KiddieBoost Testimonials

KiddieBoost™ is a children's immunity booster to help boost your child's immune system health.

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My children in daycare have been very healthy this year (aged 2 & 4 years). The only thing I can [attribute it] to is KiddieBoost, as I haven’t changed anything else; I started giving it to them 3 months ago. Thank you for a great product. —Nicole J.
KiddieBoost has saved me from insanity and poverty. It has really helped keep my daughter healthy, which means less time off work for me and less doctor bills to pay. —S.W.
…Since I started KiddieBoost, things are so much better, and we are finally getting some sleep, as her breathing remains clear and easy. We are now a much happier family now thanks to you! —Pippa Dean
…We have been boosting [our daughter’s] immunities with KiddieBoost to help her heal... I have seen a marked decrease in her outbreaks, and when we ran out of KiddieBoost, it got bad again. - Bella, OR, USA
I have a 2-year-old son that has had a cough from the day he was born. The day after he was born they did a chest x-ray, because they "heard something in his chest that sounded like balloons rubbing together." Every month since birth, he has come down with some kind of cold, flu, cough, etc. After the 9 chest x-rays they finally did allergy test, prick and blood, cystic fibrosis, asthma you name it. They still couldn’t find anything wrong with him… I gave up on the doctors and went with natural healing. I found Native Remedies and ordered the ComfiCoff and the KiddieBoost for overnight delivery. Zaniel took the ComfiCoff at 10am and didn’t cough again till 3pm. His cold lasted only 5 days and he doesn’t fight me to take either of the remedies to top it all off. It has been 2 months now and he has not got a cough yet, thanks to your KiddieBoost! Words can not express how grateful we are to your products. My baby can finally sleep all through the night. - Darleen, USA