Focus Formula Testimonials

Herbal remedy with herbs to support mental focus, concentration and attention span.

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I have only been using Focus Formula on my 10 yr old son for a week and I noticed a huge difference in his attitude! I did not think it would work for him, but boy was I wrong! I'm trying it too, and it makes me feel less frustrated and at ease, way different than before; me and my son are just alike, so I know it works! I will never go back…again! - Sheri, TX, USA
“My son is 12 years old, he was diagnosed…at the age of 9, for 3 years he was always getting into trouble, I was so happy to hear about your web site. I placed my first order for Focus Formula and within 3 days of him taking the drops, we noticed a change; he comes home from school with positive comments, he is a lot happier and his appetite has also increased. I have also put him on BrightSpark…” - Anu, London, UK
“… We have struggled…A patient of mine told me to go online and try Focus Formula as an alternative. I just ordered it today and I am anxiously awaiting my order. I hope and pray this works... After reading many testimonials, I was very encouraged and very excited to get started. I will write back soon once I start him asap!!!” - Carole, NY, USA
“I was a big skeptic about using Focus Formula and BrightSpark. I was proven wrong. My son was on Concerta for 1.5 yrs. He didn't grow at all in that time. He couldn't eat or sleep. Although it did work on his ADHD, the side effects weren't worth it. The Dr. wanted to try Adderall so I tried it first it made me feel jumpy so I wasn't going to give it to my 9 y/o. Anyway, this combination has proven it's self to work. I have received two notices from his teacher saying he's doing very well. He has gained 6 pounds in 2 weeks and is sleeping like a baby! I am thrilled! I wish I had known about this sooner. I had nothing to loose and got my sons health back in return. Thank You!” - Happy Mom, NJ, USA
“I highly recommend your Focus Formula product… After feeling as if I had exhausted all options by trying numerous 'natural' approaches to address my 6 year old son's impulsivity, restlessness, difficulty attending, and the accompanying intense emotions, I …found the Native Remedies site. Focus Formula HAD IMPROVED HIS LIFE! Results were observable within a couple of days. We have been using Focus Formula for 13 months. I feel it is a God send. He finally has some peace and calmness from within that is evident in his eyes and face. First grade was successful and he is loving second grade even more. He is still 'all boy', but the transformation is what every mother would desire. Thank you for a wonderful product.” - Debra, AZ, USA
“Our son's 3rd grade teacher had told us she was concerned about our son being very active in class, saying the answer out loud, not wanting to sit still… We would not fill the script! I found your website, ordered Focus Formula and BrightSpark, and in less then 2 weeks, we have a new son, the teacher is AMAZED & so are we!! He does his homework without fighting, he waits his turn in class and he is getting better grades!! Thank-you so much!!

