BioVent Drops Testimonials

Natural remedy for respiratory health to help support healthy lungs and maintain normal breathing.

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This is a magic formula, that's all I can say! Nothing has helped my five year old like this combination of BioVent Drops and BronchoSoothe, and I can tell you that I have been from doctor to doctor... I felt that I had to write and encourage other mothers to try the natural way like I have. Thanks so much! - Julia, NJ, USA
I take BioVent [Drops], BronchoSoothe, [and] AllergiClear on a maintenance basis. They have helped me so very much…. I am very grateful that I found your company and use your products! Thank you!! Keep up the good work!! - Jeanne D., OR, USA
..I have found your combination most effective and fully believe in natural ways of health. I was particularly impressed that you have combined herbal and homeopathic ingredients so effectively - which I have not seen elsewhere. This means that there is a big saving for people like me who prefer the natural way but end up with dozens of little bottles of herbal and homeopathic medicine! This time just two do the trick! - Greta, UK
All I can say is REMARKABLE and AMAZING! My 6 year old son... would come home and lie down and play on the floor, and we then started him on BioVent Drops to help his breathing... WOW a different kid within three days. He now runs and plays after school and has noticeably more energy and talks clearer [more oxygen]. Again more positive comments from his teacher. ...We intend to try some of the other Native Remedies... I was skeptical but no longer, not when a natural treatment works far better than RX prescriptions THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! - Richard, NV, USA
Ever since I was a small child I have struggled with my breathing... I thought I would grow out of it, but as I got older, it just got worse. I'm 23 now and every time I get excited or anxious my breathing gets shallow and I can't get it to regulate... I decided to do something about it, and after researching holistic products online, I came across BioVent Drops. I ordered it and started taking it regularly - 3 times a day. I was skeptical about how drops that are taken internally could help me breathe, but I stuck with it. Let me tell you I feel like a new woman! I can take deep breaths... My family and friends used to always notice when I was struggling to breathe and some of them have even said that they haven't seen me struggling at all since I began taking the BioVent. Thank you for helping me to breathe again! - Martine, IL, USA
My daughter had a bad bout of bronchitis recently lasting about 5 months. It gradually started to go away except she would cough when she exercised... Any physical exertion caused bouts of coughing for her. I wanted to avoid getting a prescription inhaler, and so I tried BioVent Drops. After two days of taking the drops, she participated in gym class and basketball practice... She continues to take it... - Shelly L., MA, USA
I had trouble breathing nearly every day and had to use an inhaler often. I had been on medications in the past and didn't want to go back on them, but I was truly suffering with difficulty breathing on a daily basis. In a desperate search online, I found the Native Remedies site and bought the BioVent Drops... I also bought the Triple Complex BronchoSoothe tablets and have used those [tablets] to treat difficulty breathing when it did occur (such as in cold 12-degree weather!). Today I am back for more BioVent Drops, and I have recommended this site to probably 2 dozen people within 2 weeks. A Godsend! - Vanessa, NY, USA
In May of this year I reluctantly ordered BioVent Drops and BrochoSoothe because I had already tried many things that did not work... I could not sleep; I could not do anything exerting or physical. Two days on BioVent Drops and... I'm walking everyday, a few miles, and am back to all my exercising, all of which I had not done for 7 or 8 months. I recently shared a bottle of BioVent Drops with a friend. I'm hoping she will have the same good fortune I had. Thank you! - Dian
My 4 year old had terrible, persistant coughing and wheezing... Little did we know how dehydrated he was and how weak his kidneys became. After the [BioVent Drops], ...he is a normal little boy now that can run and play. Thank you for saving his life!! - Rose V., CA
...I searched for natural... remedies for myself and my little sister (10 yrs old) ...We both started taking BioVent Drops, and WOW! My little sister went horseback riding all day and didn't have any problems... the doctors couldn't believe the results. They wanted to know all about this amazing product. Thank you! This product has helped me and my little sister! - Tiffany, UT
