ClearSkin-E Cream Testimonials

Natural vitamin e skin care treatment and cream to help nourish and reduce dry itchy skin.

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My child is four years old and …your ClearSkin-E Cream really helped… - Sylvia
…Thank you for making a product that works! - Henry
This has worked great on my 9 year old daughter…I've not seen anything that works as fast as this cream, and it is gentle enough for her to use daily. I am ordering another tube today! Thanks. - Vicky R., IL, USA
I am 49 years old, and have never felt compelled to write a testimonial about a product. I started taking Skin Dr. and using ClearSkin-E Cream two weeks ago, because I thought it might help to heal a stubborn fungal infection. It did assist in the healing, and after four days, I was markedly improved. The surprising thing for me was that my facial skin suddenly cleared up, as well. I had been struggling with … blotchiness for a year. My skin looks great! Even the skin on my arms and legs looks smoother, and it glows. The blotches and pigmentation on my face have disappeared, and my friends are commenting about it daily. What a great product! I have ordered it for my teenage stepchildren... Thanks! - L.H., NH, USA
ClearSkin-E Cream works very well! …Finally fed up with the flare ups, I went online and found this cream. Wow, his cheeks cleared up. After suffering for two months, we found something that helps bring him comfort. He still breaks out, but I can control it before it gets weepy and crusty. Best of all, it's natural. I am in the process ordering more. This is a valuable product and I want to pass it on to all parents. - Anne, CA, USA
“We decided to try Skin Dr. and Clear Skin-E Cream on our four-year old daughter after months of various failed medical treatments and creams for her skin issues. After only ONE DAY I'm seeing an amazing difference in the spots on her skin. After everything we've tried, to see something so remarkable, feels so fabulous that I just wanted to say thank you! My daughter will have her beautiful, blemish-free, face back in time for Christmas.” - Carla, AZ, USA
“This product absolutely WORKS! I was battling itchy, puffy, eyelids for a month that looked like I cried for days. I tried everything from cool compress, applying pure aloe vera gel, even admitted myself to see a doctor, which they just diagnosed me…gave me allergy pills and… cream. I certainly did not want to take the… cream & live through allergy pills. I knew my allergies were coming from my new puppy and that I'm also a busy body working and going to school full-time so I knew stress was a huge trigger for my allergies. Never before was I allergic to pets (I own 2 other dogs). So I did small natural things that made a HUGE difference.. relaxed more, slept more, ate more and stuck to all-natural products which included the ClearSkin-E Cream (applied all around my eyes) & took Skin Dr. tablets. I saw improvement within hours!!! Very impressed & very happy! I had to take a picture of myself and post it on Facebook for all my friends to see! I'm a believer!” - Jennifer A., AK, USA