Naughty Nits Testimonials

Natural treatment for the removal of head lice and prevention of louse eggs (nits) in your hair.

Finally I have found an effective product that is not poisonous to my child. This has been an ongoing battle for the last year, and I thought I was about to go crazy. After using the Naughty Nits Shampoo and Oil, I use the Spritzer regularly, and we are now free of it for almost three months. This is the longest clear patch we have had in the last year. - Carolyn B., MI, USA
Thank you for your brilliant products! This is the only natural solution for lice that has worked and trust me, I have tried many! I will be recommending it to everyone I know. - D.H.
As a pre-school teacher, we encounter this problem on a regular basis. There is always a lot of discussion and arguments amongst the parents about what works and what doesn’t, and who has treated their child properly and who hasn’t… and so it goes on. One mother tried your Naughty Nits product line after our third outbreak in as many months and swore by it. She told the other parents about it and many more decided to try it too. Well, it has now been four months since the last outbreak and counting… so, thank for allowing me to focus on teaching again. - Serina K., USA