K-OK Kiddie Calmer Testimonials

Natural remedy for childhood anxiety to help calm shyness, nervousness and fears in children.

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My son is nearly 3 and since he was 16 months old has been difficult to settle in childcare despite having gone since he was 9 months old. I found his tears very hard to deal with and I was becoming anxious and concerned. I was ruining his life rather than seeing it as a stage children can go through. Having looked at remedies for my anxiety which I was sure was affecting him or he was feeding off, I found K-OK Kiddie Calmer and thought I would try it. Amazing difference and thank you! He is so much calmer when I take him, happier to say goodbye and often looks at me when I'm still standing in his group room as if to say what are you still doing here! He still has little wobbles, but these are easier for me to deal with now that it is not all the time. I feel happier to leave him. Amazing how one small tablet can help our family so much. —- Nicola, Netherlands
I have been having my son use K-OK Kiddie Calmer and it has been very successful for him. He has said other things we have tried haven't worked. He is in a gifted program and his mind is always racing, he said it is like a CD that he can't turn off. When he takes the K-OK Kiddie Calmer, he is able to relax. —- Alesia, USA
K-OK Kiddie Calmer has been a real blessing to my son. He is the type who cried every morning before kindergarten, but he is really settling in well now. I am so grateful for your help! —- Melissa C., USA
It is wonderful to know that my child does not have to take prescription drugs anymore after three years. She sucks her K-OK Kiddie Calmer and likes the taste and it has really calmed her a lot as it promised. She feels much better and behaves more like a normal kid now, rather than clutching onto my skirt for deal life every time someone speaks to her! Thanks. —- A Happy Mother
My little girl was so scared of the dark that she woke up screaming every night and we always had to sit with her. She was also scared of bugs so that she wouldn't go outside alone. All that is much better now, thanks to K-OK Kiddie Calmer! —- Nolene, USA
My 8 year old son has had [problems] since kindergarten. Nothing at all worked to help him get over this misery he was feeling. He would vomit, have diarrhea each morning before school from being so nervous and upset. At wits end, I got online and found K-OK Kiddie Calmer. It has been unbelievable. I know it is supposed to take about 3-4 weeks to show the calming effect but after two days of taking the K-OK, my son has not shed a tear, gotten nervous or sick... It has been amazing. I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't found you! My son is a happy, confident, calm child and I thank you! —- Cindy, TN, USA
Just wanted to let you know this product is great! My 8 year old son would become overly [stressed] about normal things. He would have trouble sleeping because he was always worried about “what if”. I ordered the K-OK Kiddie Calmer and used it in conjunction with the MindSoothe Jr. and have noticed a huge improvement. He's able to work on projects without worrying that they need to be “perfect”. He gets along better with other children at school and he is able to fall asleep and he STAYS asleep. Thanks a million. —- Jennifer, CA, USA
I have given my son the K-OK Kiddie Calmer and BrightSpark and have seen a great difference. His grades have improved overall from his first report to his second report. He actually said to me that he can concentrate better. Just to give you an idea, the school he attends has a marking system of 1 to 5 on the report cards, meaning 1 = is excellent; 2 = is good 3 = is fine/average; 4 = is weak/needs attention and 5 = is very weak/failure. On his first report card he received on his developmental scores (which is broken into may categories like fine, gross, audio, visual etc,) only on 2, some 3's and quite a few 4's and was quite shy still, did isolate himself sometimes from the class and could not grasp the rules of the phonics. On his second report card he did not get a single 4 only mainly 2's and some 3's had improved with his self confidence and now new the rules of the phonics. Now isn't this fantastic. He still needs work on his self-esteem but my mom has also noticed and improvement. He has had a speech assessment and the therapist concluded that he needs some help to improve his expressive language. As you know he has been diagnosed with sensible integration dysfunction, he is receiving occupational therapy for this. He has shown an improvement with his tactile defensiveness but whilst the schools were out for a 3 week holiday recently and I was not giving him the BrightSpark and Kiddie calmer, I certainly noticed that he had become more tactile again, crying and becoming upset with children (and his brother) irritating him (as he calls it). I am so grateful for your product and have told my friends about it, hopefully they will give it a try. Kindest Regards and thank you for your dedication to thousand of people who have similar problems. —-S.M., Johannesburg, South Africa
Thank you for your reply... we have a very long and complex story behind our seven yr. old - the short of it is that in just 24 hrs, we noticed a very positive change in him from both of these products. Unbelievable to both my husband and myself. At this point, in the very initial stages of the products' use, I cannot even begin to explain how pleased we are with the results - you have NO IDEA from whence we came! Thank you more than you'll ever know. —- Rebecca G.
“My 5 year old daughter is a naturally timid child always clinging to my skirts. When she started pre-school her teacher said that she was not settling in because she was shy and cried easily. I did not want to give her any strong medication, but nothing I did helped her. My sister told me about K-OK Kiddie Calmer and I liked the idea of something natural. Although I think she will always be shy, she is playing with the other children and seems happy to join in with other kids at school now.” —- Phoebe, USA
“Thank you for helping my son. Unlike most boys, he disliked bugs. This caused him worry and he didn't play in the garden barefoot. Your K-OK Kiddie Calmer remedy has soothed him and aided his natural confidence that I knew was inside him somewhere!” —- Mark, South Africa
K-OK Kiddie Calmer has been a real blessing to my son. He is the anxious type who cried every morning before kindergarten, but he is really settling in well now. I am so grateful for your help! - Wendy, VT, USA
My 5 year old daughter has always been very anxious. In fact, she was diagnosed with severe anxiety disorder and treated with psychotherapy last year. She still gets a little upset when I leave her at kindergarten, and has other anxieties such as a fear of dying. She tends to be quite clingy in new situations, often to the point where I have to carry her and she refuses to speak. I bought the K-OK Kiddie Calmer because she is going to have a 1 1/2 hour interview at a new school and I was afraid that although she is extremely bright, her interview might not go well due to her separation anxiety. I figured I should give it 3 weeks to start working. Well, after only 2 days we have seen an amazing difference. My husband and I went out to dinner, so my nanny and her little girl were taking care of my daughter. I told our nanny that she could bring my daughter over to her sister's house to meet her mother, who had just flown in from El Salvador. There were about 20 of our nanny's relatives there, whom my daughter had never met before. My nanny told me that our little girl was running around playing ghosts with the other children and did cartwheels for everyone to much applause. She was even giving high fives to everyone and let one of the relatives pick her up! Just a few months ago we were at a company picnic and my little girl (while sitting on my lap) refused to give a high 5 to my husband's boss despite my pleadings. When my nanny told me about the evening I was shocked at my child's amazing behavior. Then I remembered the K-OK Kiddie Calmer and realized that it must be the cause of this. Thank you so much! - Brooke, CA, USA
“My six year old daughter has become a real success story. In two years she has come from not talking, no attention span, unable to focus, remember or learn, major behavior issues that caused to us alter our lifestyle choices and full-time student in an EC class to a regular student in a large classroom and is functioning like a typical 6 year old. I promote the Native Remedies products everywhere I go because I know they are safe and they work. My daughter takes Focus Formula, BrightSpark, MindSoothe, and K-Ok Kiddie Calmer as needed. The combination has really made a huge difference in my child and when we run out of one, we can tell. I'm very pleased with these products.” - Jinny, NC, USA