Melancholy Lift Testimonials

Homeopathic remedy for temporary relief of grief and sadness during the grieving process

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It's like the magic pill. My 8-year-old daughter has crying bouts and uncontrollable fears. The first time, she was crying and depressed for a whole hour. Nothing I said or did helped…until I gave her Melancholy Lift. She stopped crying and started smiling within 5 minutes…. — H.A., USA
I hate dreary weather-- every winter I get low, and nothing seems to cheer me up. This year I tried Melancholy Lift the moment I started to feel blue. My husband even noticed the difference – he says I seemed more grounded, and we ended up playing in the snow! Thank you for helping me see the silver lining! Much love. — Glenda
I was called ‘Weepy Willa’ at school. I’d cry at the slightest things –even when I was really happy I’d get weepy! I wish I’d known about this stuff back then. I recently had some hard times, and bought this product. I can say that from the moment I took it I felt supported. Thank you for a product that doesn’t leave me feeling like an emotionless zombie! — Willamina H.
I just turned 75 years old. In my day, people didn’t get ‘blue’. We just handled things – or covered up well. Recently I started missing my late husband Bill much more than usual. I would get sad quicker and tear up whenever I saw my grandchildren. I have a tenant in my house and she ordered me some of your product. I feel much better! Whenever it gets to sundown and I know I will feel weepy, I just suck on the pills. They are great! Thank you for this secret weapon that I can use-- and no one needs to know! — Larissa, FL, USA