ThyroSoothe Testimonials

Natural herbal remedy to help support normal thyroid hormone (T3 & T4) and TSH levels.

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“I was diagnosed with [a thyroid problem] over a year ago and was too scared to take the medicine to treat it. So, I left it alone …then I found ThyroSoothe a few weeks ago and after only taking it for a little over two weeks [I am back to normal]! My doctor told me to keep doing whatever it is that I am doing because it is definitely working! Thanks Native Remedies!” — Savannah, CA, USA
“I suffered… twenty years ago and was treated with prescription medications. I experienced unpleasant side effects and was unwell for more than a year… I researched alternative [remedies] and was pleased to find the Native Remedies products. I have been using ThyroSoothe and PureCalm for three months and have been very pleased with the results… I felt relief within a few weeks…! I was glad to find these safe and effective products, easy to use and readily available. I have recommended these products to others and feel confident in their effectiveness. Best of all, using these products allows me to take a pro-active role in maintaining my own health and well-being.” — Ann, FL, US
This is to let you know that I used ThyroSoothe with my doctor's consent and we have both been very pleased with the results. So thank you! - Doreen S.
ThyroSoothe really helps! …Please excuse the pun, but I felt ‘soothed’ right from the beginning - Sarah
I ordered ThyroSoothe and PureCalm…on 6/16/11 and received [them] on 6/18. FAST shipment! Thank you so much! Second, I've been using the two as directed since then, and I must admit I feel a difference…. This is big for a high-strung, stressed person [like me]…. This is truly GREAT STUFF…. I'm very pleased, and I will be ordering more. You can count on it!!!! Thank you so much for this product, and thank the Creator for directing me to this site in my search for answers. Thank you. - Chad T., USA
Good day, I … suffered from heavy palpitations, sweating, tiredness, and sleeplessness. I didn't want to use chemical medication and also didn't want to use it for the rest of my life. I believe in natural medication and would rather use that than chemical meds that can do much more harm to your body! I used one bottle of ThyroSoothe and after only ONE bottle… everything was back to normal and I could start 'living' again! No more palpitations (it was so severe that I felt like dying!); no more heavy sweating or tiredness and I slept better at night! Thank you… your products work and because it is all natural, I prefer it over chemical medication. I think is healthier for our bodies as well and there is no damage done by chemicals! I … I feel much better now! Thank you so much! Blessings. - Christa V., Kroonstad, ZA
“Two of my friends had to have their thyroid removed... I wanted to avoid this due to the weight gain and other problems. My doctor would not consider a trial and I went for a second opinion and was lucky to get the new doctor to agree to work with me. The results have been excellent and it looks like I will be able to avoid surgery. Thank you so much for this remedy and all of your help!” - Z.M.
“Just wanted to say how much I have benefited from using your ThyroSoothe. I suffered... for a long time. I have used ThyroSoothe for a little over one week now and already see and feel the difference it has made... I have and I never thought I would find a … product that was as good as this!! Keep up the excellent work!!” - Jason N., Canada
ThyroSoothe is AWESOME! I tried it as a last resort… It has been a year now, and [I’m within normal limits]… ” - Stephanie
“I just finished my third bottle of ThyroSoothe… I have to say, this formula has worked for me. Thank you.” - Dennis, OH, USA