Oral-Assist Testimonials

Remedy for relief of throbbing pain, sensitivity and sore, swollen gums due to a tooth abscess.

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When I feel a dull ache, I know what’s coming - persistent, throbbing pain, sensitivity to heat and pressure, tenderness in my jaw and sometimes pain in the sinus area. I quickly dose myself with Oral-Assist, and it never gets to that! Thank you Native Remedies. - Richard
There is nothing worse than a swollen jaw and gum problems. I can’t take the pain of throbbing gums… I have been using this product and I can tell you that Oral-Assist is a miracle remedy. I take the drops when I first feel pain coming, and it works… - Nicholas, Sacramento
Oral-Assist helps me with the throbbing pain I get in my gums – and I even use it for a toothache! Works every time….” -Amy
Oral-Assist is a great product that I take when I get the first twinge of tooth pain.” - Lucy