Thyroid Assist Testimonials

Natural remedy to increase your intake of herbs which maintain normal thyroid hormone and TSH levels.

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“About 5 years ago I started to gain weight, lose hair, have trouble with constipation and felt fatigued all the time. I have always exercised and ate a very healthy diet. Despite my healthy life style I gained about 20lbs in about 2 months and kept gaining. My primary care physician did the tests on my thyroid and couldn't find anything wrong. I then went to an endocrinologist that said if my stretch marks were not red then my thyroid was just fine and never tested it. Through all of this I always believed that I had low thyroid. I finally took matters into my own hands and found Thyroid Assist. Since I have been using Thyroid Assist all of the symptoms that I listed above have subsided after only one month of use. I am looking forward to feeling better and losing more weight. It has been a long frustrating road but I feel now that my life is getting back on track thanks to this wonderful product.” — Carolyn, USA
“Great stuff and I actually have energy now. I also have [bone and joint issues]. Thank you Native Remedies.” — Gail G., NY, USA
Last summer I noticed that I was tired all of the time, and needed daily naps to function. I had aches and pains everywhere and felt like a really old woman (I am only 42). I have a strong family history of thyroid problems, and have had multiple blood tests, all showing normal readings...I then found this product, as I felt I had nothing to lose. Within a few days... I did not feel that naps were necessary, and I quit obsessing about when I could grab a nap or get to bed early. ...I am feeling SO much better. Maybe now some of the extra weight can come off, too! I can actually see myself exercising for the first time in months. I am hoping that it will have some effect on appetite, but if not, it has been such a wonderful find! I have been taking it for a little over a week. Thank you, Thank you. - Joy C., KS, USA
I started using Thyroid Assist, and I noticed a big difference right away .. I would and have recommended this product to others. - Kathy R., MI, USA
I am so happy with this product… Diet and exercise alone were not helping my weight budge... Thyroid Assist has given me a lot more energy, and I don't have to take a nap after work anymore! I highly recommend this to other thyroid sufferers. - Kristina, WA, USA
I have been using Thyroid Assist for two months now, and just revisited my doctor two days ago... A friend is going through the same thing, but is trying meds first. For the past two months, they have been trying to get it regulated, but haven't been able to get it right. I told her about Thyroid Assist, and so she may be trying it soon, too! Thanks for a wonderful product! - Jennifer, SC, USA
I started using Thyroid Assist on the August 30th, 2006. For the first time since 2004, I’ve felt healthy enough to exercise – and I feel as though a switch has been flipped. I now feel that my body fat has decreased... I’m so thrilled! In the past, I had no willpower and my body fat percentage never moved. But now for the first time in 2 years, I can proudly say that with my changed lifestyle my body fat percentage has come down!!!! What an awesome product, also what an awesome company to deal with. The staff is professional, friendly and extremely helpful. Thanks so much. - Jo
I knew in my heart that I was an upbeat person and wanted to just 'feel human' again. Then I found your web site. Very reluctantly I ordered Thyroid Assist. But I am so glad I did! I feel less tired and more motivated. I will continue to use this product and tell all I know about your web site. Thank you for giving my life back the 'normal' that had been gone for so long. - Christa
You won't believe how I struggled to get out of bed every morning ...Thyroid Assist has made a huge difference to the way that I feel. Thank you so much, I can really recommend it. - Pamela, PA, USA
I just started using Thyroid Assist for a couple of days now and so far I notice increased energy; no more naps. I will keep you posted. - Rosemary L., Ontario, Canada
“I purchased Thyroid Assist from Native Remedies and have been taking it 2x's a day for 2 1/2 weeks…What an amazing product. It is so wonderful to be able to use herbs... I feel so much better mentally and physically every day. Thyroid Assist is amazing! I tell anyone who will listen about your web site and your products. THANKS SO MUCH. GOD BLESS YOU.” - Paula D., IN, USA
“I just wanted to say what a great product the Thyroid Assist is... My grandmother, mother and sister all had thyroid problems… I have been taking the product for 2 months now and there is a huge difference. I feel more stable… Thank you for giving people an alternative...” - Sandra, CA, USA
“...(Thank God) I found your web site. Very reluctantly I ordered Thyroid Assist. It works!!! I have increased energy, I am not taking 4 hour naps everyday, I have noticed my hair is not falling out in clumps like before... I will continue to use this product and tell all I know about your web site. Thank you for giving my life back the "normal" that had been gone for so long.” - Christa, OH
“I am very impressed with Thyroid Assist. I have only been taking it now for 3 days and already I notice a difference, I have more energy, before I felt weak/lazy, my skin has started to change- I feel like I'm using less lotion, were as before I was putting lotion on my hands/legs about every 2 hours because they itched or felt dry. My memory capability seems stronger, which is helping out great at work! I am finally not waking up every night because my body feels stiff or I have a leg cramp. I am very impressed with my results in just the past 3 DAYS!!!! Thank you, Thyroid Assist. ” - Janell B.
