through a class and remember the material that is covered. I can definitely recommend Focus ADDult to anyone like me who has struggled to study and concentrate in class.”

-Liesl (29 Years Old)

“… Focus ADDult has delivered what it promised for me. My staying power with my books is much longer and I can feel the difference in concentration and energy levels. I also have more energy and I know that I am doing better at work.”

- Steve (35 Years Old)

“... As a child I was just forgotten at the back of the class and did not know that I had potential. I always felt tired and run down. Now I know why and I can truly feel the difference after taking Focus ADDult for only 6 weeks. I can read a book from front to back for the first time without losing interest! For me that is an achievement!!”

- Debbi (26 Years Old)

“My son has always underachieved at school. Now that he is a teenager he has lost confidence in himself and even started to refuse to go to school, saying that it was a waste of time… I heard about Focus ADDult from a friend and thought it might help. After a month, my son began to look happier and I noticed that he sat with his books more willingly. Six months later there has been a big improvement in his school work and he looks forward to going to school. I think for the first time he feels that he has a future. Thank you so much!”

- Angela (44 Years Old)

“I just wanted to tell you that my grades have improved and so have my confidence levels - all due to Focus ADDult!”

- Shireen (25 Years Old)

“I am 57 years old and have suffered from lack of concentration for most of my life. My mind moves from project to project without stop and without finishing anything. I am highly successful but always needed someone to clean up the paper work behind me. I always thought it would be great to just point and say get this done for me. I knew what needed to be done, I just hated doing it. All my life I thought my "all over the map" thought disorder was due to childhood sexual abuse and my desire to escape. I took Focus ADDult and found I could focus and actually enjoy the satisfaction of a project completed. I just ordered PureCalm and hope for the additional benefit of peace of mind.. Now wouldn't that be a shock to my system, focused and calm. Anyway, I will report back and share my experience. Blessings to all of you in your journey of healing”

-Virginia, NM

“I tried Focus ADDult and was really pleased with the results. I often lose thing and am so forgetful that I get down on myself. Focus ADDult really boost my concentrations and I miraculously haven't lost anything since taking it. That is just a small trouble I use to have. Everyone please try it. If you can't concentrate, if you lose things a lot, and if you need that extra boost doing daily tasks. … Its natural and it will work for you.”

- Anna, RI

“Yes I started buying this product last year for my son…Thanks a lot for Focus ADDult; it makes a big difference in my son's life and mine, especially at school. He has such a hard time doing his work and staying on task and having major outburst where he's just so upset and the world is against him so he just goes in to his on world and shut down. And if any one out there no anything else that would help I would appreciate the advice Native Remedies Love Ya’ll. Son is 15 yrs old.”

- Donna S., TX

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