Focus Formula Testimonials

Herbal remedy with herbs to support mental focus, concentration and attention span.

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“I was told at a school meeting that my 7 year old had a problem paying attention and sitting still in class. He was below grade level. I was very upset and worried about him and how I could do to help him. …Thanks to God I found Native Remedies on a search engine and read about their products. I ordered BrightSpark and Focus Formula. I had a teacher’s conference 3 weeks after my son had been on these two products. I got the report that he was at grade level in math and above grade level in reading after only 3 weeks. Everyday I see more results. I am very thankful to Native Remedies and its staff. I hope that this testimonial will reach all the parents that have chosen to treat their children with conventional medicine and give your products a try. Thanks to Native Remedies I never lost my son to the effects of medicine and I gained a son with more confidence.” - Nancy L.
“Thank you for your wonder tonic it's made our son concentrate a whole lot better at school and his behavior has improved as well I've recommended Focus Formula to another parent…as well and she is going to order some. Thank you very much.” - Anonymous
“Thank you so much for your awesome products. :)” - Theresa V.
“My son has… [concentration problems] is now aged 15. We have tried many alternative therapies over the years with varying success. I have recently added your product Focus Formula to his supplement intake with good results, regarding his concentration, fidgeting and attention span - yet to be tested at school when he returns next week.” - Alison L.
“This is my second order for this product. I am 52 years old and have lived in a brain fog for years. And the older I got, the worse it was. I have tried everything under the sun and got no relief until I decided to try Focus Formula. I was looking for help for my son, who is 29 and has… [concentration problems] and did not think of myself having this problem, until I read about it on your site. You described exactly how I felt all the time. So I ordered some to try. After three days, my mind was more alert than it has been for a long time.” - Theresa P.
“Hi, I have to tell you we are awed by the change already in our granddaughter. It was a big step to put her on something, as she is a special needs child, and has a lot of other issues, but what a difference. It is like someone turned her volume down to half way as she always talked very loud. She has been on Focus Formula for about a month, and we started noticing changes after 1 week, her frustration level is down, she watches a whole movie now, we are anxious to see her back in school to see if there is a significant change, as she started Focus Formula at the end of June. Thank you Focus Formula, now grandma & grandpa really enjoy their weekends so much more.” - Linda T.
“Thanks for giving me my life back. The Focus Formula product has enabled me to slow down, the panic, the urgency, the always having to be one step ahead all the time is gone along with the …[nerves]. My mind was just like a channel changer. I can slow down now and breathe; focusing on tasks has improved substantially, not so scattered but able to focus better. I wish I had this when I was in school. Thanks again.” - Normal D.
“I was incredibly skeptical this stuff would work! I use both the Focus Formula and BrightSpark and we are all amazed at the difference in our now quiet home and happy girl!!!” - Priscilla R.
“Good job! [Focus Formula] simply works. That is the only truth I know and I am ready to spread the news abroad. All the members of my family that live there would benefit greatly from these wonderful products of mother nature. Thanks so much.” - Reward, NJ, USA
“THANK YOU for giving us positive, non-habit forming, natural alternatives to assist our loved ones.” - Anonymous
“It was impossible for [My 8 year old daughter]… to gain weight, and I was fearing for her health. I put her on Focus Formula in July with amazing results. She is now a perfectly normal and healthy weight. She is getting straight A's in school. Her behavior is normal. She is a happy, healthy, and beautiful little girl. Where it would literally take her hours to do her homework before, it rarely takes her more than twenty minutes now. Thank you!” - Lisa T.
“For the past year and a half I have been having trouble with my son in school and at home. I took him to many doctors that couldn't seem to come to the same conclusion as to his diagnosis…So doctors agreed others thought he might be a late bloomer. After six months of doctors running me in circles and ignoring my numerous requests to help my son, I found your web site and ordered BrightSpark and Focus Formula. Only after one week’s use I have noticed a considerable difference! ” - Stephanie M.
“UNBELIEVABLE! That is the best way to describe the results we got with Focus Formula. We have a child with …[concentration problems]…Out of desperation, we tried Focus Formula and are absolutely amazed at the results. He doesn't act like he is drugged or any less of a real boy. We have not noticed any adverse effects since he has started taking it. Thank you very much for marketing such a product.” - Jewellie C.
“I bought this as a last result for my 14 year old son. He was diagnosed…at the age of 4. …After just a couple doses of Focus Formula, there has been a tremendous difference in him. His teachers, peers and even he says that he feels more relaxed and calm. Thank you so much. I only wish I would have found this product 10 years ago.” -Lori
“Started my 7 year-old on both Focus Formula and Bright Spark approximately 3 weeks ago…I received calls from school on the 2nd-day. He has received all A's in behavior each day this year, and is a much happier/cheerful child…Concentrates better at school at on homework. Does not get upset as easily… I too was skeptical about the Focus Formula/BrightSpark - but I am now hooked and recommending this to everyone!!! God Bless You” - Roni, MD, USA