“I am a 28 year old mother of two boys, ages 5 and 3. I am a registered nurse and lead a busy life. Two and a half years ago, I started with fatigue, headaches, impaired coordination, and forgetfulness which would start two weeks prior to my menstrual cycle. Doctors linked it to PMS... but nothing helped. I started to research... I have been using the Thyroid Assist drops for approximately 2 weeks… This has been a life saver for myself and my family. THANK YOU.” - Darcy S., LA, USA
“It's been four weeks on Thyroid Assist and I feel like I have a new lease on life. For years, getting out of bed in the morning for me was like a bear coming out of hibernation, and I would have to have a nap every afternoon. Just dragging myself to the gym felt like a major accomplishment. Now I am awake, I am moving, and I have energy for my life again... I am a yoga teacher with a really healthy, holistic outlook on the world. After years of being late to work because of being too tired to get out of bed or falling asleep at my desk in the afternoon and having to drink tons of caffeine just to get through the afternoon slump, I feel like I have my life back. Thank you, thank you, thank you. ” - Kay D., NY, USA
“I just found your site and I feel like my life has been saved. I can't thank you enough! Love it!” - Louise, Canada
“I have been identified with thyroid problems for 7 years and as soon as I started Thyroid Assist, I felt the difference as early as 2 days. I feel better every day and would be glad to recommend to others so that they can get benefit from it.” - Jenny, CA, USA
“This stuff has worked great for my son! Thanks!” - Pam R., MI, USA
“I always felt frustrated about my inability to lose weight no matter how much I tried. Eventually I went to see my doctor who checked my thyroid... Since then I have used Thyroid Assist and for the first time I can see the results of my efforts! …Thank goodness.” - Caroline
“...Eventually I decided to go for therapy, and thank goodness I went to see Michele Carelse, who referred me to have my thyroid tested... I have been using Thyroid Assist and MindSoothe for three months and I feel like a new person. I can get through my day without being exhausted for a change...” - Michelle
“Thank you so much for your excellent remedy. I can recommend Thyroid Assist to anyone..” - Malcolm
“I went through the normal routine…. I gained 40 pounds in a 6 month period and was told this is to be expected. I was always tired and just thinking about food made me feel like I was packing on the pounds. I was reading an article in [a magazine] about a woman going through the same thing I did and how she stood up to her doctor when they told her she was "Fat, Female and over Forty." I checked out her story and there was an ad for Thyroid Assist. I ordered your Buy 2 Get 1 Free figuring I had nothing to lose. The same day I started taking Thyroid Assist after just the second dose I felt alive again. I have been on the roll since and my co-worker noticed. I knew she had the same health problems so I shared my story with her and she wanted to try it out first. I gave her a bottle and she is alive again as well. Another co-worker just found out today and you guessed it, I gave her the last bottle. I definitely will be ordering again as I feel human again for the first time in 2 years. THANK YOU!” - Juanita, NV, USA
“I had been taking … [medication] for 3 years, and this never regulated my problem. Three months ago, I decided to try Thyroid Assist… Last week, I went for a checkup and everything came out perfect. My doctor even wants me to tell her what I have been taking to get these amazing results.” - Gloria, TX, USA