Sincerely” - The Deel Family

“I just wanted to write and say that I am loving the results of the BrightSpark and Focus Formula…I decided to try your products after researching anything that could help his focus and learning without drugs. The testimonials are what made me want to try it. He has been on your products for two weeks, and the mood swings have almost gone away. Of course he is not a perfect child, but now, he is a much happier child. His teachers say that he is focusing…but he has none of the side effects of drugs. I don't know if he is getting the full effect yet, but in two weeks the results are great! I am hoping for even better results as he continues the therapy. Thank you for helping our kids!!” - Gina, Orlando, FL, USA
“This product is new to my son but we have been going through a lot since he was diagnosed almost a year ago.... He will be 7 in a few days and has been having a hard time in school, making & keeping friends, behavioral problems, etc. He has been on Focus Formula and BrightSpark for 4 days and I have already seen a difference. He is listening, not bouncing off the walls. I freaked when I saw him sit down and color on Saturday, he never sat down to do quiet activities. It was definitely a nice change for us and I'm sure for him. I know there is a lot of optimism with all natural products but this one really works.” - Carla, MI, USA
“My 8 yr old daughter is doing wonderful. She has been on [Focus Formula] for 3 months now. After the first month of her taking it in the morning and night she has improved in school dramatically. She seems much more focused and willing to try instead of give up. I am so happy I ordered this for her. Thanks.” - Virginia, FL, USA
“My son is 7 and a half years old. He was diagnosed…a year ago…I started searching and found you on the net. I ordered your Focus Formula…Twenty days later I noticed a big improvement in his concentration. Better reading, better handwriting and no more debating about not wanting to do his homework. It was an answered prayer to find an alternative herbal remedy. Thank you. God bless you and your good work. I ordered K-OK Kiddie Calmer to use it as well. Thank you.” - Dalia, Egypt
“THANK YOU!!! Let me tell your medication was a blessing for me! God Bless you!!!” - S.L.
“We are so very pleased with both Focus Formula and BrightSpark. My grandson was having major problems as he entered the second grade; he was getting bad notes on his conduct and his inattention. We took him to the doctor and a medication was prescribed... He had side effects and said his chest hurt, so we immediately took him off. I found Native Remedies on the internet and ordered the products, he has been helped tremendously. He has been on this all this school year and doing much better. We are so thankful for this product.” - Kaye, AL, USA
“I have a 10 year old son Lewis who has had…[concentration problems] since the age of 6…I was a bit skeptical about trying natural products, but after looking through the internet I came across Focus Formula, living in the UK natural remedies for…[concentration problems] are not greatly advertised, so I thought I would give it a try. Lewis has been on the drops for about 2 weeks now… I have noticed a considerable change in his eating habits…[He] is a lot calmer and is able to concentrate a lot more at school. I would recommend this product to anyone.... I have no hesitation in continuing ordering Focus Formula.... Thank You.” - Tanya, UK
“I must admit I was a helpless skeptic when it came to the effectiveness of natural remedies…Do they really work? That's the bottom line. However within three days I noticed an amazing sense of peacefulness and comfort I have longed for, for over three years! I no longer feel impulsiveness and…[nervousness], it's been replaced with rest! And no pun intended here but there is a reason why they call it Focus Formula! Sincerely, Skeptic turned believer!” - Randy, FL, USA
“I have tried everything for my son, but nothing calmed him or helped him with focus…He is now 14 years old. I always worried about side effects from the scripts but nothing helped him. I am totally convinced [Focus Formula] works for him. WOW! I noticed a difference in one dose…He is calmer and sleeps better. This has no side effects. I have just placed another order for more of your great product. I thank you and hope that others will give your products a try. Your customer service is great.” - Jo, IN, USA
“It really works, I have three boys that were on medications, I saw your web page, said what do have to lose, so glad I dared to do so. My boys ages are 4, 5 and 7. They have had so much success with Focus Formula. They're able to go to school and keep focus much longer... the teachers are so excited over their calmness. The teachers are telling me what ever it is that they are taking, let's hope it continues! They are happy and I am too.” - Janice, VA, USA
“At age three my loving, enjoyable son changed tremendously. He became so hyper he could never sit still. His mood swings were outrageous and hostile and he never slept. I am serious, this child never slowed down, ever. He started kindergarten in Sept. of 2004. By the third week of school he was in tutoring twice a week because he was behind (even with a year of pre-k and help at home). By the first conference (November 2004) the school was concerned that we may be dealing with a learning disability. He just was not getting it. …So, one night in November 2004 I began searching for something to help him. I found Native Remedies. I started him on Focus Formula first and then added Bright Spark about a month later. My last conference with his teacher was in Feb. 2005. He has improved 60 to 75% in all areas since October!!!!!! And best of all I have that adorable little boy back that disappeared at age three. He is loving, caring and many of his fears have lessoned. THESE PRODUCTS WORK. I am so grateful I found Native Remedies. I have my bright eyed son back, he is focused in school and our family gets along much better. All without putting him on a…medication that I have seen turn other children into emotionless zombies and cause dramatic weight loss making them seem very ill. TRY THESE PRODUCTS they will change things for you. I am an average mom who was worried sick about her little boy. I don't worry now thanks to Focus Formula and BrightSpark. It isn't going to hurt anything to try these products, but it will help everything.” - Lori, OH, USA
“My three year old has been taking Focus Formula for three weeks now and she is now potty trained and her behavior is much better. I am very happy that I found Focus Formula.” - Kendra, OH, USA
“Our son is 8 years old…Focus Formula has worked and he is more focused and calm than he has ever been thank you so much.” - Brian, UK
“My daughter was diagnosed…She had some side effects so we took her off of it. I found your website and ordered Focus Formula. She is only 5 and I give only in the morning before school w/some juice. After a few weeks on Focus Formula she has been getting much better reports sent home from school... I feel that Focus Formula along with a small adjustment in her diet has helped…” - Lisa S., NY, USA
“Thank you so much for the information. We will be ordering the triple complex mood tonic and we cannot wait to get our order for Ashley and am confident that this will assist her in improving her quality of life on a daily basis. Our son who is 12 is doing great on Bright Spark and Focus Formula. His relationships at school have improved. The most drastic change that we as parents and teachers have noticed is that he can actually sit still the last hour of school without squirming in class and being a disruption to others. Also, his grades have come up from C's and D's to B's and some A's. He no longer is told that he is lazy and does not apply himself. At parent-teacher conference they stated that he is doing much better. My granddaughter and nephew have just begun taking Native Remedies and we cannot wait to see their results. Thank you Native Remedies for a natural remedy to all of our child related issues.” - Sharon, OK, USA
“I can't believe the change in my son. I have tried a few things… I searched the web for any miracle drug I could find. I even tried the EFA for Children...not much of any change with that, plus he hated the fishy taste. My son was very hyperactive, screamed just because, extremely impulsive, could not follow direction except for being asked 7+ times. He def. could not sit still and was very fidgety in his seat or anywhere for that matter. So coming across Focus Formula and BrightSpark, I read the testimonials and thought wow! I wonder if this will work? When I got it in the mail I was so excited and keeping my fingers crossed. I knew I had to do something or find something because I was going insane. So, I tried it as soon as I got it along with a diet of no artificial colors, preservatives, flavors which I have just started and holy cow he was calm. We went for a walk and he stayed with me, didn't run in the middle of the street. All I have to say is THANK YOU! I hope it continues to work.

PS. It seems to work better on an empty stomach before he eats than after he eats” - Aaron, NC, USA

“After using Focus Formula for less than a week, I noticed a huge change in my 5 year old son's behavior. His usual behavior consisted of him trying something, getting frustrated with it, and acting out aggressively (hitting/throwing items/etc). I was extremely worried because he had no friends at school, which was extremely obvious since his younger sister had plenty. Other children in his class would come up to me and tell me he was mean - sad to hear when he is only 5 years old.” - Sophia, SC, USA
“Very pleased with the results so far fantastic school report, can't quite believe it.” - Owen, UK

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