Focus Formula Testimonials

Herbal remedy with herbs to support mental focus, concentration and attention span.

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“Hello, My name is Lisa and I have a four year old son who is very …active. He started to have problems wetting his pants and having accidents because he wouldn't take the time to go into the bathroom. He started to have difficulties with different things, so I decided to try the Focus Formula. Within two weeks of taking it, the results started to show. My son is improving and able to focus better, having less trouble and doing better in preschool. Thank you so much, we are having better relationship now too! Sincerely.” - Lisa, USA
“I can recommend Focus Formula to any parent who has a child with… [concentration problems]. My son's teacher could see the difference and Michele's advice about how to manage my son helped tremendously! We have struggled for years to find something natural that works. Thank you so much!” - Brenda, USA (39 Years Old)
“I usually do not take time to write feedback but I have to admit that I have been very impressed with Focus Formula and BrightSpark. I have a 4 year old son who is very active and rarely stops. The combination of those 2 products has helped a lot!” - Sandi, SC, USA
“Thank you! .... I read about Focus Formula and was very skeptical, but was willing to try. Much to my amazement and great satisfaction this has worked for my son. I didn't think anything would be able to calm his little body. Gladly to say he has been on it for only six days, and the results are dramatic. Thank you for making our household calm once again. ” - Michelle, AZ, USA
“My 7 year old daughter showed all the classic symptoms… no focus, silliness, distracted easy, trouble in class for distracting others, disorganized. It was impossible to spend less than 2 1/2- hours a night trying to get through second grade homework. We studied every night and she was failing everything. It was a task trying to get her to pass kindergarten and first grade… After lots of research I came across this sight and decided to try the Focus Formula. Robin has been taking Focus Formula for about 6 weeks now and she is at the top of her class. She finishes a lot of the time before the other children and it seems like something just clicked after about 4 weeks on Focus Formula. She sleeps better, she wakes up in a better mood and she is gaining so much more confidence in herself. And the greatest benefit is the stress relief it has given my husband and me.” - Tonya, IN, USA
“I can't begin to tell you what a difference [Focus Formula] has made for our four year old. We were skeptical when we placed the order, but we figured it was worth a try. BOY, Am I glad we tried! He has done a total turn around.... We can definitely tell when we have forgotten to give it to him. He listens so much better and he has a sense of ease now. My apologies for being skeptical and Many Thanks for creating this wonderful product.” - Jenn, FL, USA
“My 11 year old son was out of control. He couldn't get along with anyone, not at home or school. He constantly was crying because he stayed in trouble. He was always frustrated or mad at the world. He couldn't get along with his peers at school, couldn't stay focused on anything. Was always in trouble…Then we came across Focus Formula one day while trying to find a Natural solution. We decided to give it a try and see if it worked. Boy, did it work! Within the first day, he was less argumentative. You could tell him to do something and he would do it without fussing about it. He no longer picked fights with his brother. He has been on it now about 1 month and it has truly changed our lives. His teachers tell us how much better he is behaving at school. He always got excellent grades, but seemed to always get in trouble. He has friends at school, we over heard a boy in his class talking about how he has chilled out. It truly is amazing. If anyone is trying to find a Natural solution, this is it. So far there has been no side effects that we are aware of. It's wonderful!!” - Nancy, SC, USA
“My grandson is in the first grade and since school started (August 26) he received nothing but black cards, the cards are best green, next yellow, next red, and worst black. The teacher could not get him to sit still to even know what she was talking about. I was at the end of my rope…I heard about Focus Formula, called the fine people and they explained to me about how Focus Formula and BrightSpark work together. I received the order of both over the weekend and started giving him both. Monday when school started he got a green card, first time since school started, since them he has received only green and yellow cards. He is sitting still and doing his work so much better. He has not been on the medicine a month yet. Thank you so much for your help. I would recommend these products to anyone with children with …[concentration] problems. Again let me say thanks.” - Patsy, Miami, FL, USA
“I am re-ordering the Focus Formula and I thought I might try my 6yr old out on the BrightSpark as well. We have seen nice results with the Focus Formula, but I think she may benefit further with a trial of your BrightSpark. Thank you” - Catherine, Canada
“My granddaughter had been off her [medicine] for a year (a rough year) because of no insurance. She started middle school this year and I did not know what we were going to do (still no insurance). I discovered Focus Formula on the internet and ordered it. We started it a week or so before school started and she could tell a difference. She can focus in class and is keeping up with everything. Sometimes there was still a problem in the evening, but I started giving the Focus Formula right after school with a snack and it is better. I thank God for the Focus Formula, it really works.” - Pam, CA, USA
“My son was in trouble in school every day and the teacher never felt good about his work. He couldn't finish his work on time like the other children. They said he was smart but his grades were always bad bad bad! My husband said that he needed discipline but I knew better. We have tried Focus Formula for three weeks now and already I can see a difference. Like you say, it is also better to not eat all the candy and I put my son to bed at 8.30pm at night as you suggested. Now he goes to bed OK and doesn't yell and jump around. I can say Thank You very much for helping me and my son.” - Shireen, USA (33 Years Old)

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