I just wanted to share with you the results I am having with your products. I (and, of course, my physician) was a little skeptical about whether or not the products would work for me, but I decided to try them anyway…Approximately 3 weeks ago, I went to my primary care physician, and told him I was not taking any prescription drugs anymore. He was not happy about that prospect, but I had decided that I was not better on the meds than I was off of them. At about the same time, or shortly before, I started using your BioVent. I have since gotten BronchoSoothe, AllergiClear, and SOS HistaDrops. I have yet to use the HistaDrops, but I have faithfully used the BioVent, AllergiClear, and have used the BronchoSoothe to alleviate wheezing when it has occurred… I must say that I am healthier than I have been in 7 years, and I am not having issues … nor have I had any problems since I started on “all natural” remedies. I will be ordering other products from you after I have gone through your catalog and discover what will help me. I will not be doing ANY prescription drugs. I feel that my body has been poisoned enough… Thank you for your products, and I am thankful that I found your web site. - Linda Y., USA
… I went from doctor to doctor, and was even hospitalized… I saw this site and read the testimonials. I said, “Okay, I'll give it a try.” The day I received BioVent was one of my worst days for attacks …I took one dose, and I swear not an hour later, I could breathe like I never even had a problem. I have been using it for only two days now, and I almost cried at the relief I have. Please don't ever stop making this product! To the people who are reading this, I was nervous about spending money on anything else. I am so glad I did. - Andrea, IN, USA
“I have been using BioVent Drops, SOS Hista drops and Triple Complex BronchoSoothe! I can't tell you how grateful I am for these products. I had been using other products for almost two years and it seemed I was always getting sick. I was at my wits end! I have always preferred natural products. So when I chanced upon your website, I was excited. I have been using these products for several months and guess what… This is the first time in years that I haven't been sick from the middle of September thru the holidays! Thank you so much! These products are excellent and really do work!!!” - Lee, PA, USA
“Wow, the effectiveness of both of these products are indescribably incredible! I was very skeptical at first, but after reading the testimonials, I figured I had nothing to lose. So, I placed my order, and I can not explain how extremely grateful I am that I did! My wife has SEVERE… [breathing issues] and I'm either up with her all night, or in the hospital with her for two or three days at a time, frequently. Since I'm an advocate for homeopathic/holistic healing, I tried everything I knew to help her control her…episodes, but absolutely nothing worked. The day I researched the Internet and found this product, her night had been heart-wrenchingly difficult, and her morning increasingly worse. It got so bad that she ended up going to the hospital, and being admitted, but what was even more disturbing was she had to tell the doctors how to do their job. She was there for four hours, and still had not gotten any relief. Finally, she called the doctor into the room and told him that she usually receives..[various] treatments and so forth, and it wasn't until then that she got at least a little relief. I was so disturbed by this that I promised myself I would search relentlessly until I found an effective, quality, whole food product that would assure she would never have to experience such a horrific situation EVER again. It was then that I found BronchoSoothe, and the BioVent Drops. My wife has only been taking both for the past three days, and she's gotten more relief than she ever has…whatever so many doctors had prescribed her. I must say, "We both are indescribably amazed by how quickly these products worked, because from my experience, it usually takes several weeks for homeopathic remedies to take full effect, but that just wasn't true for these products. They both started working immediately, and my wife got relief about 30 seconds after taking them. The reason I even decided to get out of bed and write this testimonial tonight was because my wife came in the bedroom and gave me a giant kiss as she expressed, "Baby, I don't know where you found these products, but I do know with the relief I've gotten, you definitely had to have put a lot of love into searching for them. I feel better, now, than I've ever felt… "I love you, baby." That was enough to make me get up and tell everyone who comes across this website, "Don't waste another moment to get the relief you undoubtly deserve and will receive from these two products. Not only are they safe, natural and effective, but they work almost immediately, unlike anything else on the market...and they TASTE great, too, like candy!" =)” - Universe K., NJ, USA