Epi-Still Testimonials

Herbal remedy to support normal electrical activity in the brain and nervous system health.

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…[My husband]… started taking Epi-Still over a year and a half ago. It REALLY works and is without side effects. - Kathy, WI, USA
Thank you for providing a safe and natural alternative [remedy] that really works! - Janine D.
I cannot thank you enough for the difference that Epi-Still has made to my life! I have also tried a number of your other products, including for dogs, and every one has been exactly what I had hoped. I am a ‘natural’ all the way!! - Stefan
Epi-Still is even better than we had hoped. - Terri, Dan and Katie

"Mom has …suffered …from the side effects of prescription medicines. She is now off of them and on Epi-Still …Sunday, we started her on Triple Complex Brain Tonic - we notice a difference in the 1st day! She has improved daily since then what AMAZING PRODUCTS you offer us. It is so sad that these products are not sold in the drug stores. THANK YOU FOR SUCH WONDERFUL PRODUCTS!" - Kathy, PA, USA

"…We started [my son] on Epi-Still in July and now it is December and he has not had one [episode] since he has started taking this product. It's amazing!" - Hannah, CA, USA

"My daughter has [suffered] for about nine years…  She is currently taking 2 types of medication... I discovered Epi-Still one day and decided to try it. I received the package and started using it that very day (July 11, 2008). During the first week she had maybe one [episode] a day for the first week. Since that time she has had 1(because of a virus) and no [episodes] in the last 5 days. I will continue to use the Epi-Still and can't wait to see her doctor so hopefully we can start decreasing the medication. Thanks for a great product." - Lena, NC, USA

"I have no words but to say thank you, thank you, thank you for your wonderful products, especially Epi-Still.  This product has given my daughter Tangie her life back.  When I decided to start Tangie on Epi-Still she was having [episodes] (from 6 to 12 one after the other) every 2 or 3 days.  She lost her freedom, her self-esteem, her happiness and me too.  Now thanks to Epi-Still she has not had any [episodes] since January 13!!! Almost 10 months!!! EPI-STILL gave us our life back.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!" - Teresa W., Alberta, Canada

“I just want to say THANK YOU!, Thank you so much for making such a good and no side effects…[natural remedy]. I bought the Epi-Still and the Triple Complex Calm Tonic for my 10 year old daughter who suffers from [nerve problems] and it is the best thing I had ever done, it is the best gift I have ever given her. After taking those two remedies she looks more focused, alert and happy… I’m so happy that I just wanted to say thank you so much.” - Aleidy B., FL, USA
“I was diagnosed…in February this past year. The medication …prescribed …. made it impossible for me to work. I researched alternatives and found Native Remedies. I started on Epi-Still in May. I had one episode a few days later but it was my last episode. There has been a significant improvement in my cognitive skills and emotional well-being. I am working, living life to the fullest and feel Epi-Still was an answer to prayer. Thank you for this wonderful product.” - Marjorie, USA
“This product is FANTASTIC! …our Mother suffered a stroke and then [episodes] started. Epi-Still should be given in a timely matter. Mother has gone 3 1/2 months since ... It is important to research… before giving your loved ones [medication] when there is a SAFE alternative like Epi-Still… ” - Kathy, USA
“I just started using Epi-Still, and felt IMMEDIATE results. I have been having [problems] for 8 years and cannot tolerate …[medication]- bad side effects. The drug I am on right now took me 3 months to be able to tolerate, with a minimum dose. I have been under more stress lately - in my case, stress is a … precursor. So I had to increase the [dosage]... But the increased dosage left me crazy - unable to control my emotions and I developed a cough. My cough is better and I feel more like myself. I can't say enough good about this product.” - Diane G., USA