“I ordered Focus Formula for my daughter who couldn't focus or concentrate on her school work. The teacher said it was like she was in her own little world esp. when it came to doing subjects that were boring to her and had a hard time understanding. Can't believe the difference since she had been taking Focus Formula. The teacher said it was like a light had turned on in her head! She said that she is so tuned in now (we didn't tell her that she was taking Focus Formula, we wanted to see if she had seen any difference in her). Thanks for the wonderful product. We didn't like idea of putting her on medication so it was so nice to find something natural. Wish we had discovered it years ago. It would have saved a lot of frustration and tears on our part, our daughter’s and her teachers. So glad I found this website.” - Cindy, Canada
“My 12 year old son has been diagnosed…since the age of 6… He has extreme difficulty staying focused on a task, and gets easily distracted. We… decided to try Focus Formula. Our son is doing no worse in school, in fact he has improved in some subjects, has been able to improve his social skills as well. Most importantly, he does not have any of the side effects that concerned us for so long. No more twitching, no more biting of the lips, no more eye twitching, no more speech tics. And his personality is becoming happy and well adjusted. I am so glad I searched the internet and found this wonderful product. I highly recommend it to anyone…It has definitely made an improvement in our family.” - Rosemarie, USA
“I have had…[fatigue] for sixteen years, and as is common to most of us with this complaint,…[had a] weakened immune system, general muscle weakness, and, most annoying, a brain that 'went out to lunch' and never came back! I have tried many natural remedies, with little relief…When I read the info on Focus Formula and how it worked I figured I had nothing to lose but to give it a try. I have been taking it for 3 months now, after 3 weeks. I (and my husband) noticed I was able to do more mentally than usual. … My brain function improvement helps me cope…more positively. To summarize…Focus Formula seems to have helped counteract the affects to the brain. I am happy I gave it a try and will continue to use it.” - Chrissy, Australia
“(My son) seems to be responding to the BrightSpark and Focus Formula combo. He's only been on one week, but we are seeing incredible improvements in his mood and ability to stay focused. Today he even did his homework by himself. When he needed to correct a few things, he didn't get upset or down on himself. WOW .....Today he told me while doing his homework that My brain doesn't work the same anymore. When I questioned him, he agreed that his brain didn't think about lots of different things at once and he had more control. What a different child!!” - Lisa, CA, USA
“We are so very pleased with both Focus Formula and BrightSpark. My grandson was having major problems as he entered the second grade; he was getting bad notes on his conduct and his inattention. We took him to the doctor and a medication was subscribed for ADHD. He had side effects and said his chest hurt, so we immediately took him off. I found Native Remedies on the internet and ordered the products, he has been helped tremendously. He has been on this all this school year and doing much better. We are so thankful for this product.” - Kaye, USA
“Hi. Our son Nathan, who just turned 6, was diagnosed…about four months ago. We knew something was wrong when he was about two, but always thought he was just in the ‘terrible two’ stage. Our little guy has been through a lot.... We have been to so many doctors only to find out five minutes after we were there, they wanted to medicate him. We were NOT on the same page as everyone else!! Oh, and by the way, my husband is a pharmacist. I've spent hours and hours online to try to find a safe NATURAL solution to our problem. We finally found it!! Focus Formula!! What a wonderful product!! We also have to say, that the combination with Focus Formula and a proper diet with NO artificial colors, dyes, flavorings and preservatives works the best!! You always have to look at the whole picture not just part of it. Thanks so much and God bless you all!!” - Ron and Theresa, USA
“I usually don't believe in testimonials but in this case, I did. My son is 15 years old and… he had such problems focusing and always getting into fights with other kids because he was so controlling… he would have outbursts. I started him on Focus Formula about 4 months ago and what a difference. His grades are coming up in school and he is such a happy child again. He had also lost weight…which he couldn't afford to do. He has now put a few pounds back on and is doing great. I have referred a lot of people to your website to check out your products because everybody has seen the difference in my son. Thank you.” - Gail, NC, USA
“My son is 9 and has been struggling through school…I felt so bad for him struggling and wanting to do well. I found this web site and said what the heck it’s worth a try. He's been using [Focus Formula] for 2 months and his grades and his self esteem have greatly improved, without any side affects! I give him 11 drops before school and it's made a world of difference.” - Deana, CA, USA
“My 9 year old daughter had the symptoms… she had a lot of trouble sitting still and had a very short attention span. I decided to try Focus Formula, as her father and I are against any drugs. She has been on it for three weeks and is getting an Excellent in her behavior, and seems to be able to sit still and pay attention in class. She seems a lot more calm and we are a lot less stressed out at home. We forgot to give it to her one day, and we could tell right away! When we started the Focus Formula again a day later she was back on track, it's amazing! Thank you, this is a God send!” - Kristine, MN, USA
“This is my 3rd order and I'm happy with the results.” - Joan, NH, USA

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